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0003339Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-11-13 21:452018-09-14 15:45
Assigned ToEdward-san 
PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS VersionXP/Vista/7
Product Version3.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.1 
Summary0003339: Same-spot respawn doesn't work when respawning dead spectators.
DescriptionSame-spot respawn doesn't work when respawning dead spectators. I bisected this and this was broken by change 20799d542904 "Fixed: Turning a player into a dead spectator could crash the game (partially addresses 2594)."
Steps To Reproduce1. Set:

+sv_survival_nomapresetondeath 1
+sv_samespawnspot 1
+survival 1
+sv_maxlives 1

map map01

2. Join game.
3. Add bot to game.
4. Move away from spawn.
5. Kill yourself so that bot remains alive. Wait to be turned into a dead spectator.
6. Remove bot.
7. "All players died. Respawning" message will appear.
8. You will incorrectly spawn at map spawn spot instead of the place of death.
Attached Files

- Relationships
related to 0002941needs testingZalewa Option to not reset the map when all players lose lives in survival. 
related to 0003139new Dynamic change to sv_deadplayerscankeepinventory can cause players to respawn with no inventory at all. 
related to 0003138new sv_coop_halveammo 1 and sv_deadplayerscankeepinventory 1 halves ammo twice 
child of 0002594closedTorr Samaho ACS spectator/join control 

-  Notes
User avatar (0018878)
Edward-san (developer)
2017-11-13 23:08
edited on: 2017-11-19 23:24

Can somebody check if this change works without any breakage?

The fix is done because the player's bSpawnOkay info (which is required for the same spawn spot) was lost when the player spectates, as its player data is reset.

[edit] Edited the link, because I added a changeset on top of that, so that we're sure the change will affect the problematic code, per Torr's feedback on the dev meeting. Please test this.

User avatar (0018920)
Torr Samaho (administrator)
2017-11-26 20:23

I added your updated patch.
User avatar (0019523)
unknownna (updater)
2018-09-14 15:45

Just tested this and it seems to work well. The spectator respawns accordingly to sv_samespawnspot being 1 or 0.

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Date Modified Username Field Change
2017-11-13 21:45 Zalewa New Issue
2017-11-13 21:45 Zalewa Relationship added related to 0002941
2017-11-13 21:45 Zalewa Relationship added related to 0003139
2017-11-13 21:45 Zalewa Relationship added related to 0003138
2017-11-13 22:19 Edward-san Relationship added child of 0002594
2017-11-13 23:08 Edward-san Note Added: 0018878
2017-11-13 23:08 Edward-san Assigned To => Edward-san
2017-11-13 23:08 Edward-san Status new => feedback
2017-11-19 23:24 Edward-san Note Edited: 0018878 View Revisions
2017-11-26 20:23 Torr Samaho Note Added: 0018920
2017-11-26 20:23 Torr Samaho Status feedback => needs testing
2018-09-14 15:45 unknownna Note Added: 0019523
2018-09-14 15:45 unknownna Status needs testing => resolved
2018-09-14 15:45 unknownna Resolution open => fixed
2018-09-14 15:45 unknownna Fixed in Version => 3.1

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