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Doomseeker - 1.2 (Scheduled For Release 2030-06-01) View Issues ]
- 0003483: [Suggestion] Doomseeker 1.2 release - acknowledged.
 - 0003294: [Bug] Make it possible to codesign Mac application (Blzut3) - assigned.
 - 0003237: [Bug] Non-free files and copyright issues in source archive (Zalewa) - needs review.
  - 0003322: [Suggestion] Clarify copyright status of distributed LGPL binaries (Nokia's LGPLv2.1-only code) (Zalewa) - resolved.
  - 0003381: [Bug] tools: Missing a full copy of the license in source distribution (GPLv2+) (Zalewa) - resolved.
  - 0003329: [Suggestion] Update all GNU All-Permissive License texts to a newer version of the license with warranty disclaimers (Zalewa) - resolved.
  - 0003320: [Suggestion] Replace buddies.png (id Software / Doom) (Zalewa) - resolved.
  - 0003309: [Bug] FixedFtpReply and FixedNetworkAccessManager have missing license files (Zalewa) - resolved.
  - 0003298: [Bug] Multiple variations of Blzut3's name in copyright notices (Blzut3) - resolved.
- 0003295: [Suggestion] Rename LICENSE files to COPYING - acknowledged.
- 0003246: [Suggestion] Debian packaging. (WubTheCaptain) - confirmed.
 - 0003247: [Bug] Doomseeker's manual page (mdoc/nroff) is missing or incomplete (WubTheCaptain) - confirmed.
  - 0003250: [Bug] Doomseeker's --help option is undocumented (Blzut3) - resolved.
 - 0003237: [Bug] Non-free files and copyright issues in source archive (Zalewa) - needs review.
 - 0003232: [Bug] Doomseeker installs architecture-dependent engine libraries to arch-independent directory (multi-arch support) (Blzut3) - needs review.
 - 0003234: [Bug] src/core/svnrevision.h may create "unexpected upstream changes" issues with dpkg-source (Blzut3) - needs testing.
 - 0003244: [Bug] /usr/bin is configured as default IWAD and PWAD path (Blzut3) - needs testing.
 - 0003236: [Suggestion] Source archive and extracted directory should be renamed to doomseeker-<version> (Blzut3) - resolved.
 - 0003242: [Bug] libwadseeker: Doesn't distinguish version from ELF shared object filename, ABI cannot safely change (Blzut3) - resolved.
 - 0003240: [Bug] Doomseeker.desktop uses a non-standard shebang feature (Blzut3) - resolved.
 - 0003239: [Bug] engines/ Defines RPATH from somewhere (Zalewa) - resolved.
 - 0003293: [Suggestion] Debian: Submit an ITP (intent to package) or RFP (request for package) to WNPP - closed.
- 0003247: [Bug] Doomseeker's manual page (mdoc/nroff) is missing or incomplete (WubTheCaptain) - confirmed.
- 0003249: [Suggestion] Change Doomseeker to fail on invalid command line option (Pol M) - assigned.
- 0003486: [Suggestion] Translate Doomseeker to Spanish (Pol M) - needs review.
- 0003482: [Suggestion] Add visual text indication to Appearance configuration if/when the program needs to be restarted for changes to apply (locales) (Pol M) - needs testing.
- 0003372: [Bug] Diagnostics messages are written to stdout (instead of stderr) (Zalewa) - needs testing.
- 0003172: [Bug] Zandronum shell scripts for running test builds cause no PWADs to be loaded if the path contains spaces (Blzut3) - needs testing.
- 0003386: [Bug] updaterevision: gcc compiler warns of tempnam usage, recommends mkstemp (Blzut3) - resolved.
- 0003453: [Suggestion] When Doomseeker fails to startup due to file system errors, return errno/message from the filesystem (Pol M) - resolved.
- 0003260: [Bug] Translation "en_US" cannot be found, unknown language definition (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003306: [Bug] Player slots style appearance is not updated until the configuration window is closed (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003467: [Suggestion] Continuous Integration (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003243: [Bug] Dubious default configuration path for Zandronum testing releases (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003233: [Bug] Add support for the XDG Base Directory Specification and default to it (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003457: [Bug] Cameroon country flag is missing (WubTheCaptain) - resolved.
- 0003450: [Suggestion] Update Doomseeker "About" dialog's copyright (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003396: [Bug] Doomseeker startup error may display an empty list of directories which couldn't be created (chmod 0000 with empty directory) (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003394: [Suggestion] Create Game: Allow hiding passwords in the "Misc." tab (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003384: [Bug] Duplicate MainWindow message in pl_PL translation is creating a warning (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003193: [Bug] Buddies: "\c[" is not a "valid" standard color sequence (was: Server owner does not show up in buddies list) (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003391: [Bug] FTBFS (testini.cpp): cannot bind non-const lvalue reference of type ‘IniSection&’ to an rvalue of type ‘IniSection’ (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003288: [Suggestion] IRC: Allow changing ident (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003380: [Bug] CMake Warning (dev): Policy CMP0071 is not set (Blzut3) - resolved.
- 0003382: [Bug] logdock.cpp: Wrong alphabetical order of #include directives (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003274: [Bug] media/icons/joystick.png has an invalid iCCP chunk (ICC profile) (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003378: [Suggestion] Change mentions of WubTheCaptain's first name to Linda (WubTheCaptain) - resolved.
- 0003296: [Bug] Get rid of install_dependable target. (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003324: [Bug] RCon client process stays alive after RCon fails and init is finished, doesn't exit normally after error (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003282: [Bug] Omitting file from --version-json command line parameter doesn't print to standard output (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003291: [Bug] rcon client password dialog has an indescriptive default window title text (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003365: [Bug] Doomseeker's GB flag is incorrect (WubTheCaptain) - resolved.
- 0003285: [Suggestion] IRC: Add a button to remove defined IRC networks from connect dialog (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003327: [Bug] Guyana country flag is missing (WubTheCaptain) - resolved.
- 0003330: [Bug] Bosnia and Herzegovina country flag is missing (WubTheCaptain) - resolved.
- 0003283: [Bug] IRC: Connect dialog shows incorrect port number in port field when not default (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003284: [Bug] IRC: Defining an empty IRC network address results in that defined IRC network becoming uneditable from connect dialog (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003307: [Bug] Player slots style appearance may change to "marines" in a non-free build after a Doomseeker build without "marines" is executed (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003241: [Bug] Desktop entry (Doomseeker.desktop) doesn't follow the "reverse DNS" naming convention of Desktop Entry Specification (Blzut3) - resolved.
- 0003286: [Bug] IRC: Connect dialog title is missing/titled the default "dialog" (Zalewa) - resolved.
- 0003266: [Bug] cmake_policy: OLD behavior for CMP0011 and CMP0020 is deprecated (Blzut3) - resolved.
- 0003251: [Bug] Duplicated and identical Huffman coding in plugin source tree (Skulltag & Zandronum) (Blzut3) - resolved.
- 0003374: [Bug] Bad English grammar in canAnyEngineRcon error string (WubTheCaptain) - closed.
- 0003308: [Suggestion] Include a copy of the GNU GPL license, regardless of release under the GNU LGPL (WubTheCaptain) - closed.

48 of 62 issue(s) resolved. Progress (77%).

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