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0003483: Doomseeker 1.2 release
Let's make a stable 1.2 release of Doomseeker.
Children of this ticket should be resolved before the release happens.
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related to 0003246confirmed WubTheCaptain Doomseeker Debian packaging 
related to 0003486closed Pol M Doomseeker Translate Doomseeker to Spanish 
related to 0003561closed Blzut3 Site Broken Doomseeker 1.2 package (missing libwadseeker 1.2 dependency) 
parent of 0003237closed WubTheCaptain Doomseeker Non-free files and copyright issues in source archive 
parent of 0003275closed Blzut3 Doomseeker Sign tarball releases with OpenPGP keys 
parent of 0003517closed WubTheCaptain Doomseeker Doomseeker 1.2 changelog (meta) 
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2018-09-01 12:04   
(edited on: 2018-09-01 12:10)
Is it a good time to release a new version now or soon? I'll add blocking tickets as children.

2018-09-01 12:44   
The changelog is full of nice things already, so I'd err on saying "probably yes" to the release. I'll probably work some more during the upcoming week on other tickets so that they can get into the release too.
Pol M   
2018-09-12 00:32   
I'm getting close to finishing the translation to Spanish of core. Maybe we could consider marking the ticket as related to this one, as it would be nice to ship the next release with the new language.
2018-09-13 18:11   
Any chance of 0003369 being implemented in Doomseeker for 1.2? It's still a wanted feature.
2018-09-18 11:44   
I don't like tickets such as 0003482, 0003480, 0003479, 0003486 and 0003369 being marked as "related" to this ticket. I'd opt to use "Target version" in MantisBT instead, which adds them to roadmap.

0003246 has a legitimate reason to be "related" to this ticket; While not blocking, a release would help the packaging process. That ticket also has no target version, for more or less obvious reasons.
2018-09-21 14:24   
0003267#c18962, 2017-10-02

Quote from Blzut3
My plan was to propose a 1.2 release after most of WubTheCaptain's tickets were resolved. Although I don't know how many weeks that will take.

😂 (oh, and new tickets keep flooding in.)
2018-09-22 15:45   
Please, stop adding more related tickets. Remove them all. Remove 0003481. Use the roadmap / target version in MantisBT. I'm losing it. 😠

Remove or close this ticket even.
2018-09-22 15:45   
Reopen once 1.2 really makes sense.
2018-09-22 15:51   
(edited on: 2018-09-22 15:52)
And please: Give some estimate for 1.2 code freeze. I have an opinion that too many features and bugs are going in to a too big of a 1.2 release.

Go to the roadmap, designate something unresolved for a later release.

2018-09-22 15:58   
Quote from WubTheCaptain
Go to the roadmap, designate something unresolved for a later release.

I liberally removed 0003295, 0003503, 0003246 and 0003247 from the 1.2 roadmap.
2018-09-22 15:59   
Very well then, we should not try to cram everything that's possible into 1.2. I will however try to put into that release all the tickets that are currently in relation, plus any fixes for bugs that are currently known, affect currently supported platforms and can be fixed without too much hassle.

That said, I'm altering the "Additional Information" section of this ticket to reflect its new purpose. To relieve you of receiving emails each time something is altered in this ticket, I'm also changing the reporter to myself.
2018-09-22 16:03   
Blzut, we normally discuss releases through PMs, but since this ticket is already here, what's your view on the release? Considering that 1.1 was released over a year ago and changelog has substantial amount of items, I think the time is about right.
2018-09-22 16:43   
Quote from Zalewa
That said, I'm altering the "Additional Information" section of this ticket to reflect its new purpose.

Okay, off-topic noise here.

I slightly disagree with its new purpose of tickets which "should be resolved before the release happens". My interpretations of using MantisBT are as follows:

For wishlist features such as 0003481, status to "confirmed" or higher, target version to "1.2" in MantisBT. Find it from the roadmap page. I've done this now, but I've not yet removed the child from this ticket to not offend you or engage in an editwar.

For other wishlist features, such as those "related": They have no apparent priority to be fixed or included at this time. They have a "product version", since when the bug has existed. Change the priority, or assign them to a person with a target release such as 1.2. If there's no estimate, acknowledge, confirm or assign the issue and remove the target release. "Known issues".

I find 0003294 and 0003237 to be release-critical; they're children of this ticket, severity "blocking", target version "1.2", status any.

0003246 is a special case of a "related" ticket: If it aimed for 1.2 release, it actually makes most sense to do from a tarball release, not from Mercurial source. So, it actually has to be done post-release. Therefore it's "related", not a "child". It also gives the reporter of 0003246 and monitoring users a notification of a new release.

Maybe this ticket should be a "child" of 0003246 then, you ask? Nevermind that may look a bit silly on the roadmap. Problems with this is that 0003246 has no target version (yet). It could be that Doomseeker 1.2.1 or 1.3+ gets released and this ticket will... not make much sense for a "child"? (Maybe it does, I'm losing it.)

0003246, 0003247 and 0003295: Those are assigned to me, and I have no motivation to fix them right now. It sucks. So, I've removed them from the 1.2 roadmap. They're known issues. (Such known issues can also be noted in release notes for 1.2.) Anyone can take assignment over them though, if that person or group of people is so motivated to get it into 1.2.

Now I'm losing coherency in my typing, so I'll stop.
2018-09-22 21:40   
Since I don't know when I'll have enough time to fix 0003294 given everything else I'm trying to do these days, I think it's worth considering doing a 1.2 release without the auto updater for Mac. That way you're not all held back by me, and we can always reintroduce it later.

If that sounds like a good plan then lets give Pol M time to finish his Spanish translation and focus on getting our distribution cleaned up and ready to go. WubTheCaptain, do you have time to determine if there's actually anything left in 0003237 that needs to be finished? The new 0003509 aside of course.
2018-09-22 21:46   
(edited on: 2018-09-22 21:47)
Quote from Blzut3
WubTheCaptain, do you have time to determine if there's actually anything left in 0003237 that needs to be finished?

I've sent Zalewa an email today about feeling burnt out in past few days. Right now I'd honestly prefer someone else to do the hard work, and let me confirm their results. We'll see how I'll do...

2018-09-22 21:53   
At this point the ticket honestly looks like it's in the "you tell me if it's done" state. From what I can tell it looks like everything that we can do at this point is done, so perhaps the best course of action is to close out that ticket and open a new one if you discover more issues when your motivation returns.
2018-09-22 21:57   
Quote from Blzut3
perhaps the best course of action is to close out that ticket and open a new one if you discover more issues when your motivation return

I'll do a this right now, after skimming through it quickly for any apparent issues.
2018-09-22 21:57   
Blzut's proposition sounds sensible to me.
Pol M   
2018-09-23 00:43   
Quote from Blzut3
If that sounds like a good plan then lets give Pol M time to finish his Spanish translation and focus on getting our distribution cleaned up and ready to go.

I'll focus for the moment in the translation to get that out of the way. :)

2018-09-29 02:06   
Even though I'm creating new issue tickets almost everyday, I think not all known issues should be resolved in 1.2 but acknowledged in release notes as known issues. I'd propose releasing 1.2-rc1 first, or 1.2, then fix known issues in a smaller patch release such as 1.2.1 with no new features.
2018-09-29 02:11   
Quote from AOSP
Any chance of 0003369 being implemented in Doomseeker for 1.2? It's still a wanted feature.

I'm also opposed to implementing this in 1.2 to keep the scope of release and possible bugs smaller. For version 1.3, maybe. (Hopefully with more frequent releases between Doomseeker versions, which don't take over a year.)
2018-09-29 04:49   
0003369 is definitely too complicated to implement into 1.2 with the current release plan.
2018-10-13 16:41   
(edited on: 2018-10-13 16:45)
If 0003247 is not a child and resolved, it will create a Lintian warning binary-without-manpage due to missing man page.

2018-10-13 19:40   
I've looked through the list of issues and unless I missed something I think all that we currently have falls into the general category of "can be done later", with possible exception of 0003548 as it directly affects the release process (though the IpToCountry.dat can just be bundled in manually for the 1.2 release).

Is everything ready for the release? Can we start doing it?
Pol M   
2018-10-13 20:05   
I have no objections. Most stuff is ready, the translations are up-to-date and apart from 3548 the 3 remaining tickets are in "needs review", looking good and not being essential for the release per se.
2018-10-13 21:25   
Yeah I think we're just about done here. Targeting the 27th for release. Would do next week, but I won't be available that weekend.
2018-10-27 22:13   
Debian packages, see Site project issue 0003561.
2018-10-27 22:51   
Dunno what else there is to do, so I guess this is resolved. Thanks, all.
2018-11-25 22:15   
(edited on: 2018-11-25 22:16)
NB: Doomseeker & Wadseeker 1.2 releases (binary & source) were released on October 27, 2018. I've closed this ticket late.