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0003803Doomseeker[All Projects] Epicpublic2020-06-07 02:282020-06-08 02:06
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PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version1.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003803: C++11 support
DescriptionSome child issues which feature C++11 features to replace the old C++98 features in use by Doomseeker.
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- Relationships
related to 0003794resolvedWubTheCaptain qt-json is older than aa0930a (stray #include <iostream>) 
related to 0003598closedZalewa Change Windows compiler 
parent of 0003801resolvedWubTheCaptain new/delete used instead of std::unique_ptr/std::make_unique 
parent of 0003800acknowledged C-style arrays in C++ source files 
parent of 0003805resolvedWubTheCaptain CXX_STANDARD needs to be updated for C++11 
parent of 0003807confirmed Some for(...; ...; ...) loops are not range-based loops (C++11), but C-style 
parent of 0003812acknowledged Some null pointer constants use 0 instead of the C++11 nullptr keyword 
parent of 0003813confirmed C style "typedef" is used instead of C++ style "using" keyword (C++11) 
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-  Notes
User avatar (0021365)
WubTheCaptain (developer)
2020-06-07 05:07

Interestingly, nullptr keyword has been used for a long time. It's a C++11 feature. Wonderful if it's been supported by some older Microsoft compilers, before the switch to MinGW.
User avatar (0021387)
Pol M (developer)
2020-06-07 20:33

We are already using the C++11 standard
User avatar (0021397)
WubTheCaptain (developer)
2020-06-07 22:38

Quote from Pol M
We are already using the C++11 standard

Yes, but as seen from child issues this can be further improved.
User avatar (0021398)
Pol M (developer)
2020-06-07 22:51

Quote from Wub

Yes, but as seen from child issues this can be further improved.

C++ introduces new ways of doing the same things but better each version. That does not mean that necessarily all the code that did things the old way needs to be changed :)
That said, sure, let's adapt your proposed changes :D
User avatar (0021401)
Blzut3 (administrator)
2020-06-08 00:31

Generally speaking old code bases don't find and replace everything when a new standard comes out since 1) it's usually fixing non-broken code. 2) Needlessly points git blame to an unhelpful commit.

Almost everything you point out isn't wrong, and is indeed how code should be written going forward. But is this solving something? Now I've been busy with other stuff so I'm not going to tell you all not to do this if it's something that motivates you all, but do consider that such refactors are unusual.
User avatar (0021411)
Pol M (developer)
2020-06-08 02:06

I completely agree with Blzut, but if Wub is committed to doing these changes I won't be stopping nobody since right now there is no merge issues that could appear. I'll state that 0003801, 0003807, 0003813 and 0003800 are clear cases of what Blzut explains, then there's 0003811 that theoretically allows for optimizations but any mothern compiler can see through these so it's a bit on the limbo and then there's most (not saying all) of the others that do have some value either by making the code safer, objectively more readable, or are simply better.

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2020-06-07 02:28 WubTheCaptain New Issue
2020-06-07 02:29 WubTheCaptain Relationship added parent of 0003801
2020-06-07 02:29 WubTheCaptain Relationship added parent of 0003800
2020-06-07 02:29 WubTheCaptain Relationship added related to 0003794
2020-06-07 02:31 WubTheCaptain Summary C+11 support => C++11 support
2020-06-07 02:32 WubTheCaptain Relationship added related to 0003598
2020-06-07 02:50 WubTheCaptain Relationship added parent of 0003805
2020-06-07 03:00 WubTheCaptain Product Version 1.3.1 => 1.3
2020-06-07 03:29 WubTheCaptain Relationship added parent of 0003807
2020-06-07 04:51 WubTheCaptain Relationship added parent of 0003812
2020-06-07 05:03 WubTheCaptain Relationship added parent of 0003813
2020-06-07 05:07 WubTheCaptain Note Added: 0021365
2020-06-07 20:33 Pol M Note Added: 0021387
2020-06-07 20:33 Pol M Status new => feedback
2020-06-07 22:38 WubTheCaptain Note Added: 0021397
2020-06-07 22:38 WubTheCaptain Status feedback => new
2020-06-07 22:51 Pol M Note Added: 0021398
2020-06-07 23:04 WubTheCaptain Status new => confirmed
2020-06-08 00:31 Blzut3 Note Added: 0021401
2020-06-08 02:06 Pol M Note Added: 0021411

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