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0004192Zandronum[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2024-01-31 17:272024-07-21 15:04
Assigned ToKaminsky 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version3.1 
Target Version3.2Fixed in Version 
Summary0004192: Allow ACS to specify the next map, or `SetNextMap()`
DescriptionWith the introduction of the map rotation functions in ACS it is now possible to keep track of the map rotation and apply custom logic. One example is map voting where users can vote for the next map. It would be nice if for this example it would be possible to specify the next map rather than use something like `ChangeLevel` to change the map just before Zandronum would do it.
Additional InformationTrillster — 01/25/2024 4:28 AM
as a more selfish request, I do think it'd be really nice if you could manipulate or override the next map ahead of time
I have a mod for 8BDM which allows folks to vote on the next map, but it has to do some pretty gross things to get the voted map to be the next one
basically waits for the last round end sequence of a match and then performs a manual map change just before the engine gets the chance to
I could imagine some other use cases of overriding the next map, such as having a mod that inserts bonus stages between maps in a cooperative / survival map rotation
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Kaminsky (developer)
2024-04-28 20:26

This commits adds the "SetNextMapPosition" ACS function:' [^]' so you can specify the next map in the rotation.
User avatar (0023649)
Trillster (reporter)
2024-04-29 23:56

I haven't tested the new feature in practice, but from looking at the changeset, it appears that a map set by SetNextMapPosition can still be overwritten if the current count of players doesn't fit within its min and max players, due to the last validation before changing to the next map. I think if this is the case, it'd be preferable to make an exception for maps set by SetNextMapPosition.
User avatar (0023652)
Kaminsky (developer)
2024-04-30 15:52

I originally intended for SetNextMapPosition to allow mods to change the next position without any restrictions. However, if I had to choose between one or the other, I'd rather prevent the function from overriding the next position if the current player count is incompatible with the corresponding entry's min/max player limits, rather than making an exception.
User avatar (0023654)
Trillster (reporter)
2024-04-30 18:03

For the use case of custom built map vote systems, I think it'd be more confusing for the player voted map to get overwritten with no preventative option. The voting system I've built already accounts for the player limits when determining the maps that can be voted for, so I'd rather defer to the player choice past that point.

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