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0004101Doomseeker[All Projects] Bugpublic2023-02-12 20:232023-03-17 18:33
Assigned ToZalewa 
PlatformMicrosoft Windows 11OSOS Version
Product Version1.4.0 
Target Version1.4.1Fixed in Version1.4.1 
Summary0004101: Portable mode fails to launch alpha Zandronum builds
DescriptionThis issue is in two parts because there are two, I would assume separate, things preventing portable mode from launching alpha builds.

If the Zandronum directory is set to an executable as the UI suggests it is supposed to be, launching will fail regardless of any other configurations or if the batch file for the alpha build is properly set up. This is of course troublesome because it means players either need to config solely for testing release servers or for base servers.

The other part is more nuanced and I may have the wrong understanding. The setup that I and many others are using (due to being the setup for the Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch launcher) is having a folder with Zandronum and a Doomseeker sub-folder.

This would mean that the Zandronum executable directory is configured as "../zandronum.exe" for 1.4. It seems like having this as the Zandronum directory will cause any alpha build batch files to generate with a starting line of 'cd ".."'. The next line is to then try and use the testing releases directory to execute some version of Zandronum, but the path is now wrong because of the changed directory, resulting in a failed launch.

Either batch files should always be generated with `cd "."` so that they can always use the relative path in the Doomseeker testing releases field, or the installation and placement of the alpha builds should take into account the base Zandronum directory which seems to be getting used for the `cd` part of the batch file.
Steps To ReproduceHave a folder with zandronum.exe and a sub-folder with all of Doomseeker.
Configure Doomseeker to have a Zandronum path of "../zandronum.exe".
Have a directory for testing releases of ".static/plugins/zandronum".
Join some 3.2 server to generate an alpha build and batch file.
Launch will fail due to first issue, so change Zandronum path to something such as "." now.
Launch will still fail due to second issue.
Issue will only be resolved by going into "[Doomseeker folder]/.static/plugins/zandronum/[ZandroVersion].bat" and correcting the first line to have `cd "."`
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Zalewa (developer)
2023-02-12 22:48

This is a serious issue. I'll look into this ASAP.
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Zalewa (developer)
2023-02-13 22:36
edited on: 2023-02-13 22:39

I'm terribly sorry that this has happened, especially since the testing binaries were already broken in the previous release of Doomseeker due to too restrictive version parsing.

I think I managed to fix the script generators, here: [^]

You can try this out by either downloading an update from the beta auto-update channel or from here: [^]

You will have to manually remove the wrongly created .bat files first.

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2023-02-12 20:23 Trillster New Issue
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2023-02-12 22:48 Zalewa Status new => assigned
2023-02-12 22:48 Zalewa Note Added: 0022764
2023-02-13 22:35 Zalewa Target Version => 1.4.1
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2023-03-17 18:33 Zalewa Status needs testing => resolved
2023-03-17 18:33 Zalewa Fixed in Version => 1.4.1
2023-03-17 18:33 Zalewa Resolution open => fixed

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