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0004093Doomseeker[All Projects] Bugpublic2023-01-27 00:002023-03-04 23:16
Assigned ToZalewa 
PlatformDesktopOSWindows 10 HomeOS Version22H2
Product Version1.4.0 
Target Version1.4.1Fixed in Version1.4.1 
Summary0004093: <Refreshed too soon, wait a while and try again> for pinned servers with greater than 6 sec between refreshing
DescriptionI have my 8 servers pinned in Doomseeker 1.4.0 that are hosted on TSPG. Since the 1.4.0 update I will have 1-3 servers display the refreshed too soon message after <REFRESHING> on the first start-up of the day or any time the application is launched. I never make it refresh with less than 6 seconds between each attempt I know that is prevented and would act like a DDoS attack. This behavior was never observed by me in the last version(we play every night) so I believe this is new. May be related to 0004064.
Steps To Reproduce1. Have one or more servers pinned in Doomseeker
2. Refresh or shut Doomseeker down then relaunch after more than 6 seconds (usually is hours between sessions for me)
3. At least one pinned server will display <REFRESHING> and then change to and remain on <Refreshed too soon, ...> when more than enough time has passed since you last launched the application.
Additional InformationDiscussion in #support on the Zandronum Discord. Zalewa is aware and believes something is up.
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Zalewa (developer)
2023-01-27 00:12
edited on: 2023-01-27 00:12

I can reproduce this. It's possible this was caused by this change: [^] (Refresh the servers in a randomized order)

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Zalewa (developer)
2023-02-24 19:47

I analyzed this further (thanks to Blzut's tip) and found out that the problem is rooted in the way Doomseeker tracks the pinned servers as separate from the servers provided by the master servers. The code paths being different lead to a situation where the same host:port is queried twice in a short time period, leading to the server refusing the query.

I knew this piece of code needed rewriting for some time now but didn't have an incentive. Now that it's causing actual problems, it may be the time to finally do that.
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Zalewa (developer)
2023-03-04 23:16

The fix for this is out and BLOODWOLF has already confirmed by PM that it solves the problem.

It was a case of the same server (game:address:port) being handled by two separate objects in Doomseeker when a server was both pinned and also retrieved from the master server. Doomseeker would contact the same server simultaneously twice, which would lead to receiving the "too soon" reply from the server. This bug stemmed from the general ownership problem of the server objects, which bothers Doomseeker for a long time and has just been made slightly better by the fix commit, but it isn't entirely eliminated.

The beta build containing this fix is here: [^]

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