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0004021Zandronum[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2022-08-26 01:452022-09-14 14:50
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StatusclosedResolutionno change required 
PlatformWindows 64-bitOSWindows 10OS Version1903
Product Version3.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004021: update +FRIENDLY to "be truly like 'ally'", or add flags like +ALLY, or +NOFRIENDLYDMG and +NOFRIENDLYTHRUST
DescriptionMy railgun hurts my +FRIENDLY sentry in game of +sv_shootthroughallies 1 +sv_dontpushallies 1 +cooperative +teamdamage 0
Steps To Reproduce1. Create new folder: TEST
2. Copy zandronum and DOOM2.WAD to TEST
3. Download sample wad (above), and test.bat, and save to TEST
4. run test.bat
Additional InformationSee attached files: Chat Log.txt, TEST.wad, and TEST.bat
Attached Filestxt file icon Chat Log - 2022-08-25.txt [^] (11,930 bytes) 2022-08-26 01:45 [Show Content]
? file icon TEST.wad [^] (156,158 bytes) 2022-08-26 01:46
? file icon TEST.bat [^] (249 bytes) 2022-08-26 01:47

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User avatar (0022326)
arkore (reporter)
2022-08-26 01:47

adding TEST.bat, or run command yourself:
zandronum.exe -iwad DOOM2.WAD -file TEST.wad +sv_shootthroughallies 1 +sv_dontpushallies 1 +cooperative +teamdamage 0 +sv_smartaim 2 +sv_maxlives 0 +map MAP01 +give chaingun +give rocketlauncher +give bfg9000 +give railgun2
User avatar (0022329)
Penguin (reporter)
2022-08-31 03:13

sv_shootthroughallies and sv_dontpushallies are player only flags.
Combine species with +MTHRUSPECIES to prevent railgun damage
User avatar (0022391)
arkore (reporter)
2022-09-11 09:25
edited on: 2022-09-11 09:26

Hey, I can solve this using DamageType and DamageFactor (and A_RailAttack) on the puff.

Also found someone saying that this was the puff's main purpose, here: [^]

So, the difference is basically:
BEFORE: A_RailAttack(1000, 0, 1, "00 FF 85", None, 0, 0, None, 0, 0, 8192, 35, 0.5, 0.5, None)
AFTER: A_RailAttack(1000, 0, 1, "00 FF 85", None, 0, 0, "Railgun2BulletPuff", 0, 0, 8192, 35, 0.5, 0.5, None)

ACTOR Railgun2BulletPuff : BulletPuff {
    DamageType "Player"

ACTOR SentryGun2 {
    DamageFactor "Player", 0

This is in addition to already having: Species "Player", +THRUSPECIES, etc.

In conclusion, I guess I didn't work hard enough to find solution, and thought there was an easier way (which +MTHRUSPECIES reminds me of). So, that's why I was surprised I had to setup a DamageType and use DamageFactor for it, because otherwise you could probably just set +MTHRUSPECIES (or equivalent (even +THRUSPECIES)) on puffs (which Zan. 3.1's new sv_shootthroughallies solves now), if you wanted to use Species "Player" on the sentry, for example. But, perhaps Species "Player" is a bad idea.

It's great that, with DamageType/DamageFactor, the Sentry could have multiple DamageFactor types specified, like: PlayerRailgun, PlayerRocket, ...

User avatar (0022397)
Kaminsky (developer)
2022-09-14 14:50

With Arkore's permission, this ticket will be closed since a solution to the issue described above was found.

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