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0004014Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2022-06-15 09:272022-06-15 09:54
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PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS VersionXP/Vista/7
Product Version3.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004014: Inventory does not reset when changing classes between maps
DescriptionCurrently, if weapons have inventory restrictions (many class mods do on their weapons), switching to another class and surviving to go to the next map will mostly crash the players themselves, as you try shooting a restricted weapon.

However another set of errors can also occur on more advanced mods, such as:

-Cause the character to be unable to shoot any of their weapons after a map change
-The character can acquire other weapons but will never be able to get their starter weapons until the player fully gets their inventory reset (survival game over or going from spectator to player)
-The character can acquire other weapons non restricted weapons, but they will be unable to shoot their weapons ever, instead going into a limbo, which can cause a full on server crash during a map change(Can be tested with samsara reincarnation v1.0)

While there are workarounds at the moment, in servers with bigger amounts of people, they ocassionally cause clientside crashes as the inventories aren't reset in time or other, unknown reasons, cause a crash with no crash log. It's however, always reliable to spectate before changing classes, as it fully restarts the inventory safely. We'd like to see if this reliability could be applied with a server variable/command.

It would benefit multi class mods, such as Samsara, Gmota and Combined arms 2.0, to list a few.
Steps To ReproduceI recommend using Kinsie's test map ( as it has an easily available NEXT MAP switch for players, but changing maps through the server itself also works.

1. Create a LAN server with Doom 2 and the included `MulticlassCheck.pk3` file, on cooperative or survival mode.
2. Join as a player and start as "Doomguy One"
3. Do not pick up any other weapon for this test
4. Use the scroll wheel to check your weapon name/tag, It should be "Doomguy One pistol"
5. Open the pause menu, go to options->player setup, then choose `Doomguy Two`
6. Finish the level
7. Start the next map
8. Use the scroll wheel to check your weapon name/tag, It should be "Doomguy one pistol"... however, that weapon is restricted to Doomguy One and Doomguy Two has his own pistol, the "Doomguy two pistol"
9. Attempting to shoot the restricted pistol will crash the game for the client
Additional InformationIf you wish to test this in a more robust environment, use Samsara Reincarnation 1.0, as it reflects what many other class mods do. (


1. Create a LAN server with doom 2 and Samsara Reincernation v1.0
2. Join as a player and start as "Doomguy"
3. Grab a few weapons if you wish for this test
4. Open the pause menu, go to options->player setup, then choose `Pettoneverhail`
5. Finish the level
6. Start the next map
7. You will now be playing as Petterhail
8. You will have no weapon in your hands, but it will not crash when trying to fire
9. Scrolling to change weapons will give him his starter weapon, but it is unable to fire
10. Picking up more weapons will acquire them but you can only scroll between them and they are all unable to shoot despite playing an animation
11. Dying and respawning will cause the weapons to fire automatically, on their own, no matter how much you try pressing and releasing the fire key
12. Obtain the higher level weapons and scroll to them
13. The server will crash eventually
Attached Files? file icon MultiClassCheck.pk3 [^] (1,339 bytes) 2022-06-15 09:27

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duplicate of 0001313feedback PlayerClass desync/incorrect weapon when changing maps in co-op 

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User avatar (0022267)
Basinga (reporter)
2022-06-15 09:40

Changing classes between lives (and not between maps) seems to properly reset your class and inventory, which would be great to have when changing classes between maps.
User avatar (0022268)
Basinga (reporter)
2022-06-15 09:42

The issue's Severity should be major, priority high and reproducibility always.
This bug causes client and server crashes.

I wasn't able to set them as such as I would get an error from the website itself until I set them to the default.

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Supporters: Basinga
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