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0003959Doomseeker[All Projects] Epicpublic2021-12-27 22:432022-03-23 02:33
Assigned ToBlzut3 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version1.3.2 
Target Version1.3.3Fixed in Version1.3.3 
Summary0003959: Doomseeker 1.3.3 release
DescriptionDoomseeker 1.3.3 needs to be released to properly support Zandronum 3.1. Let's solve the remaining issues for this version and prepare for a release in the upcoming days.
Additional InformationDoomseeker 1.3.2 release: 0003852
Attached Filestxt file icon release-checklist-1.3.3.txt [^] (2,805 bytes) 2022-01-17 18:14 [Show Content]

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User avatar (0022027)
WubTheCaptain (reporter)
2021-12-28 11:01

major → minor, because IIRC what's only broken in the core program is IP2C related and sv_country support, but 1.3.2 isn't unusably broken overall. Honestly I'd set the severity of this issue even down to "feature".
git log --name-only 1.3.2..HEAD
But yeah, sure, I'd be okay with a new release. There have been some improvements in the core program to justify it. While we don't follow SemVer, I'd like to note there was a big refactor of IP2C in this release (82634a1c5a87c665966c1d440cc400f70d4eb126, 0003939).
User avatar (0022029)
Zalewa (developer)
2021-12-28 11:18

It has an exploitable crash fix 0003927
User avatar (0022034)
WubTheCaptain (reporter)
2021-12-28 11:35

Ah well, I thought DRD Team Debian repository already had a package for Zandronum plugin version 43 (which I assume would work with Doomseeker 1.3.2 too), but I see it doesn't. The fix for 0003927 was done with changes only to the plugin.
User avatar (0022072)
Zalewa (developer)
2022-01-02 12:22

I will have much less free time from now on and looking at the roadmap there's not much remaining to do for me except still finind some texts that need to be fixed (0003942, 0003943), so I'll stop most of the work now. We need to wait for Pol to update Spanish and Catalan translations before we can release.
User avatar (0022085)
WubTheCaptain (reporter)
2022-01-17 02:39

Quote from Zalewa
We need to wait for Pol to update Spanish and Catalan translations before we can release.

This was done: 2869ddf.
User avatar (0022087)
Zalewa (developer)
2022-01-17 18:36

I'm proceeding with the release.
User avatar (0022088)
Zalewa (developer)
2022-01-17 19:55

Stage 1 completed.

Tag: [^]
Website: [^]

Reassigning to Blzut for stage 2.
User avatar (0022091)
WubTheCaptain (reporter)
2022-01-18 14:48

The roadmap on this issue tracker (on has open issues with status "needs testing".
User avatar (0022098)
Zalewa (developer)
2022-01-18 17:29

I will have to retract 0003959:0022088 because I just found a critical bug with Idgames. It should be fixed before the release.
User avatar (0022105)
WubTheCaptain (reporter)
2022-01-18 18:13
edited on: 2022-01-18 18:13

Please, keep the 1.3.3 tag at commit 4e9fea0 where it was (version bump + 1 commit) and add the 1.3.3 tag there again. I believe even severe issues in releases should be resolved in the next release, 1.3.4.

User avatar (0022106)
Zalewa (developer)
2022-01-18 18:13

1.3.3 wasn't released yet.
User avatar (0022107)
WubTheCaptain (reporter)
2022-01-18 18:20

Quote from Zalewa
1.3.3 wasn't released yet.

git-tag(1) wants to say: "Annotated tags are meant for release while lightweight tags are meant for private or temporary object labels." I can't prove you right or wrong, because I already pulled the changes to my local repository. I had only observed a 1.3.3 tag to exist via Bitbucket and this issue. 🤕
User avatar (0022108)
WubTheCaptain (reporter)
2022-01-18 18:23
edited on: 2022-01-18 18:49

But historically, e.g. looking at the tag v1.3.2, it's an annotated tag. So I expect them to be permanent...

User avatar (0022110)
WubTheCaptain (reporter)
2022-01-18 18:50

I pulled changes again. Apparently we don't have annotated tags, only lightweight tags, and that's not a very nice thing either. Bleh. You win your argument, Zalewa.
User avatar (0022111)
Zalewa (developer)
2022-01-18 19:05

I hate when a serious bug is found right after the release...

@ 0003959:0022105

I'm normally against modifying the public history but there are cases when you need to be strict and cases where a laid back approach doesn't cause (much) harm. With a project like this that doesn't have too many people involved the harm is minimal (but still happened, so I'm sorry). I wouldn't be so fast on removing a tag if this project had a higher amount of daily contributors. I also would be more reluctant to do this if the end-user received 1.3.3 already, but aside from some people who may be on the beta channel, no one received a binary 1.3.3 release, yet.

I redone stage 1 with this commit: [^] , and I'm reassigning to Blzut again.
User avatar (0022116)
Blzut3 (administrator)
2022-01-20 05:56

Ubuntu, Mac, and source packages uploaded.
User avatar (0022117)
Zalewa (developer)
2022-01-20 21:54

And it's released. [^]
User avatar (0022154)
WubTheCaptain (reporter)
2022-03-22 11:20

I'd like to wait for 0003895 and its child issues to be resolved/closed before closing this issue.
Blzut3: The tracker also says "Scheduled For Release 2030-08-01" on the roadmap for this release.
User avatar (0022156)
Blzut3 (administrator)
2022-03-23 02:33

Updated date on tracker tag. Marked the AUTOUIC issues as resolved since if there were no issues with the build then I can't imagine there's anything more to do there.

The regular expression one is probably fine at this point since we haven't gotten any complaints that I'm aware of.

The QFileSystemModel one is exclusive to Qt6 and should definitely be tested at some point by someone else with Qt6 installed.

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