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0003608Site[All Projects] Bugpublic2019-02-07 16:122019-02-11 14:48
Assigned ToBlzut3 
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Summary0003608: Some packages on are not actually non-free, but in the "multiverse" repository
DescriptionDRD Team hosts Debian packages for various Doom-related software in the DRD Team Debian Package Repository. The only distribution available at this time is "stable/multiverse".

As the "multiverse" name implies, packages included in it are non-free or otherwise legally encumbered.

The resolution of issue 0003237 fixed a majority of copyright issues in Doomseeker, so the Debian distributions of Doomseeker should now be mostly "multiverse"-free (except possibly the doomseeker-srb2 package and engine plugin I've kept arguing about in issue 0003510, which is distributed seperately).

SLADE3 is free software under GPLv2. Doomseeker is free software under LGPLv2.1+ (since Doomseeker 1.2). Other software is possibly free as well (GZDoom, since making FMOD optional?).

I think these free packages should be moved from "multiverse" to "universe" (Ubuntu naming) or seperated to "main" and "non-free" names (Debian naming), giving the average freetard more choice about their freedumbs.
Steps To ReproduceThe following is an example of Doomseeker installed from DRD Team Debian Package Repository.

$ apt show doomseeker | egrep "(APT-Sources|Version):"

WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts.

Version: 1.2
APT-Sources: [^] stable/multiverse amd64 Packages
Additional Information
Quote from
The four main repositories are:

  • Main - Canonical-supported free and open-source software.
  • Universe - Community-maintained free and open-source software.
  • Restricted - Proprietary drivers for devices.
  • Multiverse - Software restricted by copyright or legal issues.

As far as I know, SLADE3 only ships some color palettes from propietary games running on the Doom engine (id Tech 1) which could be considered legally encumbered or "non-free".
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User avatar (0020346)
WubTheCaptain (reporter)
2019-02-07 16:13

Severity might be fine as "trivial" or "tweak" too.
User avatar (0020354)
Blzut3 (administrator)
2019-02-08 02:52

Since I don't care enough about free/non-free I chose the multiverse naming simply because it's better to imply non-free than the opposite. Over time I've grown to think that I should probably use an unfamiliar name to remove any implication one way or the other, but figured there's nothing really driving the need for an arbitrary change.

So my question to you is given that I can't be bothered to worry about free/non-free (since I personally don't care at least on the level of Doom related software), do you feel a neutral name change is warranted or is sticking with multiverse good enough?
User avatar (0020365)
WubTheCaptain (reporter)
2019-02-11 14:43

multiverse for backwards compatibility, if your resolution is "won't fix".
User avatar (0020366)
WubTheCaptain (reporter)
2019-02-11 14:48

I've seen some things lately like [^] using "main" (Debian naming for their free repos), but some packages actually advertise themselves to be in "Section: contrib/*".

I guess that'd be one way to categorize software within the repository, if the "main" repository name is preferred over "multiverse".

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