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0003527Site[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2018-09-29 14:012019-06-19 00:54
Assigned ToBlzut3 
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Summary0003527: Please add all Doomseeker releases back to Doomseeker project on MantisBT for organizing tickets
DescriptionI know anything less than Doomseeker < 1.1 is probably unsupported, but I can't add old release numbers to tickets I'm about to close. For example, I'd like to tag 0000664 with version 0.8b. (Its target version/fixed version should actually be 0.8.1b-1, too.)

I know Doomseeker 1.0 was also removed from the MantisBT list when 1.3 was added. But sometimes I still do add those old releases to "Product Version" when creating a new issue. Labeling that issue with [none] or 1.1 for Doomseeker version may be inaccurate.

Seeing how I'm doing so much issue management for Doomseeker on MantisBT, I don't think it'd be an issue for me personally to go back-and-forth in a feedback loop to ask for version from users experiencing issues. Besides, if the users don't find their version from the list, I think they'll just leave it empty – none more useful for us.
Steps To Reproduce
$ hg tags
tip                             2280:1a55359fed00
1.1-p1                          2047:d22e1ef5e8be
1.1                             2035:1783260de6ff
1.0                             1716:b1cb0d67f9b9
0.12.2b                         1630:e94f7e467181
0.12.1b                         1466:d84797a6ecf8
0.12b                           1444:74c1526a8793
0.11.1b                         1142:e8db5023a69d
0.11b                           1105:f408be4768fd
0.10b                            999:b89368c29a3f
0.9b                             836:2eebe3dd29d5
0.8.1b-p3                        792:cb1b8eddc56b
0.8.1b-p2                        785:36b06c4b4fb8
0.8.1b-p1                        776:8cb84d4e52d7
0.8.1b                           745:b7b9ad22d63f
0.8b                             710:5ba7373b7ff6
0.7b                             559:78899a06602f
0.6b                             425:1a0efa293a2b
0.5b                             377:f328d16cdbf1
0.4b                             284:a1619c606034
0.3a                             226:b32137c9f12b
0.2a                             153:3fbbf5b50a79
0.1a                              56:4cb721f0aa1d

(+ 1.2, maybe 1.2~beta-1 & 1.3)
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User avatar (0019836)
Blzut3 (administrator)
2018-09-30 06:45

I can be less aggressive on marking versions obsolete (allow one or two previous versions to be listed), but for the product version what I want to know is the latest version the user observed the issue in. In other words if they're using the development version (regression) vs the stable release. If you bisect the change then of course please include that info in the bug notes, but I think knowing where the issue was discovered is more useful (and updating the product version if it gets verified unfixed in later versions).

In other words I want to be able to quickly answer the question on if a ticket is still relevant rather than where did it start.

With that said, I've re-enabled all of the versions we ever tracked in this tracker if you want to clean up some of the old tickets. (Although I'll be honest I don't see much of a point to doing that, but you do you.) I do definitely intend to re-obsolete the betas in a few weeks.
User avatar (0019839)
WubTheCaptain (reporter)
2018-09-30 07:20
edited on: 2018-09-30 07:22

Would you call the following tickets 1.1 or 1.2~beta-1? 1.2 doesn't seem accurate, imo. 0003506, #0003378, 0003382, 0003503, 0003391, 0003502, 0003374, 0003329.

They don't exist in 1.1-p1 release, and 1.2 has not been released yet. I'd like it if there was 1.2~beta-1 tag, else I'm keeping them closed as it's been "shipped" to the Mercurial tip.

User avatar (0019850)
Blzut3 (administrator)
2018-10-01 04:08

1.2 is fine. The only really more correct thing would be if there was a version for every commit which is not a possibility in Mantis.

I'm not sure how the beta tag would change resolved vs closed? If we close tickets after release then those tickets would be closed at the same time as if you had a beta tag. After release the beta tag seemingly wouldn't help you since they would already be filtered out of you list by virtue of being closed.

You may point out that Zandronum does have what you're asking for, but I added those because in order for users to report bugs against the beta releases they need to be marked as released in Mantis. Which in turn changes the text on the changelog/roadmap page. For whatever reason some people were obsessing/reading far to much into what those pages say. But no one is hyping the next Doomseeker release so I haven't had a need to add the clutter.

And I say that mostly because while it quiets the normal users, the developers routinely screw up the product version (always beta)/fixed version (always not beta) tags.

So I'm not completely against the idea, but it does have a cost to overcome. I'm not sure I'm seeing the value right now.
User avatar (0020776)
WubTheCaptain (reporter)
2019-06-19 00:54

0003579 has no product version 0.1 available as an option, fwiw.

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