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0003310Doomseeker[All Projects] Cleanuppublic2017-10-22 23:052020-06-05 07:41
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Product Version1.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003310: qt-json dependency is duplicated to different files, deduplicate it
Descriptionqt-json (aka Eeli Reilin's JSON library) has code duplication in the Doomseeker source distribution: Once for Doomseeker, and another time for Wadseeker.

I suggest this to be convenience copy to be deduplicated under dependencies directory.
Steps To Reproduce
$ diff -s src/core/json.cpp src/wadseeker/protocols/json.cpp
Files src/core/json.cpp and src/wadseeker/protocols/json.cpp are identical
$ diff -s src/core/json.h src/wadseeker/protocols/json.h
Files src/core/json.h and src/wadseeker/protocols/json.h are identical
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- Relationships
related to 0003238closed Split Doomseeker's build dependencies off source archive distribution, distribute seperately 
related to 0003796resolvedWubTheCaptain qt-json dependency is duplicated to different files (2nd report) 
child of 0003246confirmedWubTheCaptain Debian packaging 

-  Notes
User avatar (0018614)
WubTheCaptain (developer)
2017-10-22 23:13

I gave this a little bit of more thought, and it may be harder to do. Ideally, it'd be a system library to package.
User avatar (0018762)
Zalewa (developer)
2017-11-04 09:21

These files are never touched because the standard they implement is complete and finite. These files are necessary to build Wadseeker and Doomseeker. If these files were to be moved out of Wadseeker source directory, building a valid Wadseeker source tarball would be that much harder. I also don't want to expose this as WADSEEKER_API because providing JSON features is not the goal of Wadseeker. For this reasons I'm inclined against making any changes.
User avatar (0018770)
WubTheCaptain (developer)
2017-11-04 15:54

I thought so too. Ideally it'd be a dependency to install and build seperately, choosing to use system library when available.

I'll close this now and think later how to better handle this specific issue for Debian packaging.

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2017-10-22 23:21 WubTheCaptain Summary qt-json dependency is duplicated to different files => qt-json dependency is duplicated to different files, deduplicate it
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2020-06-05 07:34 WubTheCaptain Category Suggestion => Cleanup
2020-06-05 07:41 WubTheCaptain Relationship added related to 0003796

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