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0003046Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-03-28 20:522017-04-22 01:32
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StatusclosedResolutionno change required 
PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version3.0-beta 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003046: DamageFactors/Types are broken
DescriptionIt appears at a certain point DamageFactors/Types stop working, though it is believed that there is some kind of internal limit as to how many factors you can have. Go over this limit and the factor is ignored.
The said issue does not happen in 2.1.2.
Steps To Reproduce- Download the linked WAD file
- Go to any map in Doom II
- Summon the actor "IonCannonBeaconArmed"
- Summon the actor "TimedC4Armed" very close to the actor above
- Wait several moments for the "TimedC4Armed" to disappear and you should see that the "IonCannonBeaconArmed" actor also faded out as well
Additional InformationThe "IonCannonBeaconArmed" actor has a DamageFactor of "Explosion" set to '0.0'. The "TimedC4Armed" actor has a DamageType of "Explosion".
When the actor "TimedC4Armed" actor disappears, it's calling several A_Explode functions which kill the "IonCannonBeaconArmed" causing it to die and disappear when it should not.
Attached Files? file icon Zandro_DamageFactor_ExampleWAD.wad [^] (17,018 bytes) 2017-03-28 20:52

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Cutman (reporter)
2017-03-30 14:41
edited on: 2017-03-30 21:47

I don't think this is to do with a limit to damagetypes as you can remove all of them except the relevant one here and the same problem will happen.

Making this actor not SHOOTABLE seems to fix the problem but I'm not sure why.

Edit: The actor seems to lose it's damage type on dying.

Edit2: Tried in the latest GZDoom and it still happens.

User avatar (0017071)
jdagenet (reporter)
2017-03-30 23:50

Removing the SHOOTABLE flag makes the object unable to take damage in the first place so that part seems like normal behavior.

So based on your testing it seems that DamageTypes aren't the issue, but whatever happens when the actor is classified as dead. Since this also happens in GZDoom it sounds like the issue originated from there and was simply ported to Zandronum.
User avatar (0017072)
Filystea (reporter)
2017-03-31 10:54

Tried few times and always had issues. At some point will probably add it to my mod so there will be topic like with the bouncing projectiles.

I suspect brokenness.
User avatar (0017243)
jdagenet (reporter)
2017-04-21 00:50

This ticket can be closed as it was resolved over at the ZDoom bug tracker.
For anyone interested, here is the other ticket: [^]
User avatar (0017246)
Ru5tK1ng (updater)
2017-04-22 01:32

According to Graf, A_Die lets the world kill the actor and removes the damage factor? I'll mark this appropriately then.

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