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0002975Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2017-01-07 10:402018-11-25 15:15
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PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version2.1 
Target Version3.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0002975: BounceFactor does not work properly. Z momentum is not changed with bouncing. Very strange behavior.
DescriptionSo My old post about bouncers being broken was locked but it was bad post so it's ok.

I started from zero to see what happens. Well everything seems not right.
Description is based on testb.pk3 file provided.

Steps To ReproduceSet BounceFactor 0.91
than see BounceFactor 0.6

This is broken on SIBGLEPLAYER I did not check multiplayer or gzdoom since it took me a bit time so it's just a start report. Maybe this behavior is ok? Please point out what is broken in your opinion so i can check multi/gzdoom if there is point in doing so.

First one will not decrease Z momentum. Everything is in description.

I change two parameters.

  BounceFactor 0.91 to 0.6 ( 2 in naming implies 0.6 )
  BounceType alltypes.

First of all not setting bounce types impies that it will be set depending on bounce flags so it is ok.

For those experiments find some big space.

1) Summon BN and BN2 for Bouncetype "None"
Bounce type the flag is overrided and actor does not bounce. Fine.

2) Summon BD and BD2 for Bouncetype "Doom"
First one will at some point stop moving but keep bouncing in one place.
Other one (BD2) will stop in place and loose x/y/z momentum. I suspect the second behavior is what should be proper.

3) Summon BH and BH2 for Bouncetype "Heretic"
Dies on hiting plane and death actor jumps. I looped death and got totally broken behavior. look at the trace no matter what bounce factor was set it will slowly increase it's momentum towards z axis. Also it will not lose momentum while bouncing foreword (x / y ). Also in death state it can hurt other actors and than it will stop than or else when it hits wall also stops.

4) Summon BX and BX2 for Bouncetype "Hexen"
Same behavior as doom. It seemes to INCREESE x/y momentum on hitting wall and did not loose Z axis momentum for BX.

4) Summon BC and BC2 for Bouncetype "Classic"
Z axis momentum is lost for both projectiles and this seems correct. But the x/y axis momentum is never lost. Not sure this is correct

5) Summon BG and BG2 for BounceType "Grenade"
Here also strange behavior. Suspected broken.
BG never lost Z axis momentum. Both BG and BG2 lose x/y momentum only when they hit wall.

6 7 8 ) The Doomcomp BDC, BDC2 Heretic BHC, BHC2 Hexen Comp BXC, BXC2 the doom and heretic behaved same and were giving sounds when hiting the floor.
BUT HERETIC did not give the sound.

Most of the bouncers seemed broken for me unless decorate wiki is not very accurate of behavior they imply.
Additional InformationZandroDev3.0-161030-2038linux-x86_64

Linux zandronum 4.8.0-2-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.8.11-1 (2016-12-02) x86_64 GNU/Linux

Attached Files? file icon testb.pk3 [^] (691 bytes) 2017-01-07 10:40
? file icon testb2.pk3 [^] (730 bytes) 2017-01-07 18:33
png file icon Screenshot_Doom_20170107_193246.png [^] (2,631,314 bytes) 2017-01-07 18:34
? file icon testb3.pk3 [^] (726 bytes) 2017-01-07 20:15
png file icon Screenshot_Doom_20170107_210957.png [^] (2,522,676 bytes) 2017-01-07 20:16
? file icon testb4.pk3 [^] (797 bytes) 2017-01-09 18:37
png file icon Screenshot_Doom_20170109_193445.png [^] (3,068,054 bytes) 2017-01-09 18:37

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User avatar (0016620)
Filystea (reporter)
2017-01-07 10:43

"6 7 8 ) The Doomcomp BDC, BDC2 Heretic BHC, BHC2 Hexen Comp BXC, BXC2 the doom and heretic behaved same and were giving sounds when hiting the floor.
BUT HERETIC did not give the sound.

Mistake it should be:
6 7 8 ) The Doomcomp BDC, BDC2 Heretic BHC, BHC2 Hexen Comp BXC, BXC2 the doom and hexen behaved same and were giving sounds when hiting the floor.
BUT HERETIC did not give the sound.
User avatar (0016621)
Dusk (developer)
2017-01-07 15:30

The singleplayer behavior is correct by definition. If it behaved differently online, then there would be a problem.

Just to be clear: all of these observations are of how bouncing works in singleplayer and there is no difference between offline and online behavior, right?
User avatar (0016622)
Filystea (reporter)
2017-01-07 16:16
edited on: 2017-01-07 16:58

Seriosuly you think this is correct that on 0.6 it loses Z axis momentum ( more like energy) and on 0.91 it does not ?
This should be 1.0 behavior imho.

Also as I stated hereticcompat does not give sound on bouncing, it is in death state so the question is should it give sound like the doomcompat and hexencompat.

I did not check online behavior becuase I found those two as broken.

Also as stated heretic on death totaly ignores the BounceFactor it always incressed energy towards Z in my example by small amount (it goes higher and is not losing energy while bumping. That is also imho totaly wrong.

Hexen seems also to increase velocity (x/y) on hitting wall when by default it should not. but this one It just looked like that. Would have to check it more.

Also classic and grenade behavior seemed strange. Maybe this is how it should be but decorate wiki does not provide any info about it.

I can check online behavior but is there sens to check it when single player seems broken? Anyway I will do it ok. Pretty sure there will be out of sync behavior also since it was noticed long ago. Gona report it here with details.

User avatar (0016623)
Filystea (reporter)
2017-01-07 18:37
edited on: 2017-01-07 20:17

Use testb2.pk3 for better visualization.
It loses sync on wall hit seems the floor hit works fine for it.

Screenshot shows the problem. I used all types and all of them had problems on hitting wall. Sometimes it won't be too much visible other time totally.

Also imho heretic is completly broken and fucked up. It does not lose velocity instead it grows.


Example with NOGRAVITY is in testb3.pk3.

As screenshots show all of them are utterly broken and out of sync in multiplayer.

Only heretic is different but heretic just bounce factor seems to be ignored.
There is ofc no see sound on heretic compat.

ALSO. missiles will never stop boucning. There should be some point that it loses the energy and just stops. Well it doe snot happen spawn them in tight place and go check many minutes later. they will be traped in endless bouncing.

One last thing that can be checked is how a change velocity will cause missile to missbehave and also loose sync. But for now I leave it.

User avatar (0016628)
Filystea (reporter)
2017-01-09 18:36

Ok one more test you can run. Thsi will imediatly break on multiplayer.

(works fine on single)

A weave projectile.

Test in testb4.pk3
Screenshot made after like 4-6 sec of bumping we have total failure here.
User avatar (0016983)
Torr Samaho (administrator)
2017-03-12 20:14

Can you check whether Zandronum 2.1.2 behaves differently?
User avatar (0016984)
Filystea (reporter)
2017-03-12 20:17
edited on: 2017-03-12 21:04

Allmost sure all of this breaks ok i will check it now.


For testb.pk3
All behavior is just as broken in 2.1.2 as i pointed out in starting topic.
testb2.pk3 is same as testb.pk3 just with better visualization.

The synchronization is allmost perfect but this is only for those. Other example swill start to fail strongly. Also it was reported at start that little sychronization problem exists.


Btw wtf is this old zandronum doing.
11004 piotr 20 0 918504 127100 51612 R 100,0 1,6 0:22.52 zandronum
100% one of my CPU. Don't remember happening it before.
(ok it happens only when i enter main menu with esc ). [fukin bugs]

Seems there is no synchronization problem in all testb.pk3 testb2.pk3 testb3.pk3 (i could not reproduce losing trace like in exampel photos.) Chekcing now testb4.pk3

But the other problems mentioned about testb3.pk3 earlier exist.

Synchronization works fine for zandronum 2.1.2 in testb4.pk3.

Multiplayer would take a little time to check and I will do it later. (note testb4.pk3 was reproted to break in multiplayer ). Basically there were huge synchronization problems when we have projectile and a trace that it leaves. the problem is That ok we can push the trace to be client sided but client will see projectile in other place than it realy is. This was the kind of problem that was reported much earlier. But since there was a lot of broken stuff on single player I kind of left multiplayer checking.

So all this text is for SINGLE PLAYER.

Ok now I see the synchronization was only multiplayer bug. So for synchronization checks on multiplayer 2.1.2. You must wait tomorrow. Since i am gona go sleep soon.

User avatar (0016995)
Filystea (reporter)
2017-03-16 09:51
edited on: 2017-03-16 09:51

Files to test are testb2-4.pk3

I have checked all on Multiplayer 2.1.2.


It is most visible in testb4.pk3
But in the end happens in all.

Rest of bugs mentioned earlier ofc exist on multiplayer also.

User avatar (0018669)
Filystea (reporter)
2017-10-29 21:19
edited on: 2017-10-29 21:20

Tbh from all the tickets I posted here this one was the one I cared most about being fixed.

Seeing so much garbage tickets about crap that does not affect gameplay at all.

I decided to bump it.

User avatar (0018687)
Ivan (reporter)
2017-10-31 13:52

Works in my mod perfectly, never a single problem with it.
User avatar (0018688)
Filystea (reporter)
2017-10-31 15:53

No hurt feelings baby. ;-)
User avatar (0020188)
Filystea (reporter)
2018-11-25 15:15

Last time checked nothing changed.

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