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0002657Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2016-03-03 22:332024-01-29 18:53
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PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS VersionXP/Vista/7
Product Version2.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002657: Extended nodes are ignored by Zandronum 2.1
DescriptionZandronum seems to ignore Extended Nodes (XNOD or ZNOD).
I noticed following code that make this actualy happen (p_setup.cpp, 4081):

UsingGLNodes = true; // There really is no point in building non-GL nodes

ZDoom is lacking such a code. I wonder now why this is so...
Software renderer is still fully supported, right?
Is Zandronum internal node builder is superior to ZDBSP?
I should not really care?
Steps To ReproduceBuild a map with your favorite DOOM map editor.
Issue command: zdbsp -X -r <map.wad>
Run zandronum. You will noticed this error on console:
This map has an incomplete BSP tree.

Try the same with ZDoom and everything will be fine.
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User avatar (0014541)
Dusk (developer)
2016-03-03 22:52

Zandronum only got extended nodes in 3.0 to my knowledge. Try your example wad in the latest 3.0 beta build, it should produce no such error message.
User avatar (0014548)
Borg (reporter)
2016-03-04 15:07
edited on: 2016-03-04 15:16

Hmm, its interesting what you say. Extended nodes are old stuff...
The code is already there and its working.
Notice the condition of !UsingGLNodes with only should be set
to true when GL Renderer is used, not always.
But yes, Zandronum 3.0 works fine, no complain about BSP tree.
I checked the source code and line forcing UsingGLNodes=true is gone..
I wonder if there will be a bugfix 2.1 release ? :) 2.1.3

        if (map->MapLumps[ML_ZNODES].Size != 0 && !UsingGLNodes)
            idcheck = MAKE_ID('Z','N','O','D');
            idcheck2 = MAKE_ID('X','N','O','D');

        if (id == idcheck || id == idcheck2 || id == idcheck3 || id == idcheck4)
                P_LoadZNodes (*map->file, id);

User avatar (0014580)
StrikerMan780 (reporter)
2016-03-16 12:58

GL Nodes are necessary in software in later builds thanks to the Textured Automap.
User avatar (0014581)
Borg (reporter)
2016-03-16 17:16

Its still sounds inconsistent to me.
Is Textured Automap a new feature? If yes, why Zandronum 3.0 doesnt
force GL Nodes just like 2.1?
If its old stuff.. why forcing was removed then?
User avatar (0015055)
Borg (reporter)
2016-06-08 08:11

So, any news in this case?
None really cares?

I see it as a major issue... At least until someone tell me that
extended nodes arent that good after all.
User avatar (0015056)
Edward-san (developer)
2016-06-08 08:16

Which version of ZDoom did you check? What about GZDoom r900 and GZDoom 1.8.6?
User avatar (0015059)
Borg (reporter)
2016-06-08 16:03

I tested ZDoom 2.7.1, Zandronum 2.1.2 and Zandronum 3.0
The problem is only in Zandronum 2.1.2
I do NOT want test GZDoom, as problem is related to Software Renderer.

I see 3 reasons why nobody picked it up:
1) Most people play on OpenGL
2) There are very few map using extended nodes
3) Most people do NOT read console error logs
  Until maps load and games run, its all right.

I personaly see it as a kind of typo.
It was corrected in Zandronum 3.0 (read comments above).
I still feel that this deserves 2.1.3 release..
No other bugs that can be pulled to 2.1.3 release?
User avatar (0015060)
Edward-san (developer)
2016-06-08 17:35

I do NOT want test GZDoom, as problem is related to Software Renderer.

You can use the software renderer in GZDoom: 'vid_renderer 0' in console, then close the program and rerun.

Please check again and report back.
User avatar (0023038)
Ru5tK1ng (updater)
2024-01-29 18:53

As per the comments in here, this was fixed in 3.0

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