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0003676: There are button/graphic inconsistencies in the UI (/tracker/view.php?id=3636)

Quote from WubTheCaptain
Then there's even more off-topic irrelevant UI inconsistencies, such as missing icons next to "Close" buttons that can be found in "About Doomseeker" but not in "Create Game". Agh! I have issues to report tomorrow.

Honestly, the issue in OP is resolved or very close to it. Any UI issues I'd report somewhere. Zalewa, please feel free to merge this imho for testing. We'll polish it soon in other reported issues, I hope.
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related to 0003636closed Zalewa Create Game box - adjust UI elements to Host, Offline and Remote modes 
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Reporting this as epic category new issue, because it seems I've already forgotten in the past to report each issue individually. This is to remind me I should report those new issues.