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0003878Doomseeker[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2021-02-16 04:012021-02-19 05:01
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Product Version1.3.1 
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Summary0003878: Odamex 0.9 protocol changes
DescriptionOdamex 0.9 is about to be released, and it does not contain any notable protocol changes. I can see the test servers from the existing Doomseeker release.

However, we do have a fair few more game modes that need to be checked for. The "official list" that we use both internally and in the launcher is as follows:

    else if (sv_gametype == 0 && g_lives > 0)
        name = "Survival";
    else if (sv_gametype == 0)
        name = "Cooperative";
    else if (sv_gametype == 1 && g_lives > 0)
        name = "Last Marine Standing";
    else if (sv_gametype == 1 && sv_maxplayers <= 2)
        name = "Duel";
    else if (sv_gametype == 1)
        name = "Deathmatch";
    else if (sv_gametype == 2 && g_lives > 0)
        name = "Team Last Marine Standing";
    else if (sv_gametype == 2)
        name = "Team Deathmatch";
    else if (sv_gametype == 3 && g_sides)
        name = "Attack & Defend CTF";
    else if (sv_gametype == 3 && g_lives > 0)
        name = "LMS Capture The Flag";
    else if (sv_gametype == 3)
        name = "Capture The Flag";

Obviously you can use whatever strings you find appropriate, but this is merely the conditions we check to determine which game mode name to render.

If you notice a "g_gametypename" cvar, please do not put it in the gametype column, as it is meant to be used by in-game interfaces that have much more room than a server browser.

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User avatar (0021597)
AlexMax (reporter)
2021-02-17 14:46

One other thing of note, I notice that that "Version" displayed by Doomseeker is kind of messed up. In protocol version 7, instead of broadcasting a revision number, we broadcast a revision string after the "time" and "protocol number". This revision string contains the complete version (including the number). [^]
User avatar (0021598)
WubTheCaptain (developer)
2021-02-18 11:24
edited on: 2021-02-18 11:25

0003878:0021597: Seems unrelated to the original post, so you may want to report a new issue.

User avatar (0021599)
AlexMax (reporter)
2021-02-19 05:01

Noted. I opened a separate ticket for the query protocol bump.

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