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0001284Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2013-02-19 13:532021-10-07 23:41
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PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS VersionXP/Vista/7
Product Version1.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001284: Voodoo doll issues: immune and invisible, sometimes no dolls at all.
DescriptionVoodoo doll seems to work fine in Zandronum single player and problems described below will not arise. However...

When setting up a server/client system, the doll becomes invisible. Dolls won't telefrag each other and they won't die when they teleport into a set of barrels. The dolls don't get any damage, not even when shooting them. As a result, the player doesn't get damaged either. This behavior is incorrect.

It would be nice to have Zandronum act the same way in multiplayer as it does in single player. Could this be fixed?

Also dolls do not appear at all when a client disconnects from a server and starts playing a single player game as described below at reproduce.
Steps To ReproduceReproduce immune/invisible problem:

Play any wad in which a doll receives damage. Famous example: tnt.wad map30. Run into the maze and get teleported into the voodoo doll: you will get stuck, instead of killing your doll/yourself.

Reproduce no dolls at all:

- Join online survival game which uses dolls
- Open console
- Type map map##
--> No dolls
Additional InformationVery similar issues occur with Zandronum v1.1 (130120). Though not exactly, the dolls are still broken in a mostly the same way.
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User avatar (0006052)
Dusk (developer)
2013-02-19 14:39

TNT MAP30 voodoo-doll trap confirmed broken online, the doll doesn't get telefragged when the player teleports over it.
User avatar (0006054)
Ivan (reporter)
2013-02-19 15:42

This was broken before Zandronum. I remember playing and getting stuck back then.
User avatar (0006056)
Torr Samaho (administrator)
2013-02-20 22:08

Vanilla Doom's voodoo doll system is incompatible with in-game joining by design. Nevertheless I added a system quite a while ago that emulates part of the voodoo doll system. Thus, when in-game joining is used, some problems are inevitable. This part of the changelog gives a hint on how to use the system:

- Added support for voodoo dolls online, controlled by the new CVARs sv_coopspawnvoodoodolls (default true), sv_coopunassignedvoodoodolls (default true) and sv_coopunassignedvoodoodollsfornplayers (default 32). One of the limitations currently is, that the clients know nothing about the dolls, only the server does. Because of this the dolls are invisible on the clients.

For the most complete Voodoo doll support, you have to play the map in survival (which removes in game joining), set sv_coopunassignedvoodoodolls to false and make sure that you only use the first n player slots where n is the number of players the map author created the voodoo dolls for.
User avatar (0006059)
__Lagger__ (reporter)
2013-02-22 14:59

Thanks, the sv_coopunassignedvoodoodolls false setting "fixed" the immune problem. Looks like TNT map 30 works fine after all!

I never realised what unassigned voodoo dolls meant. So I just tried it with 2 players and found out:

sv_unassignedvoodoodolls false

- Voodoo doll 1 picks up item
- Player 1 gets same item
- Player 2-64 get nothing

- Voodoo doll 1 gets damage
- Player 1 gets same damage
- Player 2-64 get no damage

sv_unassignedvoodoodolls true

- Voodoo doll 1 picks up item
- Player 1 gets same item
- Player 2-64 get the same item too

- Voodoo doll 1 cannot get damaged
- Player 1 won't get damaged
- Player 2-64 neither

The obvious suggestion: is it possible to make all players get damaged by the doll when sv_coopunassignedvoodoodolls true? I really like the unassigned voodoo dolls feature for games >4 players.

As for coop play (TNT map30 puzzle): when the player dies, the doll could automatically respawn? sv_coopvoodoodollsrespawn for compatibility? And perhaps a variable like sv_coopvoodoodollsgetteamdamage could be used to prevent accidents/trolling?

Maybe I just ask too much now.

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