Databases, accounts, and you. Part 1: basic tutorial.

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Re: Databases, accounts, and you. Part 1: basic tutorial.

Post#21 by Catastrophe » 1 month ago

marco75 wrote:

None of the links work for me, have they expired?

Can you edit post to show code with

Code: Select all

tag instead?

How do i export the database to a file if I'm running the Zandronum client?

Hey sorry about the very, very late reply. I didn't realize that hastebin auto-deletes pastes and unfortunately the code is lost. I will be making an updated tutorial soon on databases again so keep an eye on that.

Also to your last question, you need to be the host of a server to export to a database file. Just type in databasefile "namehere" in the server console and the file will be automatically generated.

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