Active team

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  • Torr Samaho - Lead Developer
  • Blzut3 - Port, Doomseeker Developer, Webmaster
  • Dusk - Port Developer, Forum Moderator
  • Edward-san - Tester
  • bond - IDE Developer
  • Zalewa - Doomseeker Developer

Additonal credits

A quick list can be found here.

A full list of additional credits can be viewed on the wiki here.

Special Thanks

  • Carnevil - The creator and original developer of Skulltag!
  • Rivecoder - Administrator, Developer, recognized for amazing effort put into the original Skulltag project.
  • And the rest of the Skulltag staff - Thanks to all those that helped create Skulltag
  • The ZDoom & GZDoom developers - For their opensource work which allowed for the creation of Skulltag and Zandronum.
  • id Software - For making and releasing the sourcecode from some of the best games of all time!
  • Raven Software - For Hexen and Heretic, their opensourced code and both incredible games.
  • Rogue Entertainment - For Strife, another great game, and while it never had its source released it inspired ZDoom & GZDoom's developers to add Strife support and allowed modders to have even more options.
  • And you! - Thanks to all the community members that create content, help test, and play Zandronum