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0003480: Optional simplification of Create Game box
Create Game box is a rather powerful tool that will force everything that's in it upon the game. It cannot help the player in a case where that player just wants to launch the game with selected WADs and drop to the title screen. It should be possible to disable (with checkboxes) certain features of Create Game box so that the game is started with a smaller list of arguments.

1. Each page should have a "(do not) use this page" checkbox.

2. It should be possible to drop into the game's title screen. Unfortunately each game here may be different in that regards. Let's at least ensure that the Doom trio can do that (Chocolate Doom, Odamex, Zandronum). Done as 0003505.

3. Play offline/Create server duality needs some separation. There are some items in the box that only make sense when you host a server - UPNP, broadcasts, port, connect, join and rcon passwords. Moreover, some games (depending on a game and OS it runs on) may use different executables for hosting a server and for an offline game. Possible solution for this duality is to introduce a switch of some kind to the Create Game box that will put it into one of the definite modes: offline or server. As most options will be the same, it should be possible to dynamically switch between the two modes without losing any of the previously input data.
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related to 0003505closed Zalewa Allow to create offline game that starts into the title screen 
parent of 0003636closed Zalewa Create Game box - adjust UI elements to Host, Offline and Remote modes 
related to 0003645closed Zalewa No hotkeys to save/load configuration files in Create Game window 
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2018-09-01 10:26   
How about "simple" and "advanced" drop down menus for mode?
2018-09-01 11:19   
That can be added too.
2018-09-22 13:12   
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Quote from "Zalewa"
2. It should be possible to drop into the game's title screen. Unfortunately each game here may be different in that regards. Let's at least ensure that the Doom trio can do that (Chocolate Doom, Odamex, Zandronum).

During implementation this has proven to require a substantial amount of work. I've split this into a separate, related ticket 0003505.

2018-09-28 19:22   
I added point 3. to this ticket to resolve the offline game/create server duality.
2018-09-29 04:59   
Is this something you still looking to target the 1.2 release given that we want to release sooner than later?
2018-09-29 09:45   
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Quote from Blzut3
Is this something you still looking to target the 1.2 release given that we want to release sooner than later?

I give you the answer to that question at the bottom of this post, but allow me to do some ramblings on the issue first.

I've done some investigation to the plugin code a few days ago and reached a conclusion that this may require yet another alteration of the GameHost implementation and more changes to MAIN_EXPORTed stuff. The plugins, basically, expect that the Create Game dialog will provide all the settings for them already filled in and that they should take those settings and pass them to the game.

At the same time, though, it's not entirely clear how a "turned off" setting should behave. Take the MOTD for example.

Solution A) If we turn off the MOTD field, the game should not receive the '+sv_motd' command at all. But what happens when the game has MOTD in the configuration file? The preconfigured MOTD will be displayed. Was this something that the user expected?

Solution B) If we turn off the MOTD field, the game receives '+sv_motd ""', ie. an empty value for MOTD. But what if the user disabled the MOTD field in hope that the game will use the preconfigured value?

What Doomseeker cannot do at the current moment is to not send the '+sv_motd' argument. Why user might want this argument not to be sent? To produce a cleaner command line, perhaps? To let the game use its own default? Regardless of the reason, turning off some of the settings is not what the plugins are ready for.

That said, in many cases setting a setting to an empty value is equivalent in user's mind to turning it off. The empty '+sv_motd ""' can be passed in right now without MAIN_EXPORT modifications by leaving the MOTD field empty. Therefore, if "turn MOTD field off" will mean '+sv_motd ""' then plugins will survive the change unmodified. If the user will want to maintain the preconfigured MOTD, they can copy the MOTD from the config file and paste it into Doomseeker's text box.

Now we reach at the problems with granularity. What if the user wants to disable the MOTD field but keep password fields? They're on the same page, and disabling the whole page will disable all of them.

What I'm getting at with these ramblings is that the "optional simplification" of the Create Game box is not a simple matter at all. This idea might need to linger a bit, evolve a bit through some intermediary changes and then maybe it can be reapproached with a clearer head. Let's agree to postpone it for now.

2019-04-24 14:50   
Point number 3. is a stand-alone unit of work, so I created a child ticket 0003636 for it.

I'll reconsider point number 1. Adding "simple" and "advanced" modes to the box will probably render it unnecessary.
2019-05-02 19:04   
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(Originally in reply to issue 0003636.)

Other ideas for enhancement (please report as new issues):
  • For purposes of consistency, I'm not sure if the window title should be prefixed with "Create Game – ". We generally prefix many window titles with "Doomseeker – ", however Create Game was always an exception and was always simply "Create Game". What do you think?
  • Give us Ctrl + S / Ctrl + O hotkeys for saving/loading game configuration files.
  • Replace "Close" button with Apply / Cancel / Close? Be aware I'm not convinced what the context for this would be, there's a risk of this becoming more confusing / complex than necessary.
  • One nice future improvement may be adding an appropriate icon (maybe a folder icon) to the left of "Load game configuration" in the new settings dropdown menu.

2019-05-04 09:21   
Now it's time to finally implement the simple/advanced switch in the Create Game box. The challenge here is to make a simple mode that will not be useless.

The thing to figure out first is which of the current elements should not be present in the simple mode. Let's try to list them:

* Executable, logging, map list, modifier, entirety of the "Server" tab aside from the connect password, custom parameters, master/LAN broadcast and UPnP checkboxes - these should all be gone.

* LAN/Master broadcast and UPnP should be always enabled. UPnP port should default to 'let the game decide'.

* The executable for given play mode should be chosen as configured in program settings.

* Logging and map list should be off.

* The disabled "Server" tab options should default to empty values.

* Max. Clients and Max. Players spin boxes should be just one widget that sets both values.

* Game limits - keep them as-is? I dunno yet.

* Flags tab - these seem advanced but essential for correct game configuration. I'd opt to keep them as a separate tab.

* Zandronum's tab is very complex but also essential. I'd opt here to leave it as-is in the simple mode and instead provide a way for the user to select flag presets from a selection box. Useful presets can be difficult to figure out, though. Flags that will fit coop WADs (including compat. with Vanilla or Boom) will not fit other game modes. Moreover, should presets enforce all flags or just selected few? This topic is somewhat complex and it seems to me that it should be dealt with separately.
2019-06-22 10:15   
This change is not that important for the release of 1.3. I also think its overall importance has been lessened with the offline/host separation (0003636). It shouldn't block the release.