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Maps, modifications, add-ons, projects, and other releases for Zandronum. Also includes announcers.
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[Beta][Cool] \m/ ~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~ \m/ - 0.82 OSHITOSHIT


Post by TerminusEst13 » Wed Oct 01, 2014 8:08 pm

HELLO My Name Is TerminusEst13 And I Made A ZMod for Zandronum
But It Also Works In ZDoom Tooo!!! :)

In This Mod I Inspired By EPIC Anime And Heavy Metal
You Have A Sword In One Hand And Gun In Other!
You Can Slash And THEN SHOOT!
Or Just SLASH!!!

Is Mostly New Graphics Made By Hard Workers People, Image Pictures Not Seen Before In Wads!
Original Sounds AS Well!
FUN Gameplay System As Well!
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http://github.com/TerminusEst13/Folded1000Times - Hub For GITS
http://www.[bad site]/download?file= ... -v0.82.pk3 - PK3 DOWNLOAD HERE (42.53 mbs)
https://www.dropbox.com/s/v2k51i8avltax ... -v0.82.pk3 - O NO DOWNLOAD MIRROR O NOOOOO
http://www.[bad site]/download?file= ... i-v3.2.pk3 - SUPER COOL MUSIC PACK :) (1.58 MB)


[spoiler]Armageddon came early.

The forces of Hell and Heaven have always been at war with each other, fighting over the infinite number of souls in the galaxy. Every single person's life is a constantly battlefield, with demons trying to claim them while the angels try to watch over and protect them. Sometimes the demons win and their soul is corrupted, their body rotting away while their life is broken in half. Sometimes the angels win and they live a successful life, protected against afflictions and ailments.
But for aeons, this battle has been confined strictly to the spiritual realm...

...and then came 2145, and with it the demon invasion.
When they lost on Mars, they came to Earth, and they came angry. All subtlety was thrown out the window when they walked the streets--they now could simply tear a person's body apart and drag his soul straight to Hell, bolstering their ranks. Nations all across the world were affected, and cracks opened across the world as Hell relentlessly gained footholds. Heaven responded to its eternal rival, angels descending down in legions and fighting to drive back the infernal onslaught--and Armageddon had begun.

Out of all the billions of people on the globe, a few couldn't stand for this. A few rose up and decided to fight back, alongside whatever side appealed to them--they scraped by with what skills and abilities they had and would fight for or against the doom of humanity.
Jung Hae-Lin was just one among the billions of people on the globe. Retired from the military and trying to life quietly as a farmer on the outskirts of South Korea, she was hoping that the most exciting thing in her future days would be playing guitar to her crops. But, unfortunately, it was not to be.

She woke up one morning and saw her fields being torn to pieces; Her back yard was the now battleground of a large monstrosity wrapped in metal and swords dripping with ichor protruding from its body, and a giant of a man in gleaming armor with a flaming sword trying to strike it down. She came just in time to see the giant man fall, innumerable blades piercing through his body and sending him to the ground in a shower of red and gold blood.
Instincts took over. Hae-Lin didn't know what was happening, but her body went into motion instantly. Going into her home and picking up a hunting pistol, she charged out into the field and opened fire at the monster, letting the beast know of her presence--bullets sunk into his flesh, and his attention turned from the fallen man to this lowly mortal that dared to challenge it.
Every moment became an eternity. This was a force unlike she had ever met before, these were forces beyond comprehension. Every rational part of her mind screamed at her to run away from this impossible force. But still, her body went on, leaping past the blades and dodging bolts of molten metal, sinking bullet after bullet into the demon commanding it.

Eventually, it ended. With a mighty cry, the beast finally fell still...dead.
With the battle over, Hae-Lin went over to the man and see how he was. Unfortunately, he had been delivered a mortal blow and would die. He introduced himself as the Archangel Uriel, Defender of Eden and Prince of Tartarus, the Angel of Death. He had been impressed by her bravery and her tenacity...rarely did a mortal stood up against a great force of Hell and survive.

Chaos reigned across the globe--with every second there were thousands more demons spread across the globe, and this fight was only of one. It was war, and she had been conscripted into an army one more time. And so, in his final moments, Uriel dismissed his divine power and granted it to her, blessing her with the strength of an archangel and officially passing on the mantle of the Angel of Death.
Silently, Hae-Lin lowered his body to the ground, and then went over to the fallen body of the demonic. Winding up, she lands one single, mighty blow--shattering the body into millions of splinters of bones, flesh, and metal, crushing it beyond dust. Plunging her hand into the ground, her fingers grasp into the dirt and pull out one of the many swords it had thrown at her, a damned blade from the pits with an edge honed on the tormented souls of the dead. With this blade, the blessing of the divine, her military training, and her pistol, she walks forth into the flames to face the hordes of demons and bring peace to the world once again.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]1: KHARON
The only infernal weapon in Hae-Lin's arsenal, and glistening with the blood of millions, the Kharon is an evil weapon filled with a history of violence and anguish. Forged in hellish steel, the weapon shifts and changes based upon the whims and feels of the user--Hae-Lin doesn't quite have the mastery of the weapon in order to change it into different kinds, so it has kindly changed itself into a culturally-appropriate hwando for her usage.
34 inches in length and only weighing two pounds, the sword boasts both a good reach and a light weight, capable of whipping around at incredibly fast speeds while tearing apart targets at a decent distance. The nice curve of the blade accentuates great power in slashing, and the strange make of the material ensures durability for thousands of years of usage.

Perhaps the most interesting facet comes from its demonic origin. Being a from the abyss, it was designed to reap souls--and so any enemies killed with it get their souls drained straight into the blade. The souls continue to hone the edge of the blade, ensuring its sharpness, and allowing it the ability to cut through any material...and also allow the blade certain maneuvers that can fling out a chunk to carve through enemies even more.

2: ACACIA A-22
When Acacia Woodsmen Incorporated, a UK-based hunting gear manufacturer, announced their plans to branch out into weapon development, they were met with nothing but ridicule across the internet and the tabloids. Though they had plenty of success developing and marketing sporting equipment, designing hunting weapons was another thing entirely. Despite that, the company persevered and eventually brought out the Assault Pistol Model 22, which quickly took the hunting world by storm.
With its incredible accuracy, extremely moddable frame, use of massive .500 magnum rounds, and light weight, the A-22 in short order became the sportsman's weapon of choice. Many critics were quickly converted to the side of pistol hunting for large game, and it even enjoyed a temporary stint of infamy when it was picked up for a few years by PMCs as a powerful backup side-arm. Unfortunately, it wasn't too long before the biggest flaw of the weapon started becoming very irritating: Because of the sheer size of the rounds the magazine size had to be cut down in order to reduce overall weight, leaving a five-shot pistol that (while carving an incredibly persistent niche in the market) quickly fell out of favor of military applications.

Thankfully for you, the blessings of Heaven have rendered this flaw somewhat moot. Bullets just seem to automatically load themselves now, somehow.

Gunpowder changed the face of war forever, and the host of Heaven was among the first to adopt it in use for their own weapons against the eternal battle of the forces of Hell. Though the angels still generally favor swords and axes, the utility and stopping power of a gun against the forces of evil has definitely proven its might time and time again, and one would be hard-pressed to not find a seasoned warrior without a trusty firearm.
The Testament is one of the more often-favored weapons, a side-by-side double-barrel lever-action shotgun with a shortened stock and smoothed rectangular frame. Utilizing a circular lever-action trigger and a curved grip with a sharp arc, a common tactic for angels is to fire the weapon and to let the recoil jerk it back, simply spinning the weapon back up to ready position and letting the grip guide itself back into the wielder's hand. This maneuver allows the weapon to fire efficiently at a steady pace with only one hand, leaving the other hand free to wield another weapon instead of being bogged down with pumping.
That's not proper behavior for an angel, you know.

A hand-held grenade launcher and small howitzer, the Exodus packs a supreme punch and can devastate anything that it hits. Designed as a lightweight siege weapon against vehicles and barricades, the tiny size more suitable for a sidearm does very little to assist with its accuracy and range. Despite that, the rapid-loading drum magazine and the potent (if not volatile) load within the shells more than make up for its shortcomings with overwhelming force, and many angels have taken to outright ignoring more capable and reliable guns in favor of simply carrying around an Exodus to compliment their bladed simply for shock factor.
The basis for the design lies entirely in intentionally taking after archaic cannons--with no backwards vent or exhaust to take care of the flames, the shell has only one way to go. The drum loads a small packet of gunpowder and shell directly into the barrel, and on pulling the trigger the piston jams in and ignites the powder. With the force shoving it out and slinging back on the poor arm on the user, the shell flies out with massive velocity and tears into anything in its path before detonating in a massively catastrophic explosion. Of special interest is how little shockwaves actually emit from the blast, pushing into walls and doors. Even if an enemy is hiding behind a wall, it's still quite likely that their body will be torn apart by the force of the shockwave.

A heavy submachine gun made for rapid incursions, the Sabbath boasts a short barrel for maximum spray and a large body to accommodate a constant influx of ammo. The Sabbath is a constant bullethose that unleashes a staggering 700RPM, covering wide areas at a quick rate, and ensuring whatever is in that area will at the very least be peppered.
The biggest feature of this weapon is its stopping power, proving that you don't always need a bigger bullet in order to bring enemies down. While the Sabbath doesn't accept a particularly large caliber of ammo, the unique blooming hollow-tip characteristics of the bullets more than make up for it in--though it's difficult to aim at very precise spots for killshots, those shredded with the bullets and survived describe it as akin to being thrown through burning glass. This has convinced many people to use it as a suppression or a peacekeeping weapon, as sometimes all it takes is a little bit of pain to make people compliant--but even when firing with the intent to kill, shredding your enemy with the small bullets can distract them from any attempts they make at crushing you.
While this does have the downside of inconsistent accuracy and damage, it can't be denied that there can be a certain pleasure in seeing your enemy's offense crumple under from the sheer pain.

For all of the guns that have been introduced into the holy armaments, blades, blunts, and other such instruments of destruction are (and always have been) among an angel's main weapon of choice. It's just tradition. Since the demons fell from the skies and dwelled in the pits, since the garden of Eden was barricaded off with a blade of fire, since humanity walked on the Earth and became the commodity to fight over, great weapons of all kinds have been used by both sides.
The Omen is one of the most ancient weapons to grace the halls of Heaven, having been a regular since the years of Jericho. A large, bulky war maul with a sturdy frame and a massive head, the power of judgement pulses in its body--in addition to the sheer power of a mighty hunk of steel coming down on a body, the might of its strikes is directly proportional to the amount of sin and darkness contained in its target. The more judgement it contains when it's swung, the harder the hammer strikes and the more an enemy is torn apart under the force of the blow and the lightning of Heaven. For especially more trigger-happy angels, however, it is capable of being overcharged once its judgement reaches full capacity--once it is sufficiently overcharged, even a righteous person is not free from the wrath of the Omen...

Spoken only in whispers, the Iron Savior line of power armors are reserved for only the archangels. Many lesser angels have never set eyes on it, and when the demons see its familiar frame they quake in fear.
Its exact specifications are a mystery, but its effects are undeniable--fusing with the wearer and melding with their body, they become titans of steel, circuitry, and holy might, power surging through their veins. Those that have had the misfortune of fighting against the archangels talk of mobility faster than comprehension, of power that can devastate entire armies with a single punch, and blasts of light that could sear flesh off of bones.

Being the new Angel of Death, of course, you are in line to inevitably recieve the armor.
Will you become the Iron Maiden?[/spoiler]

- Special thanks to Combine_Kegan and Shiga95, who respectively made GMOTA and
Swan Fox, both of which were big inspirations for this.
- Special thanks to Flying Wild Hog and MAIET Entertainment, respectively for
Shadow Warrior 2013 and GunZ, both also big inspirations for this.
- Special thanks to Mike12 for his incredible patience in dealing with my
stubborn push of ideas and my flighty attention span, as well as his jaw-
droppingly astounding artistic work.
- Special thanks to Sgt. Shivers for his numerous, numerous contributions to
animation, idea-polishing, and custom graphics, as well as his insane amount
of patience in dealing with my extreme forgetfulness and absent-minded-ness.
- Special thanks to Doom667Shogun for allowing me to use Doom Radys assets for
kickstarting DemonSteele with, letting me have a headstart on everything.
- /vr/, as always, for being an incredible source of support and ideas.

- Numerous artists for custom deaths (All sorted in folders according to the artist)
^ Mike12
^ DrDoctor
^ David G
^ Vader
^ Eriance
^ Minigunner
^ Funktasm
^ Neoworm
^ ojsclatchford
^ Sgt. Shivers
^ Xim
- Mike12
^ Numerous custom deaths (as mentioned)
^ The gore decals/graphics
^ The custom blood for the Kharon
^ The Acacia A-22 hunting pistol
^ The Kharon
^ The polished Marathon shotgun for the Testament
- Sgt. Shivers
^ All of the idle animations
^ The henshin animation
^ Animating the Exodus
^ The pillow for the dakimakura
^ The Frosthammer cryo railgun
^ The animation for the Legion's special attack
^ The Iron Maiden weapon sprites
^ The animation for the Acacia's special attack
- Absolutely no thanks to Rottsprite for shitting out on us and not letting us
rotate the Kharon properly forcing us to rely on Photoshop's really ugly and
- Shiga95/Angel_Neko-X (The Swan Fox image used for the dakimakura)
- Captain J/Cortlong50 (The base of the Sabbath, dramatically rehauled by Mike12)
- Captain J (The Sabbath large ammo pack)
- Bloax (The broken bone sprites)
- DonaldDuck (The Priest's sprites)
- Shadow Warrior (The Exodus grenade sprites, the Yakuza enemy sprites)
- Aeons of Death (The Exodus explosion graphics)
- Ettingrinder (The Candelabra)
- NeuralStunner (The Omen's pickup sprite)
- Rogue Software (The lightning effects, the keycard bases, and the gunsmoke, from Strife)
- Raven Software
^ The skull keys edited from Hexen
^ The Steel Beast edited from the Heretic Sabreclaw
^ The Wizard edited from the Hexen Bishop
^ The Blackened edited from the Hexen Reiver
^ The Priest edited from Hexen's Parias and the Heretic Iron Lich
^ The Priest/Imp's fire effects nicked from Hexen
^ The hook and chain for the Kharon's special
- Id Software (The laser shots from the zombies, some electricity sprites for Omen)
- Ravage/rf' (The red/blue/green torches)
- KeksDose (The miniature explosions and particles used for the bullet puffs)
- CastleVania: Dawn of Sorrow/Order of Ecclesia/Portrait of Ruin (Bits and pieces of the HUD)
- CastleVania: Symphony of the Night (The skull used for the main menu selector)
- Chrono Trigger (Bits and pieces of the HUD)
- Dark Kingdom (Yup, HUD bits)
- Final Fantasy 6 (The fire used to represent health)
- Dungeons n' Dragons (Font used for the HUD)
- HellCattX (The base for the Exodus/Acacia A-22 ammo pickups)
- amv2k9 (The base for the Testament ammo pickups)
- Eriance/JoeyTD (The base for the placeholder hands used for the Kharon)
- Eriance
^ Custom deaths (As mentioned)
^ The explosion used for the Steel Beast death
^ The balls used for the Wizard spell
^ The skull head used for the souls
- Tormentor667/Z86 (The pretty effects for the Imp/Hell Noble balls, taken from UTNT/Particle Fire Enhancer)
- Jimmy91 (The fonts used, Gargoyle Wing for BIGFONT and Apostacy for SMALLFONT)
- Brothers of Metal (Font used for the main menu options)
- Blood (The graphics for the Black Soul)
- Diavolo no Daibouken (The base for the bag of holding)
- Caddilacs & Dinosaurs (One of the apples and one of the burgers)
- Arx (One of the apples)
- Final Fight (One of the burgers)
- Knights of the Round (One of the Apples)
- Grand Knights History (The Blind Guardian shield)
- PresidentPeople (Fixing the Blind Guardian's rotations so it had a proper front sprite)
- MartyKirra (The very sexy sprites for the Omen)
- Scuba Steve/Mike12/torridGristle (The sheathe for the Kharon, heavily edited from Action Doom 2)
- The Guided Fate Paradox (The halo for the Majestic Vanguard)
- SoloSpaghetti (The Boots of Protection, modified from the Doom Roguelike Arsenal boots)
- zrriontheinsect (The gothic candles, modified from his Doom 64 candles)
- Horrormovieguy (The launched sprites for the Hell Baron and Hell Knight)
- Monolith Productions (The pile of skulls from Blood)
- Bungie (The shotgun, taken from Marathon and polished dramatically, the Acacia/Sabbath casings)
- Moorhuhn 3: Es Gibt Huhn (The Testament shell casings)
- Touhou Hisouten/Doorhenge (The explosion shockwave)
- Marrub (The DevilDriver's sprites)
- DavidG (The alternate attack frames for the Baron)
- Virtue (All of the texture brightmaps)
- Kyle873 (The Exodus/Frosthammer brightmaps)
- Seryder (Decorating and polishing up MAPTEST)
- Gundere (Hae-Lin's player sprites)

- Scroton
^ Pretty much the entirety of ds_cl_toaster
^ Optimizing a lot of rough spots
^ Rehauling the destructable decorations to throw their items at the players
- Ijon Tichy
^ The shockwave from the spin attack
^ The trail for the zombie lasers/razor wind
^ The second level spatter for the Omen
^ The buzzsaw special for the Omen
- Doom667Shogun (For the blood/dismembering effects)
- Vaecrius (For the redone Archvile (taken from Make It Snappy))
- Kyle873 (Polishing the post-damage invulnerability code, rehauling the double-jump code)
- MagSigmaX (Inspiration for the dodging code)
- Lioyd_Irving/le_L (The basis for the Omen's impact code)
- Scroton (The 3rd level spatter for the Omen)
- PillowBlaster (The overcharge shockwaves for the Omen)
- Xaser/Enjay/Corwin (The TERRAIN lump from Psychic)
- Tormentor667/Ghastly_Dragon (The Powerline spawners for the armor, from the Stronghold Powerpad)
- PresidentPeople (Fixing the corpses to keep them from bouncing everywhere)
- IvanDobrovski (Fixing the eternally-looping imp blood fountain)
- Xaser/Tormentor667/Z86 (The explosive barrel, nicked from the Particle Fire Enhancer Mod)
- TiberiumSoul (The code for the bulletpuffs based off of his neat little effects)
- Zael (For the Ultima Cannon, which I shamelessly ripped off for the not-Kamehameha. May your mass never go inert)
- amv2k9 (The launching system, adapted from his old Devil May Cry mod)
- jpalomo (Joystick and touchscreen support, written entirely by him!)
- Vince (Pretty much all of the DevilDriver)
- FuzzballFox (All of the extra fontcolors)

- Cryptomnesia (Titlescreen: Live Like a God, Die Like a God - Free to download off Soundcloud)
- Megadeth (Intermission: Kick the Chair - Released as a free download in 2004)
- SlayeR (Read Me: Chaos Abounds - Free to download)
- Finntroll (Final1/MAPTEST: Haterop - Released as a free download in 2005)
- Yasuharu Takanashi (Final2: Power Up, Akanbe! - Released as a promotional CD to Precure anime)
- Bolt Thrower (Iron Maiden Song 1: Cenotaph - Cover downloaded from ModArchive)
- Ravenlord (Iron Maiden Song 2: Erased Fantasy - Downloaded from ModArchive)
- Unknown (Iron Maiden Song 3: Grey Void - Downloaded from ModArchive)
- SlayeR (Iron Maiden Song 4: Come In My Pants - Downloaded from slayer.mancubus.net
^ Iron Maiden Song 5: Get In2 It - Downloaded from slayer.mancubus.net
^ Iron Maiden Song 6: Running Blood - Downloaded from slayer.mancubus.net
^ Iron Maiden Song 7: Uncontrollable Dancing Fury - Downloaded from slayer.mancubus.net)

- Adoxographist ( adoxtalks.tumblr.com - Going above and beyond the line of duty for Hae-Lin's voice!)
- John Archer (The Blackened's voice)
- torridGristle (The robotic voice of the Iron Maiden, ripping numerous sound effects)
- Combine_Kegan (Ripping and gathering all of the Sentinel's sound bytes)
- Marrub (Ripping the Killing Floor sound effects)
- MartyKirra (The announcer for the ranking system)
- All sounds are credited to their respective owner in SNDINFO.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]FROM 0.8 TO 0.82 (Zandronum 2.0 maintenance update)
- The cvars have been entirely rewritten with the advent of cvarinfo. Keep in mind all cvar prefixes have been changed from ds_ to dst_!
- Less Effects setting now has entirely different cvars in ZDoom and Zandronum. This is a useless feature to note. Nobody will care. But I suffered to get Zandro/ZDoom compatibility in a single build and you better fucking appreciate it.
- For those who've been around since the beginning, original flavor waifu is now available as a secret skin. It has the original placeholder sprites AND the original placeholder player sounds!
- The Frosthammer special puffs now actually expire and can no longer be stacked to crash servers.
- The gun casings now move with sectors up and down along elevators. This isn't a vital fix but it really tickled my OCD.
- The dst_nochaingun cvar now displays properly in ZDoom.
- Picking up a fortune cookie no longer has a 1/150 chance to cause an overflow error.
- Interacting with the secret room in MAPTEST no longer spams strings to the server.
- A new cvar, dst_debug, has been included to acquire information on whether some functions are working or not.
- Until Iron Maiden has its own player sprites, players in it now have a white halo floating over them to indicate their status to co-op allies.
- Online, when the players exit levels while in Iron Maiden, they will no longer have a desynched client version of the Kharon and Kharon + Acacia A-22.
- The Testament's and Omen's jumping ability is now applicable even on void floors or water.
- The player now goes into Buddha mode when still having life tokens, and goes out of it when with no life tokens.

FROM 0.74 TO 0.8:
- Players are now able to rocketjump with the shotgun because reasons.
- The accuracy of the Testament has been tightened up dramatically, from 12 to 6. No weapon should be competing with the Kharon for close-range.
- Some players had sensitive ears that were hurt by the low health beeping. It's been replaced with a more standard heartbeat.
- Explosions assisting with jumping no longer cause blood splatters.
- The charge-up rate for the Legion has gone from 35 tics to 25.
- The weapon decorate files have been re-organized and renamed.
- Barrels no longer have a SpawnStimpack error and now, well, spawn stimpacks properly.
- Thanks to ShiftyAxel, there is now an option to be able to acquire souls from gun kills. ds_gunsouls will make the souls come to you on gun death as well.
- Kharon's launcher attack is now easier to do, no longer throws you forward, and is quicker to recover from.
- The Blind Guardian and Sentinel can no longer be telefragged.
- Exodus can no longer cause infighting on enemies.
- The "ghost barrel" bug has (hopefully) been fixed.
- Exodus' explosive damage has been reduced from 192 to 160.
- Chaingunners and Hell Knights no longer die multiple times on one death.
- Hell Knights no longer suddenly switch directions when they collapse over.
- Mancubi second shots no longer fire inwards.
- Thanks to ShiftyAxel, there is now an option for typical Doom-style health play--ds_doomhealth will replace the token-based health system with a traditional health system.
- Dying or exiting a level with over 100% Hammer charge should no longer cause wonkiness.
- Respawning no longer triggers one-liners. Like, for real this time.
- The Blind Guardian, Sentinel, and Majestic Vanguard are now considered "big"/"super" powerups and require sv_respawnsuper to respawn.
- TechPillars now have a destructable replacement.
- All decorations now force Y billboarding.
- The smoke off of bulletpuffs is now a little bit smaller and a little bit more transparent.
- The Exodus now takes four tics longer to fire.
- The first damage half of the Exodus' explosions now force gibbing.
- Fortune Cookies now give an over-life token instead of a life token, and now are always picked up no matter what.
- Hell Noble decapitations are now properly sized.
- The Sentinel now checks multiple times to see if its target is a Blind Guardian.
- More Fortune Cookie quotes, because everyone likes those.
- There were a few frames where the Kharon by itself mid-raise couldn't be used. This has been fixed.
- It is now possible to "dash" down in mid-air, for the sake of more air control or lower-gravity maps. As like the usual dashing, hold Run and then hit Crouch.
- The Iron Maiden's holy rockets now force extreme death, as does the punchsplosion.
- A new cvar has been included, ds_2brutal, for those who want to be pursued by skeletons.
- As the uppercut was not a vital move to include, but with an extremely clunky execution, it has been moved over to Optional Keys, for people to trigger at will.
- The uppercut can now be triggered at more areas--instead of just being held, now it can be done while at rest, after firing, or while holding.
- Destructable objects can now be triggered by the uppercut.
- Lost Souls are now slightly smaller graphically because reasons. Their hitbox remains the same.
- ds_omenstart and ds_backpackstart have been implemented for maps that don't have chainsaw or backpack spawns, or those who simply want a boost in starting ability.
- The Sentinel no longer triggers the Baron of Hell's retreat.
- It's now possible to swap away from the sheathe's attack much faster.
- There are now unique talking and connecting sounds.
- The Black Souls that the Blackened shoots out are now -Solid. In exchange, he now has the ability to drain the soul meter from players when they get in range.
- The Omen's inventory-based flashing no longer appears in the invbar.
- The Kharon's uppercut, when used on projectiles, now reflects the shots back to the enemy. It's finnicky and based on Doom "physics", but it's neat nonetheless.
- Fortune cookie quotes no longer overlap each other.
- Looping bloodspray enemy deaths now have a PPSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH sound effect, using old stock anime sound effects.
- In ZDoom and GZDoom, Read This! now appears no matter whether the game is Doom 1 or Doom 2. It also appears at the top, to emphasize that, yeah, you should read this. Maybe now people will stop asking how to do special attacks!
- The skull icon for the main menu looks 666% edgier and more \m/ hardkore \m/.
- The combo meter no longer stays the same shade of blue as it increases, but instead inches over to purple, pink, and more for the sake of visual distinction.
- A new cvar has been added, ds_nodamagepenalty, that does not penalize one's combo meter when damaged. This setting is for superbad casuals.
- 17 more intro taunts have been added. Chance of saying them has been increased from one-in-four to one-in-three.
- The Skulltag wizards should no longer drop Claw Orbs or Tomes of Power.
- The Iron Maiden's shot impacts are no longer tinged a blue-purple
- The Iron Maiden's holy rocket now travels twice as fast and does 32 more damage.
- Additive translucency is handled in-sprite now for a whole ton of effects, reducing filesize and reducing lag, as well as making them look better in Software.
- DemonSteele scripts now terminate if the player is not actually playing as Hae-Lin.
- On average of every twelve shots, the Sentinel will need to cycle its guns for 22 tics, allowing enemies a chance to retaliate.
- The Sentinel's shot accuracy has been tightened up.
- All special attacks now have A_ClearRefire at the end, for smoother transitioning between special attacks and attacking right after.
- The damage of the forward special has been decreased by 8 per explosion. The radius of the side specials have been increased by 64 units.
- When wielding the Kharon by itself, special attacks now end with a dramatic re-sheathing. Enemies killed with these will not die until the player re-sheathes.
- The armor bar, while in Iron Maiden, has been more cleanly integrated with the HUD.
- The three-digit ammo counters are now properly aligned with the edges of the ammo box.
- The Legion and Frosthammer now have ammo displays.
- All numbered Decorate ACS calls have been named for convenience.
- Thanks to Horrormovieguy, the launch sequence for the Nobles no longer looks so...off.
- Skulltag armor/health bonuses and red armor should be replaced properly now.
- The Sabbath no longer spits out an Idle4 error.
- A new idle animation has been implemented, made by Sgt. Shivers.
- Implemented a new cvar, ds_runmod, which modifies the percentage of the speed the player runs at. 100 is the default, 100% normal speed.
- The main menu font has been tweaked for cleanliness and rephrasing.
- As there are no Cacodemons in DemonSteele, the Dead Cacodemon decoration has bween replaced with a pile of skulls.
- The Soul Prison now gives 100 souls, instead of matching the pepper's 50.
- The Archvile now has a new death sequence, courtesy of Mike12.
- The Mancubi and Baron of Hell now have a new death sequence, courtesy of Sgt. Shivers.
- The Priest now has a unique kubiuti death sequence, courtesy of Sgt. Shivers.
- Freezing Mancs now triggers A_BossDeath.
- Thanks to jpalomo's code, DemonSteele's special moves and dodging now can support joystick and touchscreen movements!
- Transforming into the Iron Maiden from the Omen and untransforming meant the Omen's ammo would not degrade until it was selected. This has been fixed.
- Punching the Lost Souls while in Iron Maiden now gives souls.
- A points system has now been implemented, for that extra arcade-y feel.
- Thanks to Sgt. Shivers, the Iron Maiden's HUD sprites are now significantly better!
- The Iron Maiden's holy rocket is now slightly faster to charge up.
- The Over-Life token cap on Facing Hell is now two, instead of three.
- Much like life, the armor cap now decreases as difficulty rises. On Facing Hell and Killing Machine, max armor tokens is now three. On Angel of Death, max armor tokens is now two.
- The Frosthammer's charged explosive damage is now 160.
- The KubiutiUpper damagetype now properly launches the Steele Beast.
- Iron Maiden's punches, on splattering enemies, now alerts nearby monsters.
- The Iron Maiden's armor has been tweaked slightly. It regenerates slightly faster, but the armor resistance itself is slower--this should make it better for out-and-out brawls, but more susceptible to burst damage.
- The Iron Maiden now has a powerful uppercut for a launcher attack.
- To accomodate Hae-Lin's drastic increase in power, a lot of enemies have been buffed to be nastier in various ways.
^- Demons, Steele Beasts, and Lost Souls are now much faster and more aggressive. These critters are intended to keep the player moving and watch their blind spot or else take damage; as the reduced hitbox and faster speed in DemonSteele makes it easier to ignore their danger, they now fill up spaces to create danger much faster.
^- The Lost Soul now stops after travelling a short distance. The increase in speed makes it incredibly easy to miss the player, defeating its purpose.
^- The Mancubus now takes a much shorter time in between shots. The idea of the Mancubus' attack sequence is to fill a wide spread of an area, shooting left and right instead of just straight at the player. Since the player now has many more options to dodge or nullify the attacks, the Mancubi can now fill up areas more easily.
^- The Zombiemen and Chaingunners take five tics faster to fire. While they're complete non-threats now, lacking hitscans, they should at least get off shots a little bit faster.
^- The Shotgunners take eight tics faster to fire, fire in bursts of four, and take four less tics between shots. See above.
^- The Chaingunguy now has one less tic in his refire loop. Previously, the chaingunner firing rate was balanced around how fast Hae-Lin could swing her sword. Now that she can swing it faster and faster in various ways, they should shoot faster.
^- The Imp now fires two shots in a row and has a higher chance to go right back to firing more. The Imps are supposed to be more threatening than the zombiemen with more damage with a slower projectile--while in DemonSteele they can't have higher damage, they can at least have higher damage potential.
^- Previously, all attacks had a random element to them just in case of loading another wad with them. With the advent of Doomhealth and the Iron Maiden's armor, though, all attacks need their random element removed. Instead, all monsters do static damage.
^- Hell Knights and Barons now have indicators of when they're going to attack. To make up for it, now they attack faster and more frequently.
- The Acacia, Testament, and Sabbath now eject casings because reasons.
- The Acacia, Testament, and Sabbath now also have gun smoke because reasons.
- The Exodus' explosion now has a shockwave emitting from it.
- The transformation sequence to Iron Maiden now takes the currently-wielded weapon last, to prevent scripts from cancelling early.
- The low-health beep no longer plays when the player has over-life tokens.
- Revenants no longer jump to cutting death states when shot.
- The Cyberdemon now has a proper replacement, the DevilDriver. No longer does it pale in comparison to his fellow boss!
- The Hammer's range has been boosted by 16 units.
- The Legion can now be thrown one tic faster, the stacking can go up to 15 knives, and stacked knives bounce slightly more.
- Thanks to Virtue, texture brightmaps have been integrated for the sake of prettiness.
- Thanks to Kyle873, brightmaps have been implemented for the Exodus and the Frosthammer.
- Thanks to MartyKirra, there is now a voice announcer every time you go up a rank! To disable this, please use ds_cl_noannouncer.
- Iron Maiden punches are now four tics faster.
- Armor damage in Iron Maiden now takes a slight bit of combo meter.
- Picking up Arrogant weapons in Iron Maiden no longer breaks the HUD.
- The energy usage of the Iron Maiden has been swapped--the Iron Maiden now burns more fuel when mid-combat, and relaxes up slightly when the player is out of combat.
- The lightning spawned by weapon pickups now goes down even further, to about 900 units.
- A new map, MAPTEST, has been included specifically for streamlined testing, comparing damage values, testing out item functions, etc.
- Barons now have a unique death effect when punched to death with the Iron Maiden. Splat!
- Weapons now have their own unique special attacks! When holding down fire, hit alt-fire to charge your currently-held alternate weapon with soul energy and deliver a devastating unique attack. While not always as powerful as the sword attacks, these attacks are cheap on soul and take more ammo instead, which should allow players low on soul to have a viable alternative for heavier hordes.
- Souls now fade out little bit by little bit, vanishing if players don't eventually pick them up.
- FuzzballFox's 170 new text colors have been integrated.
- The Omen now has a Testament-esque delayed-pickup for the Chaingun, like how the Testament has with the regular shotgun. After four levels, it will replace Chaingun pickups.
- When playing in ZDoom, the Customize Controls section of Options now displays all of the relevant DemonSteele controls at the top.
- The Iron Maiden now respects ds_cl_norecoil.
- The ACS call for the pain state has been changed from ACS_ExecuteAlways to ACS_ExecuteWithResult, which means that the invulnerability state will start the very instant it's called rather than the tic after. In short, no more multi-token hits.
- Fortune cookie messages are now logged to the console.
- Every time Hae-Lin double jumps, she temporarily gains ethereal angel wings to thrust her up. Because reasons.
- The No Recoil option now disables the pushback on guns as well.
- Enabling No Recoil and firing the Frosthammer no longer jumps to the charged finish state.
- Thanks to Gundere, Hae-Lin now has a set of appropriate player sprites.
- Double-tapping input now must be done within six tics, instead of eight. The cooldown is now 16 tics instead of 20.

FROM 0.73 TO 0.74:
- The Archvile's flame turrets now have A_NoBlocking in their death state.
- All of the Archvile's death states now call A_KillChildren.
- The Archvile's flame turrets now are no longer considered monsters and won't spam up the monster count or block things in Invasion.
- There are three more "fade from black" sounds, thanks to torridGristle's rip of Eternal Darkness and thanks to MAGIX Soundpool DVDs.
- The Exodus grenades now explode on the sky, rather than simply vanish.
- The Icon of Sin now has its own custom sounds.
- Hae-Lin's landing sound is now less crackly.
- Pickups are now no longer considered monsters and will no longer bork things up in survival invasion.
- The initial swing of the Kharon's sheathe can now be refired one tic faster. Whoo.
- The Wolfenstein SS now has a replacement.
- Decorations now have a slightly higher chance to spew out items.
- In lieu of the Kamehameha, the Exodus no longer needs to go through walls. The explosion is now simply a 256-radius explosive, rather than four explosives with 192 radius.
- The Kharon by itself now has idle animations. Oops.
- Transformation has been streamlined and no longer requires "hold fire"--just hit Use Inventory and it'll activate.
- Online, people were occaisionally getting weapon desynchs, where they were in Iron Maiden but using the Kharon. This has been fixed.
- A new idle animation has been implemented.
- Hammering the ground will now allow Hae-Lin to jump higher, because reasons. The higher the charge, the higher the jump.
- The Iron Maiden's armor will become more effective depending on your rank--at S Rank, you can no-sell practically everything.
- The not-Kamehameha now takes a little over 1.5x as much soul energy but now each explosion does 128 damage instead of 96.
- There are no longer double decals for the bullet weapons.
- The switch-hitting no-damage bulletpuff no longer splashes on liquids.
- The Invulnerability Sphere and RadSuit now have their own respective appropriate replacements.
- The sound range on the not-Kamehameha has been tripled.
- Enemies killed with the not-Kamehameha are now no longer resurrectable.
- Meleeing enemies in pitch dark is a pain in the ass. For users who play with lower visibility settings and/or on dark maps, a flashlight has been provided. At the moment, it's an optional customizable key, but in the future (when Zandronum supports it) then it'll use the Reload key.
- The Omen and Iron Maiden are more responsive online and now has multiple checks for if the player has hit something with it. This should polish up all inconsistencies in hitting and should also reduce the amount of times people hit something and then get stuck in place.
- The Sentinel and the Blind Guardian can now be carried from level to level.
- The Infrared Visor has been replaced with a Sentinel pickup as well, which should make it slightly more common than just the allmap.
- The Archvile has +MISSILEEVENMORE removed.
- The Blackened's children now have a different appearance, to prevent confusion with Lost Souls.
- Lost Souls now drop souls when killed.
- The Blackened now has a sound when summoning its children, to prevent confusion of when a child is attacking or being summoned.
- Quakes no longer cause sounds.
- All enemies now have their own custom sound set. Whew! That was a lot of work.
- A few people's ears had trouble with the Kharon's sheathe, so the sheathing sound effect has been slightly softened, its pitch lowered, and its bass reduced.
- There is now an options menu for handling cvars and DemonSteele-specific settings, in ZDoom.
- New teleport effect. Neat!
- Hae-Lin now has lines for the not-Kamehameha. I can't think of a name for it, so neither can she.
- Hae-Lin now has lines for picking up food.
- In the chance a player picks up a new weapon DemonSteele doesn't replace, the ammo HUD will now show the ammo for it.
- ZDoom stealth monsters are now supported. Due to the gameplay style of DemonSteele, the monsters no longer flicker in and out of visibility, but are now a constant and flat 0.4 visibility.
- People tended to lose track of exactly how much health they had and would die accidentally. In true retro game style, now there is a beeping warning when low on health. This can be disabled with "ds_cl_nobeeping".
- Skulltag items and monsters now have a proper replacement. Skulltag monsters occaisionally recieve strange colors when killed, but for now this is a great step forward.
- Some people wanted to be able to taunt in ZDoom. Weird. There is now a ZDoom-specific key for doing the Zandronum taunt in ZDoom.
- The Blind Guardian will no longer trigger the Sentinel and send it into a Tumblr fit. In the off chance it does, the Sentinel will check its privilege and reassert itself.
- The Kharon's attacks no longer pass harmlessly through ghosts.
- The Keen now has a unique replacement.
- The techlamps are now destructable items, like the torches, and will now provide item drops.
- Techlamps and torches now have their original gldef lights back.
- A new cvar has been implemented to handle Skulltag weapon replacements--ds_arrogantweapons. 0 spawns the normal weapons, 1 spawns new for-fun weapons in place of Skulltag weapons, and 2 spawns the new weapons randomly in place of the original weapons.
- Holding down fire for over a second will now prepare a launching uppercut slash. (Most) enemies launched with this will be suspended in mid-air until they hit the ground--shooting them will keep them in mid-air.
- There are now intermission text replacements for vanilla levels.

FROM 0.72 TO 0.73:
- Hot splashes no longer alert enemies.
- Thanks to Scroton, the lightning of the hammer has been polished, optimized, and improved.
- ds_cl_toaster has been included as a clientside effects toggle option. 0 is full effects, 1 is less effects, 2 is absolute minimal effects.
- The Acacia's firing speed has been sped up slightly and now effectively fires as fast as you can pull the trigger. Its damage has also been upped by two, rendering it a powerful starting weapon out of the gate.
- On lower difficulties, with full over-life tokens, it's no longer possible to start nomming everything in sight with no benefit. Watch your intake, kids!
- There is now a Read This graphic for the Doom 1 menu.
- WHOOPS is now actually 1/10 chance instead of 1/100 chance.
- A few more attack sounds have been implemented.
- Weapons are no longer droppable. Sorry!
- Weapons now all have an addslotdefault entry in keyconf, in case there is a keyconf conflict when loaded with an older wad.
- Thanks to Scroton, destructable torches and candelabras now throw their items directly at the player.
- By request, all Kharon deaths now deliver the SPONG! Splatterhouse sound effect, for easy identification as to when an enemy has actually died.
- The Baron of Hell didn't trigger A_BossDeath on a few deaths. This has been fixed.
- As per Marrub's request, the hammer now has an ammo pickup item--HammerAmmoSmall, with DoomEd number of 30241.
- The Exodus is now capable of reflecting away enemy fire again.
- When out of soul meter, the meter slowly regenerates back to two notches, so you frequently have at least one special attack ready to go. This takes at least two minutes to regenerate.
- The Blind Guardian's sounds have had their bass reduced, treble amped, and volume amped by five decibels, which should make them sharper and much easier to notice.
- Numerous inventory checks in the ACS have been streamlined for more efficiency, which should (hopefully) reduce network traffic.
- The Blind Guardian now has an indicator on the HUD when the player has it equipped.
- The ammo being handled and fired from alt-fire has made the default auto-switching-when-out-of-ammo system a little finnicky. For those who really want a traditional system, though, ds_cl_autoswitch now lets people automatically switch weapons when out of ammo.
- There is now a very, very slim (1/255) chance for destructable decorations to drop peppers.
- The Allmap has been replaced with the Sentinel, an automatic sentient turret to gun enemies down for you.
- The Omen now has an incredibly sexy set of sprites, thanks to MartyKirra!
- The Blind Guardian's health has been increased to 1000.
- Explosive barrels have their damage increased and now have a much easier time downing mook enemies.
- Omen has been nerfed. Charging takes slightly longer, hitting an enemy with heavier attacks no longer allows you to follow up with an attack right afterwards, and the 100% charge attack now takes 40 charge instead of 20.
- The Hell Knight's torso no longer acts like it's from the Matrix.
- The Kharon's decals are now slashes.
- The Pinky now has a decapitation death, thanks to Sgt. Shivers.
- Higher-tier attacks of the hammer now always gib enemies on death.
- Explosive barrels now respect sv_barrelrespawn.
- The hammer's overcharged impact damage has been increased from 4000 to one million. This is functionally useless, as there isn't an enemy above 4000 HP anyway, but higher numbers sound cooler.
- The HUD now properly informs you as to what weapons you have picked up, as well as when you can use Iron Maiden.
- Revenants no longer have +ALWAYSFAST on them, and their missile-homing systems have been made slightly laggier, but the missiles themselves are now 1.5x faster.
- Cyberdemons can no longer infight with each other.
- The Iron Maiden now has a charge-up blast if alt-fire is held, which provides a rocket explosion for either AoE coverage or rocket-jumping.
- The Iron Maiden armor is now immune to environmental damage.
- Iron Maiden blasts now can be fired slightly faster, for more rapid ATATATATATATATATATATATA.
- The Iron Maiden now has a not-Kamehameha.
- ds_infinitesouls is now a cvar for the many people that requested a way to have, well, infinite soul meter.
- All of the more network-intensive deaths that spawn extra interactable actors have had their chance reduced for easier latency handling.
- Bisected torsos are no longer serverside actors.
- For those that don't like the special attacks, for some reason or another, ds_nospecials has been implemented.
- The constant ACS checks on the weapon spawns have been reduced to only one check, dramatically reducting bandwidth and network traffic.
- The Kharon is now able to be wielded by itself, along with its sheathe, for better defensive capabilities.
- Bisected torsos and weapon pickups no longer block enemy teleports.

FROM 0.71b TO 0.72:
- Kharon slashing animation time has been reduced by two tics--now people can slash again as soon as the animation is complete.
- The animation for the upward slash has been spaced out slightly for more natural movement.
- Thanks to PresidentPeople, the Blind Guardian now has a proper set of rotations.
- The environment splash sprites now follow the same desaturated 90s palette.
- WHOOPS improved.
- Soul is slightly more transparent so as to not confuse it with enemy shots.
- When in Iron Maiden, Hae-Lin can now triple-jump, as opposed to simply double-jumping.
- The Blind Guardian no longer keeps a damaged appearance when repaired.
- Bullets online no longer spatter sparks on contact with enemies.
- The Testament's reload sound can no longer be interrupted by jumping.
- The Emperor's teleport effect properly works online, now.
- The Blackened now has +VISIBILITYPULSE on his main body for no other reason than it looks cool.
- Revenant missiles now home in 100% of the time and home much more aggressively. Enjoy!
- The Archvile's flame pillars no longer wander so wide out and have lost their multi-flame spread attack, but in exchange fire much more aggressively and spew out constant streams of attacks.
- Long, long ago in the mod's development, I made enemy projectiles shootable so that the pistol could shoot them down as well. As development went on, this proved too OP for the Testament and Sabbath and the ability was removed. The behavior has been tweaked, removing all of the vestigial bullet stuff while keeping the sword capable of cutting down projectiles.
- Because of this, this frees up the bullets' species to be able to shoot through allied players in co-op.
- For rare instances where you're trapped behind a forcefield or projectile-blocking wall or something and you need to shoot a switch, each bullet-gun has been given a perfectly accurate damage-less hitscan.
- The back special is now much more effective in destroying enemy shots.
- An attempt at making a 'less effects' cvar was made and quickly resulted in frustration, screaming, and grey hair. To make up for it, the effects on the Exodus, Omen, the explosive barrel, and Cyberdemon's rockets have been toned down slightly.
- Picking up multiple invulnerability powerups in a row no longer results in them getting stuffed in your inventory.[/spoiler]

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RE: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/


Post by Lollipop » Wed Oct 01, 2014 8:44 pm

Finally something that can stand up to what brutalnabs want, while also including something of actual value for the gameplay.
In other words: Brütal dooms end is closing in. (Hopefully)
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RE: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/


Post by MrSetharoo » Wed Oct 01, 2014 8:47 pm

It begins...


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RE: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/


Post by Watermelon » Wed Oct 01, 2014 9:08 pm


All praise James
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RE: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/


Post by mifu » Thu Oct 02, 2014 1:13 am

Oh my...

This is AWESOME!!!

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RE: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/


Post by Konda » Thu Oct 02, 2014 1:41 am

The sword you wield is basically a "Zanpakutō". That only means one thing - NEEDS MOAR BANKAI[/bleachfag]
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RE: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/


Post by Ijon Tichy » Thu Oct 02, 2014 2:10 am

term stop stealing my code ;-------;

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RE: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/


Post by Ænima » Thu Oct 02, 2014 3:12 am

Arcade-style hack-n-slash Doom? And it's not Action Doom 2? Cool!
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RE: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/


Post by TerminusEst13 » Thu Oct 02, 2014 3:39 am

All right, so, wow, I did not expect this kind of reception. I'm glad to see you guys are fond of this!
That means also, though, that there's been some game-breaking issues that can't wait for an update to be fixed. I've fixed a nice chunk of these and re-put up the build for download--I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.

- The Blind Guardian no longer turns the player's attacks back on them.
- Demons no longer simply vanish when in pain, breaking maps that relied on demons.
- Players can no longer freeze themselves in place with the hammer--and in the off chance they do, simply getting hurt will revert it.
- Players can no longer crash the game with multiple special moves at once.
- Players can no longer crash the game with going into Iron Maiden and doing special moves at the same time.

If you don't want to scroll back up, the new build is here:
http://www.[bad site]/download?file= ... v0.71b.pk3

Again, very sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for playing.

For those interested in checking this out, a server is up as:
:: [BE] Montreal :: DemonSteele - Kawaii As Shit
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RE: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/


Post by Ivan » Thu Oct 02, 2014 5:22 am

I see much Shadow Warrior in this.
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RE: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/


Post by NachtIntellect » Thu Oct 02, 2014 5:48 am

Not enough desu and needs more kawaii before I will approve of this mod, I said with a posed look -he said while pushing his glasses up to his face-
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RE: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/


Post by Espio » Thu Oct 02, 2014 6:05 am

Was fun bruh.
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RE: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/


Post by TerminusEst13 » Thu Oct 02, 2014 6:59 am

Ivan wrote: I see much Shadow Warrior in this.
Guilty as charged.
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RE: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/


Post by Klofkac » Thu Oct 02, 2014 7:02 am

The pictures seem to be broken. Looks like puu.sh is not permanent.
I'd advise using imgur.

Great job, btw.

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RE: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/


Post by Bloax » Thu Oct 02, 2014 7:52 am

Puu.sh has a tendency to just die for a couple of minutes pretty often, so yeah mirroring it to imgur would be an idea.
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RE: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/


Post by TerminusEst13 » Thu Oct 02, 2014 8:19 am

Done, thank you.
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RE: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/


Post by -Jes- » Thu Oct 02, 2014 12:52 pm

RAAAAAAAARR - Pew Pew - Aaaieee

Also Whoops
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RE: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/


Post by MrSetharoo » Thu Oct 02, 2014 2:03 pm

WhiteAce wrote: Not enough desu and needs more kawaii before I will approve of this mod, I said with a posed look -he said while pushing his glasses up to his face-
Needs more cherry licking.
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RE: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/


Post by Gardevoir » Thu Oct 02, 2014 3:52 pm

There are two things every mod should have : WHOOPS and a Sword. I simply love it.
P.S.: Needs more sparkles too. Sparkles on one weapon ain't enough you know.
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RE: [WIP][Beta][Cool] \m/ -~={ DEMONSTEELE }=~- \m/


Post by RaveYard » Thu Oct 02, 2014 9:10 pm

This is fun and addicting!! :razz:

But holy crap, that archvile attack is insane...
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