Source Repository Overhaul

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Source Repository Overhaul

Post#1 by Torr Samaho » 1 year ago

In order to facilitate merging of ZDoom and GZDoom code changes, we decided to recreate our source repositories. They are hg forks of the ZDoom git repository now (using the hg-git extension), which allows us to directly pull changesets from these repositories. We also managed to retain the full Zandronum version history in the process, so no code changes are lost.

The only downside is that all Zandronum specific changesets had to be recreated in the process, which means that any custom changes you had on top of the code in the official Zandronum repo need to be transferred manually.

Note that this kind of direct merging is one of the reasons that allowed us to upgrade from ZDoom 2.5.0 to 2.7.0 quite quickly in the 3.0 branch (was still a lot of work though ;)). So this transition is well worth the downsides.

Our old repositories are still there, they just have an "-old" appended to their name: and
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RE: Source Repository Overhaul

Post#2 by Ivan » 1 year ago

Awesome work, keep it up!
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RE: Source Repository Overhaul

Post#3 by FascistCat » 1 year ago

Awesome indeed! Zandronum FTW!!

What's equally impressive is you guys managed to keep all the commit history intact. Great job and keep it up!

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RE: Source Repository Overhaul

Post#4 by TerminusEst13 » 1 year ago

Great job, guys. Really looking forward to seeing how this rolls out.
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RE: Source Repository Overhaul

Post#5 by darklord42 » 1 year ago

Awesome! Fantastic news! It will be able to detect the newer iwads including hacx
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