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0003777Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-03-31 19:532020-03-31 19:53
LinuxUbuntu10.04 x86-64
0003777: Line of Sight error with Cleric's Fire Gloves in Hexen in Multiplayer.
There exists a Line of Sight Error with the Fire Gloves in Hexen when the Fire Gloves are used with the Cleric. It only occurs with the Fire Gloves.

A Backtrace is Provided.

zandronum-server: /home/sean/zabuild/src/src/p_sight.cpp:659: bool P_CheckSight(const AActor*, const AActor*, int): Assertion `t1 != NULL' failed.

This seems to be Multi-player Specific.
Start a multiplayer game with the Cleric. Ideally using Wrath of Cronos.
Get the Fire Gloves and use them on various enemies.
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