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Pol M 
0003662: SRB2Kart engine is handled poorly by our SRB2 engine
A new fork of SRB2 has been created, and currently we're getting its servers from the SRB2 master server. Of course, the default SRB2 engine doesn't work in these servers. It should be discussed what to do with these.
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parent of 0003656closed Pol M Srb2 player column is broken. They seem overflowed by players with empty names. 
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(Summarizing the summary into an issue.)
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Are issues like this and 0003656 also reproducible in the latest supported stable release of Doomseeker (1.2)?

Pol M   
2019-06-19 10:34   
Yes, they are.
Pol M   
2019-06-20 22:04   
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So, I have some bad news:
Quote from Sryder

I don't see a simple way currently in the game. Which is frustrating because there is a MODID actually in there, but it's not sent back from the server in anything and is only used to check that the game is on the latest version when starting a server from what I can see. There is, of course, the version and subversion sent back in the PT_SERVERINFO packet, but that's likely to change on both counts, unfortunately. patch.kart is also not 100% likely as it's only included to include patch data when the base game needed something changed or added. I think it'd definitely be worth seeing if MODID can be sent from servers directly eventually, I think it'll need to be the same for classic SRB2 though.

That kinda makes it impossible to know what kind of server we have. Also, while all srb2kart use *.kart, that's not an option since there's a chance that eventually that's not the case. I may report SRB2 to ask if it'd be a way to know what kind of server we're dealing with, the "easy way" would be to extend the current network implementation.

2019-06-21 14:52   
Perhaps a dumb but effective workaround would be to heuristically check that the player list is garbled after parsing it the SRB2 way and reinterpret the packet in the SRB2Kart way?
Pol M   
2019-06-21 15:00   
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The playerlist error has been patched and will no longer occour on the next release, so we can't use this mistake to distinguish them :/

EDIT: I'm gonna de-assign myself from this one. The best I can think of is a dropdown menu to make the user select the engine they want, but I feel like it's a rather bad solution. I'll let this one rest a bit.