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0003469Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2018-08-28 02:242019-04-07 20:07
0003469: Client fires weapon too early after map resets in 3.1
The client fires the weapon too early after map resets since 3.1. This, like the respawn issue, is very important to have fixed as the first few kills in a duel can make a considerable difference in the game.

1. zandronum -host -iwad doom2.wad -file changemap_weap_desync.wad +survival 1 +sv_survivalcountdowntime 1
2. Connect a client to the server. No ping emulation should be needed.
3a. Copy-paste "join;wait 48;+attack;wait 1;-attack" into the console. No rockets will come out.
If that doesn't work, use the bind in step 3b instead.
3b. Copy-paste "join;wait 49;+attack;wait 1;-attack" into the console.
4. Spectate and repeat step 3a or 3b. It should desync rather quickly.
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2018-08-28 09:54   
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I cannot reproduce this. Does this require some ping/spikes emulation?

N.B: I tried with ping 160 but it didn't work at all. The rocket comes out, with a little delay from the firing animation.

What about the network settings?

2018-08-28 10:28   
The binds are meant to be used without any ping emulation. I use a local connection to the server.
It might be a 3.1 regression, judging from a quick test between 3.0 and 3.1.
2018-08-28 11:47   
I can't seem to reproduce this reliably. I got only one instance of this after a lot of runnings, but I didn't get any relevant information. I'll check again and see if I'm lucky enough...
2018-08-28 18:04   
After trying it again between 3.0 and 3.1-alpha 180520-0650, I can't seem to get the NULL rocket issue in 3.0 after map resets. It must be a 3.1 regression then.

As for network settings, I use:

cl_connectiontype 1
cl_ping_unlagged 0
cl_ticsperupdate 1
cl_unlagged 1

But 3.0 is still partially wrong as the bind will sometimes fire the rocket and sometimes not (no weapon desync though).
2018-08-28 19:31   
It seems to be a 3.1 regression.
Torr Samaho   
2019-03-10 20:28 [^] also seems to fix this problem.
2019-04-07 20:07   
Please check with the build in 0003470:0020476 .