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0001691Site[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2014-02-02 19:162019-06-30 13:21
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0001691: [Mantis tracker] Developers should receive email notification on everything in their project
I'd like an opt-in setting for developers that would force Mantis to send email notification on everything that happens in their project. I can't find such setting anywhere at the moment. This would be useful because currently I'm sometimes missing new issue reports if I don't check the tracker regularly. Recently an issue for Doomseeker was reported that I'd only noticed after 7 days.
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2015-11-15 21:24   
Should happen now for Doomseeker if I understand the default_notify_flags setting correctly.
2015-11-16 12:34   
This would be a good idea of course !
2015-11-16 19:01   
To test this someone needs to report something first, I guess. Things have been pretty calm lately.
2019-06-30 13:21   
I'm still not receiving emails on new issues and I still don't see an option to configure it, but I don't feel I need it that much anymore. It's a matter of habit of checking the tracker once in a while for new issues and since the things are going slow now there rarely are any emergencies (oops 0003667, though).

In any case this ticket shouldn't be kept open indefinitely. I wanted this. I don't want this anymore. Let's close it.