Staff/team list for Zandronum

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Staff/team list for Zandronum


Post by Zandronum » Sun Oct 19, 2014 12:42 am

A super quick list of the staff is here:

Please be patient with response times, we are only volunteers.
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You may forum issues either on the forums or tracker.
Forum issues can also be brought up to Blzut3 or infurnus if needed.


  • Blzut3 - Site/Forum Webmaster
  • infurnus - Forum Webmaster/Janitor
  • mifu - Server Webmaster (Provides the CPU time/bandwidth)
You may report site & forum issues either on the forums or tracker.

Master Server

Staff & info thread:


Staff & info thread:

You may report IRC issues to Konar6 or mifu.

Other Info

If you need help from the staff, you can get individual assistance via IRC in the channel #staff
Please be patient with the time it takes to get a response, not everyone can be at their computer all the time. Do not idle in the channel if you don't or no longer need help.

An open staff IRC channel is also available to the community, free to join/idle in #zastaff

If the site or forums are inaccessible, the webmasters may be contacted via e-mail: More email addresses are listed here:

Additional credits are listed here:
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