Samsara - No longer under active development.

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Samsara - No longer under active development.


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This mod is no longer actively being developed. It is kept here for archiving purposes.

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Welcome to Samsara.
This is a multiplayer project inspired by crossover fighting games, designed to bring these games that people love so much and give them a second life on the multiplayer front, taking the heroes and the weapons and pitting them all aside (and sometimes against) each other. When you play Samsara, you pick a hero from a classic FPS game, spawn in the battlefield with abilities and weapons from their original game, and then proceed to lay waste among all those that stand in your way in whatever iwad or levelset of your choice. Each of the heroes are strictly limited to their own weapons, so you won't have a nonsensical random mash-up of people wielding weapons just not suited for them.
Want to play in Heretic? No problem. Give Chex Quest a whirl? Go right ahead. Wanted to like HeXen but didn't like the low amount of weapons? Go on, enjoy it. Want to go strictly vanilla and play Doom II? Be my guest. Current iwads supported are Doom, Doom II/TNT/Plutonia, Heretic, HeXen, Chex Quest, Strife, and Harmony, and more are to come.

The goal of Samsara is threefold:
1: To provide an interesting competitive mod that will enhance, rather than break, deathmatch/capture the flag/etc play. While obviously nothing will match pure vanilla for srs tourney play, if desired one can have a match full of Doomguys and have little to no differences from vanilla play--and someone joining in as Corvus should not dramatically change things.
2: To stay true to the spirit of classic FPSes by presenting these characters with as close to their original abilities and weapons as reasonably possible. Playing with them should be very much like playing their original game.
3: To provide a fun experience complimentary with many other levelsets, be they cooperative or competitive, so that people can live as their favorite heroes once again and put them through wringers so many other inventive people have designed. Other heroes should not differ so drastically from Doom II that other mods would now be unplayable.

Whether you play in co-op and tear through endless hordes of monsters or play in deathmatch and tear through whatever friends or enemies challenge you, Samsara offers you the ability to live through your favorite games again on new battlefields or new iwads entirely.

http://static.[bad site]/wads/samsara-v0.3.pk3 - 0.3 Zandronum download, in pk3. (35.67 megs) ... a-v0.3.pk7 - 0.3 Zandronum download, in pk7. (26.0 megs)
http://static.[bad site]/wads/samsara-v0.3-zd.pk3 - 0.3 ZDoom download, in pk3. ... 0.3-zd.pk7 - 0.3 ZDoom download, in pk7.
http://www.[bad site]/download?file= ... 1-beta.pk3 - 0.31 beta, the final build. - WILL CALEB AND STRIFEGUY BE ADDED? - More add-ons can be located here, for additional gameplay options.
Spoiler: CHARACTERS (Open)
The man. The myth. The icon. The legend. The hero.
Doomguy has stood against untold legions throughout all 20 years of his one-man war on Hell, and here he stands ready to go against more. He is a man that needs no introduction, as his abilities have been proven and honed and harnessed time and time again--the rest of the heroes will have to work double to even match the bar Doomguy is constantly raising.
...And I Feel Mighty: Doomguy holds the Super Shotgun, the most devastating weapon in the game and cementing him as the most damaging hero. No other weapon can match its reliability and sheer power.
To Hell With Respect!: Doomguy is the most unchanged in his function and his abilities. Playing with him is just like playing Doom II, so show these newcomers who they better call granddaddy.
- The Berserk operates off the Chainsaw as well as the Fist, allowing Doomguy to have a DPS alternative rather than focusing on only Burst.
^- : When in Berserk, the Chainsaw deals 7-70 damage every 3 tics.
- The Berserk fist does more damage (from 20-200 to 120-240) and has different sounds. This allows the Berserk fist to be a viable weapon in comparison to the Rocket Launcher and Super Shotguns, especially against larger enemies.
- The Fist no longer alerts monsters, because that was stupid.
- Doomguy never had to deal with ghosts. In Heretic and HeXen, the Shotgun, Super Shotgun, and Chaingun pass harmlessly through ghosts.
- There are not many other changes. In Samsara, the games meld to Doom II's gameplay, rather than vice-versa.

CORVUS: Utility
The Heretic himself, Corvus is a noble elven warrior and mage driven by fury and a near-psychotic thirst to avenge his people. His quest has sent him from fighting legions of the damned and undead in mystical fantasy lands to fighting legions of the damned and undead in alternate lands. No matter where he is, though, his bloodlust will not be quenched until he has personally slaughtered every enemy he can get his hand on.
Roll d20 for Damage: Heretic's damage scale worked on a much higher probability curve than Doom's, and so Corvus' weapons do much more random damage. You're just as likely to down someone with the Dragon Claw in seven shots as you are in fifteen.
Bag of Holding: Corvus can carry the most inventory items out of all the Heroes, with every major item being carryable. Corvus even starts with the Bomb of the Ancients and Mine of the Ancients, which provide powerful explosives on demand. Even his Ultimate is a carryable item--which gives him a heavy advantage in resourcefulness over the other Heroes.
- The Tomed staff has had its damage increased from 18-81 to 60-120, to give Corvus a bit of a burst damage oomph.
- The Elven Wand did not have any BRIGHT frames in Heretic.
- The Staff no longer alerts monsters.
- The tomed Elven Wand no longer passes through ghosts. All characters' basic weapons should be able to hit ghosts.
- The Firemace was incredibly underwhelming as an ultimate weapon. It has been moved to a slot II weapon, rather than VII.
- The Firemace uses less ammo, shooting four balls for every one ammo. This is to differentiate it from the Dragon Claw.
- The tomed Dragon Claw and Hellstaff use less ammo--this is to tempt players away from just tomed Firemacing everything.
- The Staff and Gauntlets of the Necromancer no longer lower and re-raise when the Tome of Power runs out, so as to smooth out gameplay.
- The Gauntlets of the Necromancer and Tomed Staff now have GLDefs, because pretty.
- The tomed Dragon Claw fires a near-hitscan now, rather than a very fast projectile. Giving it slower speeds glitched the rippers and caused them to go all over the map.
- The Tome of Power works more like Heretic II than Heretic, being a permanent inventory item.

Fred Chexter sets himself apart from his compatriots by being a genuinely nice (if not shy) guy among the gritty badasses that populate the Wheel of Samsara. He doesn't even kill his enemies, he just sends them back to their home dimension! That being said, he is still a trained warrior and the IFOC's absolute best warrior; whether it’s being on the wrong end of a coachgun or face to face with the nastiest nightmares Hell can offer, he never flinches. Just because he's friendly doesn't mean you're suddenly safe.
The Mission Continues...: Chexter ain't got time to bleed...or the rating to. Hailing from an easy game where all the enemies did negligible damage without threat of death means that he's just as safe here. Let the kids play--Chex Warrior takes 20% less damage from everything.
Hold the Party Mix: The Zorch Propulsor seems like a typical rocket launcher, but sometime in between Chex Quest 1 and 3 Chexter got tired of accidentally zorching his own leg to another place. In 3, the Zorch Propulsor was modified to do no self-damage--and kept in here.
- Before, the Mini-Zorcher's animation was pressing the button after it fires. Now it's pressing as it fires.
- The Bootspoon no longer alerts monsters, and has a sound for impacting walls.
- All of Chexter's weapons leave small zorch puffs when hitting things now, for easier identifying of impact.
- The GLDefs for Chex Quest were yellow-ish, since they inherited from Doom. Now they're red, to match the zorch colors.
- The Large Zorcher reloads a slight bit quicker now (from a firing time of 37/44 tics to 32/37 tics) to differentiate it from Doomguy's Shotgun.
- All of Chexter's weapons are slightly more accurate (from bullet spread of 5.6 to 4) to differentiate them from Doomguy's, and to make up for the lack of an SSG.
- The Phasing Zorcher didn't leave marks on the wall in vanilla Chex Quest, but now does because pretty.
- The Super Large Zorcher was planned for Chex Quest 3, but didn't make it through. If it did, it likely would have been an SSG clone.

William "B.J." Blazkowicz was the one that started it all, a secret agent that personally fought his way out of the horrifying Nazi prisons and personally slew Adolf Hitler, armed with nothing more than a pistol, a knife, and undying devotion to his country. Having gone up against an endless sea of Nazis, mystic beasts, undead monstrosities, and towering madmen, B.J. has seen it all and fought it all. If it’s a threat to the world, he will put it down. Without questions, without hesitation, and without compromises.
Call Apogee, Say 'Bullshit!': Poor B.J. was from an era where weapon design was much simpler. He has no Shotgun weapons, no Slot III weapon, and no weapons that use Ammo 2. Any Ammo 2 picked up is instead converted to Ammo 1.
Heroes Don't Quit: Being a POW in Nazi camps taught B.J. some survival techniques the hard way. When low on health, B.J. can drink up certain piles of gibs and blood for a boost. Restricted only to decorations, unfortunately--can't slaughter imps and drink off them.
- I was unable to get a hand on Wolfenstein for the Mac, so I don't know how accurate/inaccurate the Flamethrower/Rocket Launcher is to their game.
- The Knife's unupgraded damage is more true to Wolf 3D, but its upgraded graphics/sound are the ones in Wolf3D.
- When upgraded, the knife does damage on every tic it's thrust in, reminiscent of other slot I weapons.
- The Spear of Destiny is now an actual weapon. Its behavior is entirely original, though its appearance is based on the Spear of Destiny boxart. A lot of Doom II levelsets practically require an ultimate weapon eventually.
- Drinking up gibs is at minimum 20 HP, rather than 10.

PARIAS: Brawler
A high cleric of the Church, second only to Traductus, Parias is both a man of faith and a man of action. His righteousness is rivalled only by his terrifying power, and he can swap at a moment's notice from praying for his enemies' souls to hacking their spine in twain. Being a student of both the arcane and the martial arts has made him a robust fighter that can swap from a physical to a mystical fighting capability whenever a situation calls for it, and makes him perhaps the most terrifying Hero in the Wheel of Samsara.
Fianchetto: In HeXen, every class had 0.25 RadiusDamageFactor--which meant they only took a quarter damage from explosives. This is retained here, allowing him to wade through the fray with minimal damage to get closer.
Boden's Mate: HeXen’s gameplay had a large emphasis on mobility. Not only did the classes have different speeds, but there was also quite a bit of platforming. In order to help close the distance and get into melee, Parias has Baratus’ runspeed and HeXen’s jump height.
- The most obvious: Parias now has seven weapons instead of four.
- The Mace of Contrition no longer alerts monsters.
- The Firestorm's surrounding fireballs do more damage, having their A_Explode increased from radius 20/explosive damage 20 to 64/32, so as to match the power of the Plasma Rifle.
- The Hammer of Retribution forces its radius damage on enemies, so as to make up for its much slower speed with Rocket Launcher power.
- Timon's Axe and the Frost Shards have been given a little bit of an extra melee oomph, in order to emphasize his role as a close-range brawler.
- The Serpent Staff's poison bolts were reduced in damage from 5-40 to 4-16 per shot, so as to match Chaingun power.
- The heal of the Serpent Staff's melee has been increased and quickened, and can now heal for beyond 100 health, so as to give it an extra use.
- The Wraithverge takes 20 of each ammo now, rather than 17, to match the costliness of other ultimate weapons.
- The Wraithverge's rate of fire has been slightly decreased by adding a 20-tic hang time at the end, to match the slow rate of fire of other ultimate weapons.
- The Frost Shards' rate of fire has been slightly increased by reducing the after-shot frames from 15 tics to 11, to assist it in crowd-control.
- The Flechette no longer hurts allied players or the player, so as to reduce griefing.
- The Sapphire Wand's radius/height was reduced from 12/8 to 3/2, so as to help Parias in maps where he needs to shoot through the bars.
- Parias' mana 2 has a limit of 300 due to running off Cells, rather than 200.
- The Mystic Ambit Incant sprays armor shards as well as giving health, so as to additionally assist allies.
- The Wraithverge is now picked up in one piece, rather than needing to be assembled. This is to match the other games' ultimates.

DUKE NUKEM: Crowd Control
He's rude. He's crude. He's a bad dude with a hell of a bad attitude.
He's the number one bastard on several alien races' personal shitlists, and he made it to the top not with any special training, armor, or powers, but just by being the most hardcore son of a bitch imaginable. He's just a joe with a shotgun, a mean boot, and a mouth that can't stay shut--and that's all he needs. These assholes are going to have to go through him to get to the multiverse...and he just ran out of bubblegum.
Step Right Up and Get Some!: Bosses in Duke Nukem 3D were not immune to splash damage from explosives. Because of this, all explosive weapons Duke wields force radius and splash damage, even on those enemies normally immune to it. Go wild on the bosses!
It's My Way or...Hell, It's My Way!: Being from the Build engine, Duke moves different, fights different, and plays different. His movement is slower, the Soulsphere gives him less health, and he can't take damage as well. He could die very easily in Duke Nukem 3D--so make sure you don’t die here.
- Duke's former standing sprite has been repurposed as a shooting sprite.
- Significantly more taunts all around, since it's an integral part of Duke's character.
- Animation times and sprites locations were tried to make as close as possible as their Duke Nukem 3D/64 counterparts, but there may be subtle differences.
- Damage values for the explosive Duke Nukem weapons are not as documented as well as the idtech1 weapons. Most of them are based off the Doomguy's similar weapons.
- The Chaingun Cannon has a new animation for firing, because replicating the old one was a bitch and a half.
- The Chaingun Cannon's bullets do 15 damage rather than 9 damage, in order to give it a boost over the other Chaingun weapons.
- The Pipebombs, RPG, and Explosive Shotgun work off the same ammo, now, rather than being separate.
- The Explosive Shotgun has been brutally nerfed. It is now a separate weapon, rather than an ugprade for the shotgun, its spread is much wider, its cocking has been drastically lengthened, and its power diminished.
- The Mighty Boot works much different, due to Zandronum's/ZDoom's inability to have alt-fire used alongside primary fire in a way that works with Netplay. Rather than being used alongside weapons for extra oomph, now it puts some distance between an enemy and user.
- The Freezethrower shots no longer halve damage when bouncing off walls, due to engine limitations.
- The Freezethrower's shots do 22 damage rather than 20 damage, due to its slightly slower RoF compared to the Plasma Rifle.
- The Pipebomb's first, second, and third bounce are not a fixed height/amount, due to how ZDoom handles bouncing.
- The Pipebomb's three counts of bounce include walls, due to how ZDoom handles bouncing.
- Deployed pipebombs can no longer be shot up or picked up, due to my inability to figure it out.

Freedom. That's all he wants, now.
In one bitter day, the Security Officer went from lazily sleeping in to being in an eternal fight for his life at the behest of arrogant and psychotic AIs. Day in and day out, he fought endless battles without any reprieve, rest, or hope for peace, and even alternate timelines and dimensions held no solace for him. The only comfort he could take was in survival...and now even that is in constant peril--in this damned Wheel, the fighting will never cease. Instead, now it runs eternally.
Will he ever find rest?
To Never Shoot Where I Could Use Grenades: Several of the Security Officer's weapons boast an alt-fire--the magnums (when a second is picked up), shotguns (also when a second is picked up), assault rifle, alien weapon, and wave motion cannon. These different options allow him different methods to approach situations, or simply to shoot harder and faster.
Never Stop Running, Never Stop Firing: Long range does not exist to the Security Officer. His bullets are not instant hitscan, like the other heroes--they move at a much slower pace. Likewise, his projectiles have a slower travelling speed and are likely to easily be dodged.
- In Zandronum, weapons bob from side to side instead of up and down. ZDoom has Marathon-style bobbing.
- Grenades, fists, and charged fusion shots no longer trigger switches, due to engine limitations. Sorry, Vidmasters.
- The Security Officer now has a pain sound, so as to indicate when shots hit in DM play.
- The Shotgun has had its damage reduced, because 200-240 damage with a single shotgun in 40 tics HAH HAH HAH NOPE.
- In co-op, the Rocket Launcher has had its damage buffed from 250-300 to 305-390. Due to its incredibly slow RoF compared to the other rocket launchers, it needed a bit of a burst damage oomph.
- The Infrared has had its color changed from blue to green, due to Zandronum's lack of support for bluemap yet. ZDoom players don't have this issue.
- The Magnum can now be used underwater, just in case someone hasn't found a chainsaw in a water map.
- The Alien weapon has a lot more ammo and generally does more damage, in order to justify how much rarer it is compared to Marathon.
- The Fusion Pistol's charge no longer shakes and/or does higher beeps. Sorry.
- The TOZT Napalm Unit has double the travelling speed, due to Doom's faster-paced gameplay and movement.
- The Fusion Pistol's overcharge-to-death is no longer an explosion, due to being able to grief people with the resulting explosion.
- In DM, the SMG's damage has been reduced--its accuracy and rate of fire meant it could shred through people far too easily. Still the same in co-op/singleplayer.
- The Wave Motion Cannon is now a useable weapon. Doom's/HeXen's design practically requires an ultimate weapon for a lot of areas.
- The HUD no longer holds a bar for oxygen, due to Zandronum's lack of an AirTime variable in its SBarInfo. It instead now represents armor.

RANGER: Artillery
Originally a special forces marine, ever since joining the Slipgate program Ranger has seen a thousand deaths and escaped from a million more on a billion worlds. He has gone from military bases to medieval castles to arcane dimensions to hellish abysses to planes of eldritch madness best not spoken of. Through them all, Ranger has proven resilience and power that give even the most terrifying elder ones pause--with strange aeons, even death itself may die under fire of a well-aimed 9.9lb 750mm RHA rocket.
Go Forth and Kick Ass: Quake's air physics were much looser, and practically invented strafejumping and rocketjumping. Ranger thus hangs in the air slightly longer than normal, and can rocketjump much easier.
Dissolution of Eternity: While Ranger takes just as much damage as normal, he still has one fatal defensive flaw. When picking up a Soulsphere or Megasphere, the amount of health received slowly degenerates. This does not affect health bonus pickups.
- Quake had such a lower damage scale than Doom it wasn't even funny. The Vore had 400 HP, equivalent to two Centaurs. In co-op, his weapons have been buffed the fuck out.
- The Quad Damage is now a reuseable item, partly to help with the aforementioned damage issues, and partly because there was no appropriate item to replace it with. (Berserks didn't work--too rare, too erratically placed, not to mention should be more utility)
- The Double-Barreled Shotgun uses only one shell now instead of two, for the same reason. (64 damage for one shot hah hah hah hah NOPE)
- In Quake, the projectiles had no hitbox. Here, their hitbox is simply obscenely tiny.
- Gravity has been ever-so-slightly reduced so as to simulate Quake's strange air physics.
- The nails and rockets originally travelled at the same speed. Here, nails have been increased to speed 75.
- Lava Nails, Multi-Grenades, and Multi-Rockets were handled a bit differently. There were no alt-fires, much less that swapped between weapons, and the ammo pickups were separate.
- The Double Barreled Shotgun's, Nailgun's, and Laser Cannon's animations are slightly smoother.
- The Shotgun and Double-Barreled Shotgun's damages are random by 1d3, while Quake's damage values were completely static. Turns out people are getting upset for using fake bullets. Whoops.
- The trail behind the Nails and Lava Nails has been made a LOT more obvious, so enemies can see it more easily in DM.
Spoiler: SCREENSHOTS (Open)
Spoiler: CREDITS (Open)
- : Majority of amounts of reference was taken off the ZDoom wiki. A deep and heartfelt thank you to all those who continue to document the finer workings this game, even today.
- : Doom, the Doomguy, and everything within the Doom umbrella is property of id Software.
^- : Doomguy's Falling, Taunt, and Landing sound was taken from Quake III.
^- : Doomguy's burning scream was by cdrk.
^- : Doomguy's burning sprites by Blox.
^- : Doomguy's puzzfail voice by Roy Conrad.
^- : Railgun sprites by Michael Niggel and Edmundo Bordeu.
- : Corvus, Heretic, and the respective sprites/sounds are property of Raven Software.
^- : Corvus' Burn Death, Taunt, and Falling sounds were taken from Heretic II.
^- : Grim Ballista drawn by Revae, design tweaks by Matt Smirnoff.
- : Chex Warrior, Chex Quest, and the respective sprites/sounds are property of Digital Cafe.
^- : Chex Quest 3 actors and decorate by Charles Jacobi.
^- : Super Large Zorcher designed with assistance by Charles Jacobi.
^- : Mini-Zorcher pickup sprite by Boingo the Clown.
^- : Flemoid splat sounds by Nash.
^- : Flemoid death sound taken from audionautics, anechoix, and flasher21 on FreeSound.
^- : Cyclops Flemoid death sound taken from Killing Floor.
^- : Lord Snotfolus' Flemoid summoning taken from ZDoom Wars.
^- : Gigazorcher 2100 drawn by Revae, design by Charles Jacobi.
- : B.J. Blazkowicz, Wolfenstein, and the respective sprites/sounds are property of id Software.
^- : Wolfenstein 3D HUD graphics ripped by Ultimecia.
^- : B.J. Blazkowicz skin done by Joseph Dugas.
^- : Wolfenstein weapon sprites ripped by Lotos.
^- : Flamethrower/Rocket Launcher sprites ripped by Locke_gb7.
^- : Flamethrower/Rocket Launcher pickup sprites by Laz Rojas.
^- : Wolfenstein sounds ripped by Kinsie and Counter.
^- : Knife pickup sprite by Scuba Steve.
^- : Numerous sounds by as3sfxr
^- : Gibbing sprites by Peter Bark
^- : Rifle by Turbo.
- : Parias, Hexen, and the respective sprites/sounds are property of Raven Software.
^- : Widescreen sprites for the Firestorm by BlackFish.
^- : Muscular polishing on Timon's Axe and Hammer of Retribution by BlackFish.
- : Duke Nukem and the respective sprites/sounds are property of Gearbox and 3DRealms.
^- : Duke Nukem sprites and weapons ripped by Dolphman.
^- : Mighty Boot system inspired by Brutal Doom.
^- : Explosive Shotgun ripped by Chronoteeth.
^- : Duke Nukem 3D-style gibs by Voltlock.
^- : Freezethrower self-damage and streamlined taunting by Doomrater.
^- : Pipebomb detonation via bullets by Doomrater.
^- : Widescreen RPG sprites by BlackFish and Turbo.
^- : Widescreen Freezethrower sprite ripped by Kinsie.
^- : Duke Nukem Advance sprites for the Golden Desert Eagle expanded and polished by Marrub.
^- : Duke Nukem Advance sounds for the Golden Desert Eagle ripped by President People.
- : The Security Officer, Durandal, Marathon, and the respective sprites/sounds are property of Bungie.
^- : Wave Motion Cannon sprite by Hopper.
^- : Security Officer sprites ripped and assembled by Hopper. Infinite thanks for your generosity!
^- : The Security Officer's wielding-the-M1-Alien-Weapon sprites by PresidentPeople.
^- : Custom Pain sprites by PresidentPeople.
^- : Majority of resources/decorate given graciously by TwelveEyes. Thank you very much!
^- : Double, triple, and quadruple checking for Marathon accuracy by PresidentPeople.
^- : Synthesized fire mode by Xaser.
^- : HUD inspired by Steven Tze's M1A1 Enhanced hud.
^- : Marapfhont and Squarish Sans by ChristTrekker.
- : Quake, Ranger, the Quakeguy, Quake III, and the respective models/sounds are property of id Software.
^- : Majority of weapon coding done by Ijon Tichy, adapted from Quakeweps.
^- : Regeneration icon by Ijon Tichy.
^- : Weapon rips done by leileilol.
^- : Gib, rocket, and grenade graphics provided by DBThanatos and Major Cooke.
^- : Ranger model by Disapota.
^- : Model to sprite conversions done with the help of D-Grafix.
^- : .mdl to .md2 conversion done with the help of Senor Casarajo's Noesis.
^- : Mjolnir and the Laser Cannon by Ritual Entertainment, formerly Hipnotic Interactive.

- : Fuckloads of ACS design, re-design, and enhancement done by Ijon Tichy.
- : The Zorch cry for the Cyberdemon was taken from Duke Nukem 3D.
- : Sounds for item pickups were taken from:
^- : The Health pickups were taken from Painkiller, Quake III, and Quake IV.
^- : The Armor pickups were taken from Fatal/Fake.
^- : The Soulsphere pickup was taken from Super Street Fighter IV.
^- : The Megasphere pickup was taken from Unreal Tournament III.
^- : The Invisibility pickup was taken from Fatal/Fake.
^- : The Invulnerability pickup was taken from Super Street Fighter IV.
^- : The Infrared Light Visor was taken from Devil May Cry 3.
^- : Ammo 1 pickups taken from Devil May Cry 3 and Unreal Tournament III.
^- : Ammo 2 pickups taken from Unreal Tournament III.
^- : Ammo 3 pickups taken from Painkiller.
^- : Ammo 4 pickups taken from Painkiller and Unreal Tournament III.
^- : Backpack pickup taken from Unreal Tournament III.
- : Full-screen hud uses Sky Driver's "MugHud" as a basis.
- : Boss monologue introductions inspired by Lioyd_Irving.
- : Heretic widescreen HUD graphics nicked from Neoworm.
- : HeXen widescreen HUD graphics nicked from Nash.
- : All bar HUDs given widescreen support by BlackFish.
- : Interframes for Doomguy's weapons done by Perkristian.
^- : Super Shotgun DECORATE done by Phi108.
- : B.J.'s bot chatfile written by pkfan2004.
- : Weapon bar streamlining and banning the jetpack done with major help by Llewellyn.
- : Global key pickups taken from Shared Keys by Synert.
- : Xspheres inventory stuff for Corvus done by TehVappy50.
- : GLDefs for enemies provided by Popsoap.
- : Extra colors by Fuzzball Fox.
Spoiler: CHANGELOG (Open)
FROM 0.29b TO 0.3
- B.J.'s chaingun gave less ammo on pickup than his Machine Gun. Fixed, now it gives 20 ammo like the Machine Gun does.
- The Quake wiki reveals the lava nails were dealing too much damage. They were not more powerful in DM, they just pierced armor. And they only did 30% extra damage in co-op. Ranger was adjusted accordingly.
- Someone had removed +THRUGHOST on Ranger's nails. They were put back in.
- The Fusion Pistol's shots can no longer be deflected.
- In lieu of Zandronum 1.1.1, Duke's and Ranger's bullets now use FBF_NORANDOM! This gives them wonderful Unlagged compatibility while still being, as in Duke Nukem 3D, completely static about their damage!
- Splitting the Wraithverge into DM modes and coop modes gave it the side effect of being terribly, terribly overpowered. Its damage in deathmatch has been thirded and it speeds up only half as often.
- Timon's Axe now actually uses the damagetype TimonsAxe.
- In lieu of FBF_NORANDOM, Duke Nukem's Explosive Shotgun has been reworked. Damage emphasis has been placed less on the bullets and more on the explosives--the bullets do less damage, while the explosions do more to a wider radius. To accomodate the wider radius, the accuracy has been tightened up as well.
- The Devastators have had their radius increased as well, from 32 to 64, with damage increased from 35 to 48. Duke Nukem's HEIRARCHY OF EXPLOSIVES now goes:
^- Pipebombs: Largest radius
^- Explosive Shotgun: Most damage
^- RPG: Fastest firing
^- Devastators: Ultimate
- Parias now only resists 0.375 of Duke's explosives, rather than the 0.25 he does of everyone else.
- Doomguy's, Duke's, Corvus', and Chexter's bullets have been reworked to utilize an frandom-esque spread of projectiles, rather than the static grid. SO's bullets have been kept in a grid pattern, for accuracy to Marathon.
- Chexguy's bullets were originally more accurate to counteract lack of an SSG. Now he has an SSG-esque weapon, which is super-accurate. Why do the other bullets still need to be more accurate? Reverted to a Doom-esque spread level.
- Corvus' staff went through ghosts in Heretic. Now it does here.
- The difficulty settings now have ACSReturn values, for maps with ACS scripts that rely on difficulty settings.
- Here's one that's been around for a long, long time. Possessed Troopers, Sergeants, and Chaingunners couldn't infight with each other. Now they can!
- A new cvar, samsara_noult, has been implemented for DM/CTF/etc play. When enabled, no VIIs will spawn on the battlefield.
- Corvus' Crossbow has been slightly buffed and the Firemace slightly nerfed, changing out the DamageFactor Mace on everything with DamageFactor CorvusCrossbow. The DamageFactor Mace increase was made long, long ago in the early builds when the Firemace was an alternative to the chaingun and the Crossbow was OP. This is no longer the case.
- Tome of Power doubles dealt damage and halves recieved damage. Cooldown reduced further to 200.
- The SP and DM modes of the Super Large Zorcher's spatters on hit were swapped with each other. This has been fixed.
- When all of Duke's firing modes were integrated, the Explosive Shotgun had been sped up slightly, rendering it faster than the Super Shotgun. It has been slowed down back to 56 tics.
- The KKV SMG has had its out-of-water damage increased. While nowhere near as powerful as it was before, lack of water in ZDoom maps made its niche terribly infrequent at best.
- All of the enemies in Doom, sans the boss monsters, can now be stunned with the Tech.50 Pacifier.
- BJ has been given a very hacky recreation of A_WolfAttack--specifically, how bullets did more damage up-close. While BJ is and always will be a long-range focused character, a lot of Doom 2 is corridor and close-ranged based, and BJ was essentially useless in these matchups. He recieves a (very minor) 2(1d3) damage boost to his bullets when within 120 map units, which while not degrading from his long range power should give him a minor fighting chance up close.
- samsara_backpackstart is a new cvar that, well, has players spawn with backpacks.
- Corvus' bombs now force radius damage.
- The +FORCERADIUSDMG of the LAZ Device has been moved from the initial blast to the lingering wall. To compensate, the radius of the lingering explosions has been slightly increased by 32 units.
- From the same stupid minds that brought you Punchdrunk, a new gamemode has been implemented--Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3000! How long can you stand against an endless wave of crazy chickens out for YOUR flesh?! Activated via samsara_superturboturkeypuncher3000, it endlessly spawns either aggressive chickens (1), cowardly chickens (2), or friendly chickens (3). Whoever reaches the kill limit (perscribed by samsara_superturboturkeylimit) first is the winner. It is compatible in all gamemodes with all other existing cvars, and can be used in LMS, coop, deathmatch, survival, CTF, punchdrunk, or wherever.
- Ranger's Lava Nails now use the QuakeFire damagetype rather than Fire.
- The Super Large Zorcher's bolts have been changed from projectile to fastprojectile, so that they can actually /hit/ people at high speeds. They now travel at 155 speed to hit long-range opponents more easily (though die off in 25 speed with each bounce) and the spatters now travel at speed 15 for a slightly wider AoE. Being a fastprojectile, the "bounces" now all target Chexter, careening back to him rather than bouncing in a random direction--which should make bounce-shots easier for players to predict, and easier for opponents to avoid.
- For the Chex Quest purists, samsara_classiclaz has been implemented as a cvar. When enabled, it changes the LAZ Device back to the BFG9000 behavior. Keep in mind, the BFG spray effect still does not zorch people in Zandronum!
- Instagib mode is now supported! Everyone gets new weapons that, well, instagib people.
- I misinterpreted the PLAYERMISSILERANGE's range for hitscans to be the same as hitscans for monsters. This means that the Doom enemy shots did not travel 8192 units long (long enough to not matter) but to 2048 units (short enough to matter). The DoomEnemyBullet actor now only travels for 6 tics (1920 units) before dissipating.
- Ranger's Thunderbolt has been converted from A_Explode being the source of damage to the A_FireBullets, thanks to FBF_NoRandom. Parias and Chexguy no longer resist it, nor do bosses.
- samsara_allcanrj has been implemented as a new cvar. For the characters whose rockets do not damage themselves (Parias, Chex Warrior, BJ), this allows for the rockets to deliver self-damage and launch them up.
- samsara_nounique has been implemented for those who want duels without the unique item messing things up.
- samsara_noinvuln has been implemented for mapsets that use Invulnerability replacements as props. I'm looking at you, IDL maps.
- samsara_ban[class] has been implemented primarily as a debugging cvar, but admins who feel a certain character wrecks balance or want to enforce one-character-only matches may find it handy as well. On use, it forbids players from playing as certain classes--bandoomguy to forbid Doomguy, banchex to forbid Chex Warrior, banso to forbid Security Officer, etc.
- samsara_lmsrules has been implemented for those who want Rocket-Arena-esque matches or just to start with all weapons. As per the name, the game is treated as LMS--everyone starts with all weapons, and samsara_lmslife determines their starting health/armor.
- BJ was not the only person suffering from ammo woes--Parias now has BJ's ammo conversion system for picking up shells/rockets to convert.
- Parias' hammer might have had no self-damage, but it was dramatically slower than everyone else's and had a delayed explosion that allowed people to run away. The explosion damage has been restored to 128.
- It's impossible to make character balance that everyone agrees with--there are now cvars so that admins can buff or nerf a character on the spot as they see fit. samsara_[class]damage and samsara_[class]defense gives the class a defense or damage multiplier that can either bolster or hinder them. Alternatively, set everything at max and run through slaughterwads, or set everything at min and get a challenge.
- FireExplosive has been implemented as a damagetype for the Phoenix Rod and Hammer of Retribution.
- Two more gib decorative actors are now available for B.J. to drink up.
- The Security Officer's KKV-7 SMG and Wave Motion Cannon now have an auto-reload.
- Chex Warrior's LAZ Device has gone from 'stupidly powerful explosion' to 'pretty damn powerful', reduced from 896/512 damage/radius to 512/384.
- Chex Warrior's bullets originally all hit ghosts to counteract lack of an SSG. Now he doesn't need that anymore. Poor dude's getting nerfed all around today.

- Duke's left foot kicks with the Mighty Boot no longer do double damage, and Atomic Boot right foot kicks don't do double damage.
- In Strife, apparently the Loremaster door wouldn't open if you had all five splinters? At least, that's what the code said. Fixed.
- The Thunderbolt could not be forced to not recoil. Fixed.
- In rare instances, the S.O.'s pain frames would be replaced with a burning corpse. This has been fixed.
- Pain Elementals can no longer be unzorched by Archviles.
- You may now suicide when invulnerable again.
- Ranger's powerups now properly deplete on death.
- Players could not be telefragged while invulnerable. This has been fixed.
- In rare instances, the IV pickup would be replaced with Duke's Ripper. This has been fixed.
- Ranger should no longer be able to infinitely stack Quad Damage on pickup.
- In crazy instances where you face Lord Snotfolus before he finishes his monologue (?!), getting him in a painstate will no longer permanently lock him in invulnerability.
- Dumb things happened with the Gargoyles' Zorch sequence online. PresidentPeople has fixed all of the dumb things!
- Armors no longer spawn on the field in Last Man Standing mode.
- Ranger's freezedeath graphic was being overwritten by one of his firing frames. No more.
- If a player has been killed, Skulltag monsters should no longer repeatedly fire at their corpse.
- Respawning no longer breaks various scripts.
- Picking up an Invulnerability as Doomguy, Chex, Corvus, BJ, Duke, and SO now gives the proper god mode hud face.
- Duke no longer moans every time he picks up a Soulsphere--now he only moans when he picks it up at critical health.
- The Security Officer can no longer fight from beyond death by holding down fire as he dies.'
- Here's an old bug. Duke now gets taunt cooldown proper from picking up a weapon, and thus can no longer run two quotes at once by picking up a weapon and then killing someone/dying.
- Here's another old bug. Players no longer dance in place after spawning and triggering coop mode.
- Timefreeze no longer affects the LAZ Device shield, keeping people from locking up computers.
- Timefreeze also no longer affects the LAZ's particles.
- sv_shotgunstart now works on respawning when in non-cooperative game modes.
- The Security Officer no longer can get a LevelLimiter stuck in his inventory when picking up a dropped shotgun.
- Picking up a WSTE-M5 gave double the ammo. Whoops.
- Flemoids no longer react like normal damage to the PhasingZorch and ZorchKamikaze damagetype.
- Common Flemoids and Bipedal Common Flemoids no longer get hurt by the Flem damagetype.
- Defining the teams as Raktah and Nilah broke announcers in team-based games. Sorry. Teams reverted back to default, which also unfortunately means the colored winpics and losepics go.
- Chexguy would occaisionally go completely silent when "gibbed". No longer.
- Traductus no longer uses Parias' terrifying version of the Wraithverge.
- At the cost of irrevocably breaking Skulltag mode (which nobody plays, so it isn't a big loss), keys can no longer be crushed by crushers.
- Duke's pipebombs can no longer telefrag people.
- Online, Duke's Devastators no longer spam the server console with "NETWORK_AttenuationFloatToInt: Warning unknown attenuation value!".
- The Dark Imp had brown specs all over his body on death. Popsoap has fixed this with a new translation.
- The Cyberdemon now chases players properly.

- Party Mode particles are now spawned less often and disappear faster.
- Sounds and flashes are now done if you lose armor with Marathon-style armor, to indicate when you're hit.
- All fake bullets now go at 320 tics per unit, a slight speed boost.
- Rephrased a few obituaries to be gender-ambiguous.
- The Hectebus' shots now use the HexGreenFire damagetype.
- Ranger's shaft has been given an increase in girth.
- Duke's ricochet sound happened far too often. Now it happens much less often, as proper of Duke Nukem 3D.
- Vanilla animations for Doomguy's Pistol/Chaingun now properly light up the room.
- Duke's Explosive Shotgun's explosions now has the proper Duke Nukem 64 sprites.
- Thanks to Popsoap, all Skulltag monsters now have GLDefs.
- Ranger now has the Quake announcer shout "INVISIBILITY!" on picking up the Partial Invisibility.
- The Freezethrower now has its official Widescreen sprite from the Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition, ripped by Kinsie. Thanks!
- The Flembrane and Flembomination now have a proper non-zorch death sequence. Only Lord Snotfolus left to go!
- Here's one I've known about for a while but was too lazy to fix. The Fusion Pistol did not have a reload sound, and thus it has been removed.
- The Laser Cannon in Scourge of Armagon had some interesting behavior I'd forgotten about--every second shot was two bolts combined into one, and it wasn't a 100% guarantee to bounce. Whoops!
- Security Officer's Partial Invisibility pickup now behaves more closely to Marathon.
- The "see console" message now only pops up on first playing Samsara for clients. For servers, it still lists all of the serverside cvars every time. To see all of the cvars available, type "cvarinfo" into the console--it lists all cvars, both serverside and clientside.
- FuzzballFox has contributed almost 50 new colors for players to use in their names! WOWZERS!

FROM 0.28 TO 0.29
- Double-tapping Duke's jetpack to try and extend the lifespan of it now actually dramatically decreases its lifespan.
- sv_shotgunstart is now respected.
- The Fusion Pistol overcharge now explodes again.
- The first Fusion Pistol beep is now silent, and you can now charge for one more second.
- Ranger now has invisibility to Quake's Ring of Shadows! He's much less visible when picking up a blursphere (10% visibility), and his weapons don't alert monsters.
- Everyone Frozen states has been completely reworked. This should fix all of the strange ice-related bugs that keep popping up in DM.
- samsara_peoplediewhentheyarekilled has been added as an optional cvar. What does it do? Well, call it a Party Mode...
- Parias' Wraithverge has been converted to Decorate. This allows for different behavior in co-op and DM, at the expense of the ghosts now acting like complete idiots. In DM, the ghosts do dramatically more damage, move faster as long as the player is in sight, and spawn with a large explosion.
- samsara_chainsawstart has been added. If 1, gives you your chainsaw weapon. If 2, gives you your chainsaw weapon, plus full ammo.
- samsara_uniquestart has been added. See the wiki for details.
- A melee-only mode has been added! If it's on, all your non-fist weapons are taken, you can't pick up weapons, and uniques change to effects more useful in Punchdrunk. Use "samsara_punchdrunk 1" to turn it on.
- In case you like the Punchdrunk uniques more than normal ones, samsara_punchdrunkuniques is exactly what you want.
- Same deal with the Punchdrunk chainsaws. samsara_punchdrunksaws switches the saws to their Punchdrunk variants.
- Dark Imps, Hectebi, and SSGGuys now shoot through spooky ghosts.
- Corvus' cooldown for the time bombs has been reduced from 70 tics to 15.
- The Fusion Pistol can now actually bypass player invulnerability, as it should.
- B.J. has had his Clip ammo doubled upon picking up Ammo 2.
- B.J. Blazkowic's Machine Gun now gives 20 of ammo 1 on pickup, rather than 6.
- samsara_armormode has been added. The modes available are Normal, Quake, Quake (old), Marathon, and None.
- You can now see what settings the server is using!
- In DM, the Tomed Firemace has traded in the ability to home on people for the ability to bounce off walls.
- Thanks to TehVappy50, Corvus now has the ability to pick up and carry around spheres of various kinds in his inventory. A massive buff on Skulltag maps!
- Chexter's screen now flashes green when slimed or flemmed.
- Duke's Riot Shotgun has been given a cleaned-up spread, more reminiscent of Duke 3D.
- The Dehacked has been implemented back in. It was a nice idea, but practically no wads with Dehacked were behaving properly, and the shell ammo problems it brought back up were terrible.
- samsara_nohealthcap has been implemented as an optional cvar. True to its name, it gives practically no limit to maximum health, which should make survival/DM games more interesting.
- Duke Nukem's Mighty Foot now affects players! Slam the boot into them, they go careening backwards wildly.
- In DM, the Spear of Destiny's bolts do not persist as long and have a higher chance to dissipate quickly after the initial wave.
- In DM, the LAZ Device's zorch radius has been expanded by 64 units.
- In DM, the TOZT has had its damage slightly reduced.
- BJ's Flamethrower sprites were conflicting with the Abaddon's projectiles. Fixed.
- One of the biggest problems Ranger had was that sheer luck determined whether or not he got to use Cells or not. To address this, the Thunderbolt has been coupled with the Quad Damage on slot 7.
- The Laser Cannon has been moved to Ranger's unique slot, and Mjolnir has been introduced as Ranger's slot 1.
- Ranger now has the Pentagram of Protection for his Invulnerability!
- The Thunderbolt has been un-nerfed; it's back at 360dps.
- The Laser Cannon has been buffed, at 24 damage per shot and 240dps.
- The Quad Damage recharge time has been lengthened by 30 seconds. It now takes 90 seconds after one use to be reusable.
- The Unique no longer has +BIGPOWERUP on it. We can hardly remember why it was on in the first place.

- Ranger's Spectral weapons no longer use the old DoE ammo switching style.
- Spectral Laser Cannon no longer flickers.
- Spectral Thunderbolt no longer uses cells.
- Spectral LAZ Device zorches properly.
- Ranger no longer keeps his quadded face when he dies.
- (ZDoom) The SO's lightamp now does BlueMap, as expected. BlueMap still broken in Zandroland.
- The Thunderbolt discharge now actually escapes the sector it's in. Apparently low-radius projectiles don't explode properly.
- sv_degeneration disables Ranger's degeneration, so he isn't hit with both of them.
- Corvus' Tomed Phoenix Rod was getting confused with the Spectral Tomed Phoenix Rod. This was fixed.
- The Quad Damage no longer plays weapons/sigil when powering down.
- The SO's Marathon 2 Alien Weapon can no longer be dropped.
- The Hectebus no longer gets locked in firing.
- Spectre 2 and 4 in Strife are no longer immune to every non-Spectral weapon.
- Duke burning and freezing now causes him to lose his inventory stuff and triggers the 'press any button to respawn' message.
- Duke's ballgag now respects his death quip.
- The SSG zombie's drop now actually exists.
- The TOZT no longer lifts up instantly and gains an ammo from nowhere on lift-up.
- Unique items no longer spawn in LMS and TLMS.
- Duke passing the pipe no longer results in a clack.
- The Barons of Hell, Mancubi, and Arachnotrons no longer forget to trigger A_BossDeath when frozen in Survival mode. What a specific bug!
- The Wings of Wrath have had their gold tint removed, as Hexen made it permanent.
- Freezing the Programmer no longer breaks Strife.
- The Programmer now gives a dummy Sigil on death, which should fix Strife's map progression.
- The SO's/Ranger's automap HUD no longer show inventory and runes.
- The SO's fists were not taking into account the Y axis on determining whether to deliver extra power to the punch. Um. Whoops!
- samsara_permault was apparently relying on sv_weaponstay--meaning if sv_weaponstay was 0, samsara_permault 1 would have no effect. Whoops x2!
- Duke no longer has an undying left foot.
- The Quad Damage was not being removed from the inventory on use in DM or LMS. This has been fixed.
- Chickens were immune to booting and zorching. This has been fixed.
- You no longer regenerate health when dead.
- The base ammo types are now always filled in LMS.
- How did we go for so long without supplying a sprite for the Berserk? Fixed.

- The changelog has been changed from a graphic to a textdump.
- Further separated Samsara character scripts from other non-Samsara chars.
- When using vanilla animations, Doomguy's pistol muzzle flash is no longer wildly to the side.
- Hexen armor is now brown, and red armor is actually red again.
- You can now see what armor type you have when using hud_althud, as you would expect.
- samsara_cl_noadditivepickups has been added, for those whose bloom makes it near impossible to see the things.
- Duke pipebombs and devastators now make two explosion sounds; one local and loud, one global and quiet (with the pipebomb global sound limited).
- The Quad Damage now makes the "no item" sound from Quake 3 if it's used when it's recharging.
- Duke's Freezethrower sprites have been adjusted for better Widescreen compatibility.
- The SO has been given generic color painflashes for easier add-on compatibility.
- BlackFish has provided cleaner rocketlauncher sprites for Quakeguy.
- Weapon pickup messages now take into account msg0color.
- Duke's RPG has been tweaked in widescreen, thanks to Turbo.
- Thanks to BlackFish, the Firestorm now has widescreen sprites!
- Whoops! Turns out the proper message was MIGHTY FOOT ENGAGED, not Mighty Boot. Fixed.
- Skulltag monsters now bleed/gib their proper colors.
- The Security Officer's fists now properly alternate when holding both fire buttons.
- B.J. Blazkowicz now has a Dukegib sequence, thanks to Peter Bark's sprites.
- Due to popular request, the Chicken player now has its own unique HUD.
- The Icon of Sin now has a boss speech.
- For those who don't like the boss speeches, samsara_nomonologues has been implemented as a cvar.
- Sounds have been arranged and sorted into neat little folders.
- Ranger now has a sound for hitting things with the axe, due to popular request.
- Ranger now has a burndeath sequence based off the simplistic burndeaths from Quake mods.
- The TOZT's death frames are now more accurate to Marathon.
- The Marathon weapons now all properly reload on select.
- The WSTEs now show their magazines being used, instead of always being full. While it's a bit off from Marathon, it's still a major improvement.
- The SO's HUD now displays the empty/loaded state of the magazines of the WSTE-M5 Combat Shotguns.
- The SO's HUD now properly splits into two magazines when the WSTE-M5 is loaded, and the single magazine is centered with the Magnum.
- The Quad Damage now has a bunch of lightning shooting out of it with samsara_pickupmode 1.
- The weapon pickup sparkles have had their lifespan shortened and count reduced, to hopefully ease lag issues.
- The powerup timers with Ranger no longer have gaps between them; they move up and down as powerups start and stop.
- Popsoap has provided GLDefs for the enemies of Doom and Heretic.
Spoiler: Fun trivia for server admins! (Open)
- Pistols have infinite ammo.

- In Last Man Standing, you can adjust the amount of life/armor people start with
by using the sv_lmslife cvar. samsara_lmslife 0 starts with just 100 life, using
samsara_lmslife 1 starts with 100 life and 100 armor, samsara_lmslife 2 starts with
200 life/armor, samsara_lmslife 3 starts 300 life/armor, samsara_lmslife 4 starts
with 400, and samsara_lmslife 5 starts with 500.

- In Last Man Standing, to have characters spawn with Ultimate weapons as well,
use the samsara_lmsult cvar. samsara_lmsult 1 enables Ultimates, samsara_lmsult 0
disables it.

- In co-op, characters can shoot through each other.

- In co-op, characters picking up keys will share it with everyone--you can see
who got what key in the RCon log.

- Samsara is compatible with sv_shotgunstart, in case players need an extra bit
of oomph at the start. In the same vein, samsara_chainsawstart gives everyone
their slot I on entry, and samsara_uniquestart gives everyone their unique
pickup(s) on entry.

- Offline in Zandronum, Ranger cannot be selected in the char select screen.
This is an engine limitation.

- HeXen's emphasis on platforming requires a higher jumpheight for characters, and
Strife's jumping system was a bit lower. samsara_jumpmod cvar will adjust
everybody's jumpheight so as to accomodate it, use 9 for HeXen and -8 for Strife.

- You can disable Duke's jetpack with samsara_banjetpack 1. He will recieve 8x
boot damage instead.

- You can tweak whether the Security Officer has Marathon-esque gravity or normal
gravity with samsara_nocustomgravity 1 (Doom gravity) or 0 (Marathon gravity).
This also affects Ranger, though not as much.

- Weapon VII can be toggled to be persistent or vanish on pickup by samsara_permault
1 or 0. 0 has it vanish on pickup, 1 has it stay persistent. Note that it acts
as a big powerup, so its respawn timer is much longer than others.

- Heretic's/HeXen's/Strife's palettes are different from Doom's, and thus use
different color ranges, and thus put color splotches in odd places.

- Samsara makes use of Scripts 200-250 and 650-700. Levelsets using these script ranges may,
and almost definitely will, create odd behavior.

- Samsara was designed with Zandronum in mind, particularly making extensive use
of the ConsoleCommand ACS function. There may be some odd shenanigans in ZDoom!

- If players aren't being challenged with UV-Fast, please consider using the new
Skill 4. This removes monster respawn and instead dramatically amplifies monster
aggression, as well as enhances their speed and damage--if you would like to use
the old Skill 4, it can be replicated with the command lines "skill 3",
"sv_monsterrespawn 1", "sv_doubleammo 1", and "sv_fastmonsters 1".

- Want to see just how healthy you can get? samsara_nohealthcap disables the 100/200
health cap on characters, instead going as high as the sky. Enable this if you
want to be a hulking behemoth, or just want to last a little longer!
(NOTE: In this mode, Parias'/Corvus' health items are not carried in the inventory.
For obvious reasons)

- Want to make things just a little bit more interesting? There's a Party Mode! The
samsara_peoplediewhentheyarekilled cvar causes players to explode on death. If it
is a suicide, the explosion happens immediately, if they are killed, then there is
a delay. Increasing the cvar to further levels (maximum 3), increases the radius
and damage.

- Want to settle things the gentleman's way in DM? samsara_punchdrunk engages the
Punchdrunk Mode, in which everyone is forced to use only their melee weapons.
samsara_chainsawstart and samsara_uniquestart also work with this mode, and may
provide even more interesting effects.

- You don't care for the gentleman's way, but like their heavy hitters? No
problem! Use samsara_punchdrunkuniques, and your uniques will change from
their normal items to the Punchdrunk items, as if a genie was in the pickups.
(No genies were harmed in the making of Punchdrunk Mode.)

- Want to change up player defenses? samsara_armormode changes the way armor spawns
in-game. 1 changes it up to Quake style armor, 2 changes it up to armor with more
protection, 3 changes it to Marathon-style armor, 4 has no armor spawn at all.

- Sick and tired of the boss monologues, just want to jump right into action? No
problem! samsara_nomonologues, and your day is free!

- Want a boost of ammo at the start? samsara_backpackstart gives you, well, a
backpack right from the getgo!

- Don't like the new LAZ Device? Want to bring the old one back? samsara_lazdevice
has exactly what you need! Enable it, and you'll be reliving the old Chex Quest BFG!
limitation. Sorry.

- Want to rocketjump around as BJ, Parias, or Chex Warrior? Enable samsara_allcanrj
and your rockets will be able to self-damage you, propelling you high into the sky!

- Unique spawns getting in the way? Messing up duels? samsara_nounique gets rid of them
so you can duel in peace!

- Several old maps used the dehacked of the Invulnerability to make decorations. If you're
playing on a map like that (cough IDL CTF cough), then put in samsara_noinvuln and you
won't find the map filled with 25 invulnerability artifacts!

- Want a class to just not be played? samsara_ban[class] forbids it from being put on the server!
samsara_banchex keeps the waffle out, samsara_banso prevents the Marathon man, etc etc.

- Want to start with all weapons from the getgo? Wanna have a truckload of health and armor to
buff you from the start? samsara_lmsrules 1 and then every time you spawn you're loaded and
ready to kick some ass!

- Think a class is too weak or too strong? You have the ability to nerf or buff them on the spot!
samsara_[class]damage and samsara_[class]defense gives the character a multiplier to their,
well, damage and defense. samsara_doomguydamage 4x gives Doomguy a 1.4x multiplier to
his gunplay, samsara_chexdefense 9 gives Chex Warrior a 1.9x multiplier.
Damage integers run from -10 to 30.
Defense integers run from -10 to 20.

- Want something new to do? samsara_superturboturkeypuncher3000 pits you against an eternal
wave of chickens that are out for your blood! 1 gives you aggressive chickens, 2 gives you
scared chickens, and 3 gives you friendly chickens.
samsara_superturboturkeylimit determines how many chickens need to be killed before the
victor is announced, and samsara_superturboturkeyfrequency determines how frequently the
chickens spawn (in tics).
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RE: Samsara (Concept build)


Post by Zakken » Sun Jun 10, 2012 3:27 am

Reminds me a lot of Generations Arena. Interesting!
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RE: Samsara (Concept build)


Post by TerminusEst13 » Sun Jun 10, 2012 8:28 pm



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RE: Samsara (Concept build)


Post by Medicris » Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:22 pm

The only thing I'll miss is the Quake 1/2 Guys.

And even then there's an ST Generations Arena with models for that anyway.

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RE: Samsara (Concept build)


Post by TerminusEst13 » Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:39 pm

The only thing I'll miss is the Quake 1/2 Guys.
Depending on how well this concept build is received, I'd be interested in adding even more heroes. I consider it kind of like ZDoom Wars, and half the point of this all is nostalgia--the four games already represented are hardly the only noteworthy old FPSes.
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RE: Samsara (Concept build)


Post by ALIENwolve » Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:00 am

I like the ideas you have for this player trait system. Makes things feel much less cobbled together.

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RE: Samsara (Concept build)


Post by katZune » Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:18 am

nice idea what you have there, but what about change enemies? i mean if you play as chex enemies would be changed to chex's enemies (lol) ah yeah what about of strife...(not too old but is one)?
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RE: Samsara (Concept build)


Post by Ivan » Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:30 am

katZune wrote: nice idea what you have there, but what about change enemies? i mean if you play as chex enemies would be changed to chex's enemies (lol) ah yeah what about of strife...(not too old but is one)?
I think that's a good time to use a random spawner to put heretic/doom/wolfenstein/chex enemies if such classes exist in that round.

I like what this project is about, though, certainly nostalgic ! Keep up the good work.
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RE: Samsara (Concept build)


Post by ALIENwolve » Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:58 am

Ivan wrote:
katZune wrote: nice idea what you have there, but what about change enemies? i mean if you play as chex enemies would be changed to chex's enemies (lol) ah yeah what about of strife...(not too old but is one)?
I think that's a good time to use a random spawner to put heretic/doom/wolfenstein/chex enemies if such classes exist in that round.

I like what this project is about, though, certainly nostalgic ! Keep up the good work.
Trouble arises when you throw together a bunch of random characters in terms of balance and theme. One teeters a fine line with a project like this. Runs the risk of becoming one of those "replace monsters with random Realm667 creations" projects.

So... I don't think randomly changing enemies would be a good idea. And changing to the selected class' monsters? Complications rear their ugly heads, come multiplayer.
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RE: Samsara (Concept build)


Post by TerminusEst13 » Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:23 am

Yeah, I'm not too keen with the idea of having random monster replacements run the show, sorry. That would just break a lot of levelsets and their carefully-planned encounters--I'm going to be having a lot of trouble trying to balance everyone to match the Doomguy while keeping them true to their game to begin with, haha.
Instead, what I'm going to aim on doing is making this compatible with as many iwads as possible, so you can run it in levelsets that were designed for Doom, Heretic, Chex Quest, Hacx, or etc, and fight the enemies there. I'm actually running a Chex Quest test in the background right now as I type this--hence the B.J. screenshot above.
ah yeah what about of strife...(not too old but is one)?
Like I said, I'm definitely interested in adding more Heroes. Strifeguy is going to be tough to do, considering his emphasis on upgrades and his...very unorthodox weapon loadout, but I'm intent on figuring him out eventually.
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RE: Samsara (Concept build)


Post by TerminusEst13 » Sat Jun 16, 2012 7:03 am

Sorry for the triple-post, but v0.13 is out now. Heretic support is in, and Chex Quest support is...functional, but the Flemoids other than the Bipedus and Commonus need death sprites.
Play as B.J. going through Parthoris, or play as Doomguy mauling the Flemoids! It's pretty much compatible with any and all Heretic/Chex Quest mods (Chex Quest has mods?) that don't add new enemies or weapons, so go wild.
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RE: Samsara (Concept build)


Post by Dark-Assassin » Sat Jun 16, 2012 7:45 am

Soul wrote: Reminds me a lot of Generations Arena. Interesting!
Same here, and I did like that mod. Hope it gets finished though.

Aside, this does sound Interesting.
Any chance of adding Hexen and Strife support? Perhaps even other 3rd party Iwads?

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RE: Samsara (Concept build) - v0.13 out! Heretic/Chex support!


Post by TerminusEst13 » Sat Jun 16, 2012 3:54 pm

Any chance of adding Hexen and Strife support? Perhaps even other 3rd party Iwads?
Ideally. I'm hoping to make this compatible with as many different Zandronum-supported iwads as possible. HeXen's my personal favorite iwad out of all of them, so that'll probably get top priority.

Zandronum seems to have inherited Skulltag's frustrating as all fuck fatal-error-on-loading with HeXen, though, so that'll slow progress down.

[spoiler]"Slow down", not "stop completely". Heh.

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RE: Samsara (Concept build) - v0.13 out! Heretic/Chex support!


Post by Torr Samaho » Sat Jun 16, 2012 4:15 pm

TerminusEst13 wrote: Zandronum seems to have inherited Skulltag's frustrating as all fuck fatal-error-on-loading with HeXen, though, so that'll slow progress down.
In case you think you encounter a Zandronum bug, please be sure to report it at the tracker. Just complaining about it in a random forum thread is not going to help anybody. BTW: For me Zandronum runs Hexen just fine.

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RE: Samsara (Concept build) - v0.13 out! Heretic/Chex support!


Post by TerminusEst13 » Sat Jun 16, 2012 4:26 pm

In case you think you encounter a Zandronum bug, please be sure to report it at the tracker. Just complaining about it in a random forum thread is not going to help anybody.
And here it served me so well on other corners of the internet.
Joking aside, I was under the impression the tracker had yet to be moved. I'm glad to see this isn't the case.
BTW: For me Zandronum runs Hexen just fine.
The problem I believe is with custom/extra player classes. I had this problem with The Ranger, too. I'll elaborate more in the tracker.

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RE: Samsara (Concept build) - v0.13 out! Heretic/Chex support!


Post by Konda » Sat Jun 16, 2012 5:05 pm

Quite an interesting project, I must say. I'm looking forward for HeXen and Strife heroes :P. Keep up the good work! Balancing the characters is probably not an easy job.

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RE: Samsara (Concept build) - v0.13c out! HeXen/Heretic/Chex support!


Post by TerminusEst13 » Wed Jun 20, 2012 6:37 pm

13c has been released--now that HeXen is supported, all the major iwads (sans Strife) are playable with it...though Chex Quest needs some serious spritework.

Where should I move next? For more iwad support, or more playable heroes?
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RE: Samsara (Concept build) - v0.13c out! HeXen/Heretic/Chex support!


Post by President People » Wed Jun 20, 2012 9:33 pm

TerminusEst13 wrote:Where should I move next? For more iwad support, or more playable heroes?
There are a ton plenty of other wads to tear through for the time being, including the iwads that are now compatible, so I'd want more playable heroes. :)

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RE: Samsara (Concept build) - v0.14 out! HeXen/Heretic/Chex support!


Post by TerminusEst13 » Sat Jun 23, 2012 5:02 pm

Right, then. Due to popular demand, B.J.'s Extra Life has been removed as his ultimate. It's been replaced with hopefully the only original weapon Samsara will have, the Spear of Destiny.


Enjoy, ladies and gents.
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RE: Samsara (Concept build) - v0.14. B.J.'s ultimate ain't shit anymore!


Post by Blade » Sat Jun 23, 2012 5:18 pm

Excellent job! I'd like to see more of B.J.'s new toys
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