Push - Griefing Made Legal (G-G-G-GIGAWAD)

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RE: Push - Griefing Made Legal (Want some free advertisement?)


Post by Phoenix7786 » Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:22 pm

Dude this is like Smashbros meets Doom. So awesome. At this rate, Terminus will take over the site.


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RE: Push - Griefing Made Legal (Want some free advertisement?)


Post by TehRealSalt » Fri Jan 23, 2015 2:38 am


Is there a deadline on these? I'd love to make a bunch more but it took forever for me to make this one because I'm both a perfectionist AND terrible at modern image editing.

Also, are you planning on making the banners cycle through different pictures or not?
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RE: Push - Griefing Made Legal (Want some free advertisement?)


Post by -Jes- » Fri Jan 23, 2015 10:56 am

Oh hey, it's me. :D

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RE: Push - Griefing Made Legal (Want some free advertisement?)


Post by TerminusEst13 » Sat Jan 24, 2015 12:50 am

Nope, there's no deadline! I alternate between work on DemonSteele and Push--with the new Push build out, I'm hard at work on DemonSteele, and once a new build of that is out, I'm gonna be back to work on Push. So with that, content is slowly piling up as more stuff is being submitted.

Thank you very much to everyone who has submitted banners, by the way! There's been an incredible amount of work here, and I'm grateful to every single person who lent their talents to improving a silly little mod.

Yes, they will be cycled through--the way Push24 works is that it changes the textures every round, so every new match there'll be new banners displaying.

While everyone who submitted banners is a badass and a half, here's a few of my personal favorites that haven't been posted:

Image (by Kinsie)
Image (by Yholl)
Image (by Marrub)

Thank you again to everyone! I wonder what's next on the agenda...?
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RE: Push - Griefing Made Legal (Want some free advertisement?)


Post by Frits » Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:58 am

Question, why is the current alt fire not the primary attack and the other way around? I seem to use alt fire 90% of the time i played this.
So rebounded my altfire to mouse1 and primaryfire to mouse2 lol.
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RE: Push - Griefing Made Legal (Want some free advertisement?)


Post by TerminusEst13 » Thu Apr 02, 2015 9:06 pm

In the original starting build of Push, the gun was basically the equivalent of an assault rifle. Rapid-fire primary, grenade launcher secondary. It's easier to hold down primary fire than it is to hold down secondary fire, and even as the functions of the gun solidified (primary fire for long range, secondary fire for close range), that's basically how you're supposed to use the shots anyway--hold down for rapid weak fire, click for precise power fire.

Plus, after all these builds, people have gotten super-used to the placement of the buttons and changing it now would throw everything out of whack. :D
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RE: Push - Griefing Made Legal (G-G-G-GIGAWAD)


Post by TerminusEst13 » Tue Apr 21, 2015 7:54 pm

So, remember that talk about 64+ maps? YUUUUUUP, looks like we've hit it! Push is now officially a gigawad!
I'm still having a hard time believing it. 70 maps? 70 maps! Seventy fucking maps! I remember back when I was excited with just the prospect of 32 maps, "oh man if this could reach megawad status that would be incredible". Well, just half a year later, and suddenly we're double that.
We have maps to cater to every single taste, now. We have large maps, we have small maps, we have vertical maps, we have horizontal maps, we have hazardous maps, we have simple maps, we have fun and chaotic maps, we have straightforward and skill-based maps, we have Hexen maps, we have Doom maps, we have food maps, we have gameshow maps, we have spoopy maps, we have retro vidya maps, and more.

Thank you. All of you. This is unbelievable. This really is a testament to the power of the Doom community, banding together from across the world for one simple mod and blossoming it into something that everyone can play.

Unfortunately, with that I think it's probably best to say I will not be accepting map submissions forever. Right now, I'm setting a tentative cutoff at PUSH99.
While that's not to say people can't continue making maps and/or map for different game modes (the guys in #doomtwid were experimenting with Domination, which I think might be interesting), the main pk3 is going to stop at 99 maps. I think that's going to be more than enough for most people, and while I would love to keep going...well, you know what they say about too much of a good thing. :D

In the meantime, though, we have a whopping 20 new maps to show off to people, and a monumental changelog!

- Surfing is no longer as obscenely exploitable as before--when a player bounces repeatedly in mid-air without landing, he will eventually stop bouncing and will just plummet.
- Players are now always bright, for ease of visibility at longer ranges.
- Drones are now faster, fire faster, and their shots speed up. There are also more drone spawns on certain maps.
^- Push08
^- Push19
^- Push10
^- Push11
^- Push15
^- Push18
^- Push21
^- Push22
^- Push24
^- Push31
^- Push45
- Changing/swapping maps while in non-DM modes no longer renders the players invulnerable.
- Sudden death drones now only show up in Last Man Standing/Team Last Man Standing.
- Push is now compatible with and playable in ZDoom/GZDoom! I don't know WHY you'd want to, but there you have it!
- Respawn protection now is taken away as soon as players fire, so players are now able to rocketjump out of the gate.
- p_playerdrones has been added as a cvar. When enabled, when the player is on his final life (and sv_maxlives is above one), he will be turned into a drone to chase down the remaining players as he sees fit.
- p_nohazards has been added as a cvar. When enabled, all randomized dangers or map-changing hazards will be disabled. This affects maps:
^- Push04
^- Push16
^- Push17
^- Push27
^- Push32
^- Push34
^- Push42
^- Push44
^- Push60
^- Push61
^- Push63
^- Push69
- Push weapons no longer support autoaim.
- The push laser was made one tic slower, but bolts now travel over 1.5x as fast. This should easily help its role in long-ranged nudging of opponents trying to recover.
- If sv_nomedals is not turned on, it will automatically be turned on.

- Push11 now has both drone spawns and projectile blocking boundaries.
- Push19's been given the Presidential Treatment:
^ More efficient method of keeping players off the counter (an invisible 3D floor) end
^ Fixed the alignment of some pyramid light textures
^ Blue ring platforms are now fully lit and 125% wider
^ Raised ceilings above some 3D floors slightly, so they appear on the automap
^ Filled the large window in with glass. The center pane remains open
^ Fountains now launch players up
- Push20's boundaries have been shortened by 2056 units.
- Push27 now has a drone spawn.
- Absolutely nothing was changed about Push28.
- Push30 no longer can teleport lasers into infinity.
- Push32 now has darker borders around the circles to indicate position.
- Push33's center mountains have been removed, and the mountains have been moved to the outer portion of the map. To address camping, there is now an ocean drift on the outside of the map--get thrown out there, and you'll start drifting away!
- Push34's platforms have been trimmed and the belts sped up.
- Push34 has many more spawnpoints now.
- Push35 no longer has player spawns outside of the play boundary.
- Push38's layout has been squeezed in a slight bit, for easier mobility.
- Push42's gravity now resets every time the map restarts.
- Push42's gravity will now always adjust by at least 10%.
- Push43's killfloor has had its depth increased, so it's no longer as easy to trip into it.
- Push46's skybox is no longer obscenely fuckhuge filesize.
- Push47's camp spots have been removed.
- Push47's miscolored water has been colored properly.
- Push49's boundaries have been shortened and the main layout has been expanded.
- Push49 no longer has the water bobbing up and down.

- A new map, Ichikishimahime Says Keep Your Water Clean by Kurashiki, has been added at Push50.
- A new map, Coffee Break by PresidentPeople, has been added at Push51.
- A new map, Ship of Fools by UniversalQuantifier, has been added at Push52.
- A new map, Samhara Trench by IdeIdoom, has been added at Push53.
- A new map, Dwango 2015 by Gardevoir, has been added at Push54.
- A new map, Burn Baby Burn by Infirnex, has been added at Push55.
- A new map, Jazzy Nostalgia by IdeIdoom, has been added at Push56.
- A new map, Bullseye by Sgt. Shivers, has been added at Push57.
- A new map, Heifong Virtual Arena by Marty Kirra, has been added at Push58.
- A new map, Push-Mortem by Untitled, has been added at Push59.
- A new map, Castle of Griefing by PresidentPeople, has been added at Push60.
- A new map, Serpent Riders' Playhouse by Gothic, has been added at Push61.
- A new map, Island Retreat by PresidentPeople, has been added at Push62.
- A new map, Wild is the Wind by Infirnex, has been added at Push63.
- A new map, Acid Killer by UniversalQuantifier, has been added at Push64.
- A new map, 7th Hell by Gardevoir, has been added at Push65.
- A new map, Gimmick! by Deadon, has been added at Push66.
- A new map, The Strongest Spirit by Guardsoul, has been added at Push67.
- A new map, The Longest Push by Infirnex, has been added at Push68.
- A new map, Gardie's Crazy Game Show! by Gardevoir and Guardsoul, has been added at Push69.
- A new map, Peaceful Hexagon Realm by Yholl, has been added at Push70.

- Sgt. Shivers has provided the best titlepic.
- All SNDINFO entries have been separated by map.
- Push19 had had a massive wipe of polish across the entire board, with more effects, prettier textures, and some new additions.
- Push24 now has over double the banners. Thanks to everyone for submitting!
- Push31's HOMs behind the banner has been removed.
- Push34 now has rain and lightning.
- Push30 now has a Startropics enemy wandering about.
- Push38 has been given its proper skybox.
- Several misaligned sectors in Push43 have been re-aligned. Not all of them, but quite a few.
- Push48 has been given more even lighting across the board.
- All cvars have been changed to properly accomodate cvarinfo. Note that their prefix has been changed from push_* to p_*!
- The Push Gun now has A_GunFlash in both of its states, so as to accomodate skins with custom firing sprites.
- The gauntlet now deals 100 damage, for those that insist on playing Push in co-op.
- Difficulty settings have been removed.
- For singleplayer (why?) purposes, Push maps now have their own episode entry.
- Push43 has had a LOT of texture alignment.
- All of the scripts have been converted to named scripts.
- The Push Gun sprites have been given a nice draw-over by Fuzzball Fox! Thank you!

- It's no longer possible to dive into the Cacodemon's mouth in Push17 and hide there.
- The edges of Push31's banner have been pushed against the cake.
- It's no longer possible to hide behind the house in Push38.
- The torches in the Push38 house's corner have been brought in, to keep people from butthugging the corner.
- The hole in the center of Push39 has been risen up, and the pillars pulled back.
- It's no longer possible to hide under the center platform in Push42.
- It's no longer possible to hide in the pillars in Push41.[/spoiler]

And with that, let's talk about the maps.


Kurashiki would like to let you know that Ichikishimahime says to keep your water clean! According to a quick google, Ichikishimahime is an elder kami that watches over the seas in Japan, so...yeah, you should probably do what she says.


Tired after a long, hard day of dealing with nerds over the internet? Need to kick back at your computer and have a refreshing snack to get you going again? PresidentPeople offers you a reprieve of sugar and caffiene in this delicious map Coffee Break!


Pirates are awesome. Every mod should have a pirate in some form. UniversalQuantifier noticed the distinct lack of pirates in Push and decided to rectify this with the Ship of Fools!


Here we've got a map split in two! One side of the map has more safe spots on the floor, the other side of the map has more rocks to run back and forth on. An interesting gameplay divide by IdeIdoom, for the Samara Trench!


Love it or hate it, Dwango 5 map01 is irrevocably carved into the history of Doom multiplayer. Gardevoir comes with a tribute to it, Dwango 2015! Now if only we could get a tracker version of that incredible song...


Just in case you were feeling a bit too cozy in those wide-open maps with lots of area, Infirnex decides to throw everyone into a sauna. Closed-off walls, thin railways, and lava lava lava everywhere--it's time to burn, baby, burn!


Floating platforms bobbing up and down have always been any platformer's worst nightmare. Here they come in full force, with IdeIdoom peppering hovering and moving platforms across a vast expanse of...whatever that yellow shit is. It's Jazzy Nostalgia!


After all of the fancy textures, beautiful layouts, and fine detail that other maps have had, Sgt. Shivers' latest submission may look primitive. Ugly, even. But the Bullseye is no cakewalk--the floor gets more slippery the further in you go, and in the very center the hole yanks you in with increased gravity!


Marty Kirra makes his mapping debut and does so with style! The Heifong Virtual Arena is stylish and dangerous, a remnant of the undernet that every hacker wants to get into, but nobody wants to be seen in. Time to kick everyone else out and get the place to yourself!


Everyone knew this map was coming. Everyone did. The only question is who would be the one lucky enough to claim it--and our winner was Untitled! Everything you know and love from the dreaded Map24 has been recreated with painstaking care, and I'm sure everyone is very eager to walk the narrow walkways and tiny pillars once again. Hey, at least in Push-Mortem, you can recover off the ground if you fall!
(Wait, wouldn't this fit more in push24?)


Straight from Hexen, PresidentPeople brings some scenery straight from the game into Push's eager claws. Welcome to the Castle of Griefing, where you get Serpents trying to shoot at you, Afrits trying to knock you down, and that last goddamn clock gear hiding somewhere in Timbuktu.


Ohhhh hell yes. Not to reveal my bias too much, but I love this map to death. Gothic has hit paydirt with this one, and I can tell it's going to be a real hit among the players as well. In the Serpent Riders' Playhouse, you're going to be fighting not just each other but also the dreaded Chaos Sphere as well...


You know, I'm starting to think that PresidentPeople just really likes kicking back. First it was a resort hotel, then it was tasty donuts and coffee, and now it's an Island Resort! 'Fess up, mate, you just want everyone to let their guards down, huh?


Infirnex throws the players into the madhouse once again, this time with a windy canyon. Yeah, that number up top isn't for show. Every minute, the wind will change in strength in direction, throwing players wherever! Wild is the Wind, indeed.

So how exactly do you refine toxins? UniversalQuantifier is here to fine out, with a processor...refinery...engine...thing set in a wide field of green glop. Oh and there's two rotating instant-kill beams of energy that's stirring up the lovely fluids. It's an Acid Killer, and it's gonna cause a whole ton of trouble.


Gardevoir brings his own little slice of Hell with him in this. 1994 textures and little bits and pieces of traditional Doom layouts all slapped together into one massive arena, the 7th Hell. Yes, that name is just a terrible reference. I thought it was funny.


Mr. Gimmick was an interesting game on the NES that never got any major love. Thankfully, Deadon is here to remind us all about it, and while it's surprisingly light on any, Gimmick is still a solid arena with fast-paced fighting!


Guardsoul wants to know how your spirit is. Is it a weak spirit or a mighty spirit? This map's size will put it to the test, because it's a map made for grand showdowns and final battles. Who will have The Strongest Spirit?


I suspect Infirnex may be a bit of a fan of this mod. He's running strong with the most maps submitted, and The Longest Push is yet another strong entry. A take on Quake III's The Longest Yard, complete with jumping pads and little advertisement banners! No Quad Damage, though. Sorry.


Do you like game shows? Do you like craziness? Gardevoir and Guardsoul have teamed up to create Gardie's Crazy Game Show!, where you roll the dice, test your luck, and grab an item or two to help out in nuking others. Fly around, become invulnerable, stop time, or fire even faster!


Yholl has created a peaceful realm. It is peaceful, and filled with hexagons. It is a Peaceful Hexagon Realm. Won't you come and stay a while? What's the worst that could happen?

...oh, I also should probably announce a new feature as well.


You know how in Last Man Standing, after you die you get kicked to spectator and are forced to just kind of stand there, watching everyone derp around aimlessly?
Well, have we got a feature for you! A new cvar has been implemented, p_playerdrones--after a player loses, instead of getting kicked to spectator they instead use their last life to become a playable drone.
While they're still out of the game and have lost, they can still flit around and harrass the remaining players, firing lasers at them, drawing LEWD THINGS on the walls, or just floating around beeping in their face and being a general nuisance. Even losers can contribute to the game now!

(NOTE: Keep in mind this is an optional cvar that defaults to off. While it's great for party play or fun among mates, for serious and/or competitive play it doesn't work very well. Please use responsibly!)
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RE: Push - Griefing Made Legal (G-G-G-GIGAWAD)


Post by FateLord » Wed Apr 22, 2015 4:40 am

70 maps
70 maps...
70 maps!
70 maps?
70 MAPS?!

But in all honesty this is the best update so far. Keep up the great work :D
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RE: Push - Griefing Made Legal (G-G-G-GIGAWAD)


Post by mifu » Wed Apr 22, 2015 5:54 am

70 maps? My computer must be broken!

In any case though, thats an awesome effort and they look awesome. Good job team!

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RE: Push - Griefing Made Legal (G-G-G-GIGAWAD)


Post by Slim » Wed Apr 22, 2015 5:57 am

70? Jesus Christ Term, you've really got a big one on your hands.

Maybe if I get a tad better at mapping I'll drop one in, hopefully before it's too late. D:

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