CustomDoom v1.7.1 FINAL

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CustomDoom v1.7.1 FINAL


Post by Lud » Wed Aug 31, 2016 9:21 am

Lud presenting...

Now with more custom logo.

What this mod does:
It's basically a "make your own difficulty" kind of mod which lets you modify the following:
- Damage done!
- Damage taken!
- Movement speed!
- Health, armor, ammo regeneration!
- Jump height!
- Air control!
- Max health!
- Starting health!
- Friction!
- Permanent power-ups!
- Health and armor degeneration!
- Randomization!

The mod runs perfectly on (G)ZDoom! It may not, however, work fully Zandronum at this point. If you notice any issues with Zandro, post them please.

No more editing MAPINFO or starting a new game when you find that UV is suddenly too easy!
Use a configuration menu to change the difficulty in real-time!

How to access the menu:
- Bind the configuration menu key in the controls OR use the default keybind <o>.
Changelog wrote:If it does not work, check if something else is bound to that key. If it is, unbind and restart.
Spoiler: Changelog (Open)
- Added starting health option.
- Added option to toggle whether you start with the specified health every level or once per game. If used in DM, the "Per level/respawn" option is recommended!
- Added randomization options for the above feature.
- Cleaned up MENUDEF.

- Added descriptions to the kill and reset commands in the main menu.
- Edited the menu colors. Again. This time it's gonna stay white.
- Added randomization menu. What it does is take two values and shift between them. Changes apply after current randomization!
- Added an option to choose between the following notificaitons: None, Simple text, Picture.
- Added optional notification sound when randomization has occurred.
- Added volume slider for the notification.
- Added optional timer that shows how much time is left until next randomization.

- Added "Kill Player" button in cases where there is a barrel death exit on the map and you're too beefed up on health/armor to die.
- Added colours to the descriptions and section titles. It is now easier to distinguish the separate options.
- Added a bindable key to open the config menu, for all the people who don't know how to operate the console.

- Fixed armor regen cap not working.

- Script updates.
- Added armor and health degeneration.
- Added cap config to health regeneration.
- Completely redesigned and rearranged the menu.
- Added "Reset to defaults" button.
- Added toggleable heartbeat sound effect for health regen.
- Added toggleable shard sound effect for ammo regen.
- Added friction control multiplier. It's a slider because even the slightest change has big impact so there's no use in having custom input for that one.
NOTE: Max health will now change immeditely instead of at the start of the next level.

- Renamed spawn/start health to max health because I made a mistake. Spawn health is actually the maximum health the player can have.
- Updated and cleaned some script descriptions to clarify more.
- Edited some CVAR names. Not much, though.
- Cleaned up MENUDEF entries. No need for every description to have the word "Changes" unless it's necessary.
- Changed behaviour of once-per-level scripts. Changes will now be applied within one second. I remembered that they need to be in a loop, else multiplayer will not work properly.
- Added armor regeneration options. Many thanks to Zhs2 for the idea!
NOTE I: The default armor cap is set to 100. If you want to have ridiculous amounts of armor, set it to something higher. Together with the Health Regen & Max Health combo, it can make your game a lot funkier.
NOTE II: Setting the max health to 0 will not revert it to the default value until the start of the next level.

- Fixed a few typos in the scripts and optimised them.
- Added option to change max health. It works flawlessly with health regeneration.
NOTE: Requires level restart or level progression! Using a value of 0 prevents changing in case you want to stay with vanilla values and have a mod that modifies max health.

- Added option to pick which powerups you want permanent.

- Fixed air control multiplier not working because CVAR was integer. Changed to float - worked.

- Added an option to toggle advanced player options on or off. Disabled by default.
NOTE: If you disable these options while using values different from default, the effects will not revert back to original! Change to default values and exit menu to apply changes before you disable the options!

- Fixed a typo in a script name.
- Redesigned the menu a bit by adding 2 more submenus and moving some of the options to them.
- Shortened some menu options.
- Edited some descriptions.
- Changed script name to avoid Strife issues with SCRIPTxx lumps.
- Added some more comments to the scripts.
- Added air control multiplier. Default is 1, though anything under 30 will hardly have any visible effect. Use large values for better results..
- Added permanent power-ups option. Kind of experimental.
NOTE: Power-ups with the +ADDITIVETIME flag will become nearly infinite, even if you turn off the option. Until you finish the level, that is...

- Added jump multiplier option.

- Improved CVAR readability by adding underscores where appropriate. This will not remove old CVARs in console auto-completion! You have to reset your ini for that to happen.
- Did some script rearrangements and commenting that are invisible to the end-user. They are hardly even noticeable by the modders too, but I couldn't resist doing it.
- Added option to toggle backpack requirement for ammo regeneration.
- Added support for Hexen, Heretic, and Strife to the above option.
- Added intensity slider for blend colours.

- Fixed regeneration in multiplayer. Now players continue to regenerate after respawning.
- Fixed regeneration pulse when dead. Screen should no longer flash.

- Implemented the custom ìnput option for Weapon Damage, Player Damage Taken, and Player Speed. Fixed point values are supported, meaning that 1.43148 is legal. I no longer have to update with requested custom values. :)

- Added RGB sliders for custom blend colours.
- Redesigned the regeneration options by replacing the sliders with custom input values. You can now type in the exact amount you want. (Only integers are supported.)
- Fixed health regeneration conflict with mods that alter the player's max health.
- Reduced change update time to 1 second. Was 3.

- Expanded upon the damage options: added x4.0, x5.0, x7.0, x10.0 for both Weapon Damage and Player Damage Taken.

- Expanded upon the damage options: added x2.5 for Weapon Damage, and x2.0, x2.5 for Player Damage Taken.
- Removed some of the multiplier descriptions. Takes space, doesn't clarify anything, and I'm also out of words to think of to put there.

- Expanded upon the damage options: added x0.25, x0.75 for both Weapon Damage and Player Damage Taken.

- Added default keybind <o> for menu. If it does not work, check if something else is bound to that key. If it is, unbind and restart. At this point I will not add a controls menu entry to keep compatibility to a maximum.
- Added custom health regeneration (toggleable). You can adjust frequency and amount.
- Added toggleable red blend for the regeneration. Although it is non-intrusive, I've decided to add it as a user-enabled effect, just in case.
- Added custom ammo regeneration. Same as health regen with the exception of ammo amount which is absent here.
- Added toggleable blend for ammo regeneration. Same as health regen, only different colour.
Download: CustomDoom v1.7.1 (Zandro Compatibility)
Spoiler: Known Bugs (Open)
- Weapon Damage Done multiplier does not work. Other than that, I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary. This is due to a lack of a feature in the dev build and not a problem in the mod. I have not removed it because it poses no issue and might eventually make it in.
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Because this is the Zandronum forum and it's common sense that the mod will be used with Zandronum, I want to mention that only the latest version has been ported. You are required to have the latest Zandro dev build in order to play it! For the ZDoom dev build requirements, check the OP here.
Spoiler: F.A.Q. & Extra (Open)
Q: What's the point of all this?
A: Well, for starters, I've found out that the stock difficulties are Sometimes too damn easy/hard and instead of creating new MAPINFO entries for every single difficulty option, you can change the difficulty dynamically while playing with immediate changes (1 second, actually.). No more restarting and losing all your progress or having to idclev and cheat to catch up.

Q: Why not add submenu instead of a console command?
A: Because adding a visible and clickable menu inside the main menu using MENUDEF screws up royally the other submenus created by other mods such as Brutal Doom, Russian Overkill, Guncaster, etc, and would require of me to make compatiblity patches.

Q: Is this mod compatible with other mods?
A: Yes! Yes it is. It changes only a few player properties and doesn't replace actors so it should be compatible with pretty much everything you throw at it. Compatibility is something I take seriously, when possible.

Q: Is this multiplayer compatible?
A: Yes. It is.

Q: Will this mod ever work with Zandronum?
A: Unfortunately, I do not know. Some of the ACS functions and/or parameters are missing so until they're added, the mod will have only partial support. It generally works, with the exception of some features.

Q: Is this mod compatible with Hexen/Heretic/Strife?
A: It is.

Q: Why isn't there an option to change monster health?
A: Because changing weapon damage kinda does the same. Kinda. I'm probably wrong.

Q: Why is X not in the mod?
A: There can be two reasons for that. One is that I may have not thought of it. The other is that ACS may not be flexible enough to allow it at this point.

Q: Why didn't you do X the Y way instead of the ACS way?
A: Compatibility.

Q: My question ain't in here!
A: Then make a post.
Extra notes:
- Almost all CVARs are server-side to ensure balance when playing in multiplayer.
- Blending options' CVARs are client-side.
- Notification options' CVARs are client-side.
Spoiler: Credits (Open)
Base idea: Lud.
Sounds: Youtube (Heartbeat), Quake 2 (Armor Shard), Unreal Tournament '99 (Notification).

===Special Thanks===
JudgeGroovy - Suggestions.
Doctrine Dark - Suggestions & Debugging.
Zhs2 - Suggestions & Advice.
Beed28 - Suggestions & Debugging.
FaggoStorm - Debugging.
Phantom Allies - Suggestions.
FoxBoy - Suggestions.

==Unusually Special Thanks==
Eruanna - Trying to write a script for exporting/importing CustomDoom settings into an external config file, thus creating a sort of a profile system.
Spoiler: License (Open)
As of 04.13.2016, the license has changed.
You can rip from the code as much as you want, but do NOT redistribute the mod. Instead, post a link to this thread.
If you plan on using CustomDoom in your modpack and/or mod, contact me first!
In fact, contact me if you plan on doing ANY modifications in the first place.

I want to know what happens to this mod in and out.
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Re: CustomDoom v1.6.2


Post by FoxBoy » Wed Aug 31, 2016 9:28 am

What if you threw in a randomizer that basically sets all these settings randomly, like a party mode? Would be pretty fun for Co-Op. But, that's just my opinion. This looks pretty cool as it is.
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Re: CustomDoom v1.6.2


Post by Lud » Wed Aug 31, 2016 9:31 am

Haven't thought of it. I may look into it when I have the time. Currently the mod's in a semi-finished state. I'll certainly add more things, but I'm kinda busy with another project atm and it's about time I finish that one.

EDIT: I think it's worth mentioning that if you are annoyed with the darker-blue color for the function descriptions, please bear with me - I have changed the color to white but the changes will roll with the new update. I don't know when that will be, though. What colour would you folks like to see and think it's best suiting and least irritating?
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Re: CustomDoom v1.7 FINAL


Post by Lud » Sat Oct 08, 2016 10:03 pm

Updated to v1.7. More info in changelog. This is the final version of the mod. Why? Check the OP. There's a link in the main post. May or may not be buggy. I've added a new system that needs testing.
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Re: CustomDoom v1.7.1 FINAL


Post by Lud » Mon Oct 17, 2016 10:17 am

Updated to v1.7.1. Added a useful option that I turned down in the past due to lack of knowledge regarding both possibility and know-how. Now it's finally here. Presenting...starting health! Enjoy!

Also, added a poll just for the hell of it. Same poll as in the ZDForum thread.
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Re: CustomDoom v1.7.1 FINAL


Post by Doomenator » Mon Oct 17, 2016 9:37 pm

The survey is not correct, I have not seen a suitable answer for yourself.

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Re: CustomDoom v1.7.1 FINAL


Post by Lud » Tue Oct 18, 2016 8:05 am

What do you mean by that? For myself? Should I add "President of Lud's fan club?" and "President of the anti-Lud fan club". :P

EDIT: Added some more options to the survey.
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Re: CustomDoom v1.7.1 FINAL


Post by Lud » Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:03 am

So it has been brought to my attention that the mod would not run in Zandronum. (I haven't tested it, please don't blame me for I have sinned.) I've removed all things that cause an error on start-up so the mod is now useable. Because I've only done this to v1.7.1, there is no use for a version history in this particular forum. Thank you for your patience.
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