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0002802Zandronum[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2016-08-10 16:242017-04-27 00:44
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PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS VersionXP/Vista/7
Product Version2.1 
Target Version3.0Fixed in Version3.0 
Summary0002802: prevent newly connected clients from voting too soon
Descriptionvotekick abuse has been on the rise recently and one thing i think might help is having newly connected clients wait some time before being able to call a vote

im sure this wont solve the problem entirely, as its still the admin's duty to moderate the server, but perhaps forcing these trouble users who constantly change their ips to ban evade to wait a while before voting could atleast make it seem less enticing to continue and give admins a little more breathing room between votekick abuse reports

some things that i or others have thought so far:

maybe a cvar to control the wait time in seconds, 0 being no wait time (current behavior)

wait time is ignored if theyre the only player on the server

if waiting for all types of votes seems unnecessary, then could have the wait only apply to kicks
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- Relationships
related to 0002838resolvedTorr Samaho sv_maxclientsperip and Votes . 
related to 0002590resolved A little addition to vote success/fail condition 
related to 0002801closed Votekicks can be avoided by disconnecting, thus resulting in not getting banned. 

-  Notes
User avatar (0015437)
Unknown (reporter)
2016-08-11 10:47
edited on: 2016-08-11 10:47

I Agree, I Also suggest canceling the vote if the one who called the vote is no longer in Server, Because some people call kick votes to kick users without reason and quickly leave the server after doing so, Their vote remains though which is not good .

User avatar (0015438)
AlexMax (developer)
2016-08-11 22:41

This would be fantastic.
User avatar (0015711)
Ru5tK1ng (updater)
2016-09-27 04:04

I decided to do this in seconds rather than minutes as suggested. [^]
User avatar (0015712)
FascistCat (reporter)
2016-09-27 14:15

I think Unknown's suggestion to cancel the vote when the caller disconnects should be split into another ticket as it is relevant.

I also think the time to wait should be 30 secs by default or another value rather than zero.
User avatar (0015713)
Ru5tK1ng (updater)
2016-09-27 15:54

I'm fine with changing the default to whatever number people want on avg.

Also there is a ticket for it: [^]

There are 4 tickets related to vote and you can see the relationships near the top. Hopefully they will be addressed for 3.0.
User avatar (0015738)
WaTaKiD (updater)
2016-10-02 21:19

this 3.0 build contains the above commit: [^]

sv_voteconnectwait seems to work properly for me, and my few attempts to try and break it or cause some kind of crash or error has failed

also let it be known that sv_limitnumvotes 0 and/or sv_limitcommands 0 will bypass sv_voteconnectwait and treat it as 0

and i find that 30 seconds would be a reasonable default
User avatar (0015741)
Torr Samaho (administrator)
2016-10-03 10:30

Ru5tK1ng, I added your patch from 0002802:0015711 and included an entry in zandronum-history.txt.
User avatar (0016789)
WaTaKiD (updater)
2017-02-06 19:39

<decay````> [^] i tested this accidentally on a recent NJ server build, i could not call any votes within 30 seconds of entering a map, not just connecting

indeed, sv_voteconnectwait also kicks in when entering a new map and not just when connecting
User avatar (0016799)
Ru5tK1ng (updater)
2017-02-06 20:41

That's because a player's ulTime is reset whenever a new map is loaded. It's meant to be deterrent to abuse and callvote ping pong. If someone waits 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 2 minutes or whatever, I see no reason why they should have an easier time after waiting to start vote abuse. Additionally that's why I set the default value to 0 so that server admin can use their own judgement on what the connect time should be.
User avatar (0016806)
Catastrophe (reporter)
2017-02-07 01:48
edited on: 2017-02-07 01:50

I feel that by default a time should be set. The main targets of the vote kick abuse are casuals that aren't familiar with server vars.

User avatar (0017185)
Combinebobnt (reporter)
2017-04-18 00:33

Make the default 10 seconds rust as a compromise between 0 and 30. Will keep bad men from ravaging servers with incompetent admins a little more I guess. Thought this ticket needed testing but that's the only issue...
User avatar (0017352)
Ru5tK1ng (updater)
2017-04-27 00:44

Since the majority of players utilize clusters such as TSPG and the AUS Doom servers, defaults can be set so that players don't have to worry about understanding some of the new flags. Unless there is a big push for a default greater than 0, I'll mark this as resolved.

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Opponents: slowdensity

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2017-04-27 00:44 Ru5tK1ng Fixed in Version => 3.0

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