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0001961Doomseeker[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2014-10-13 21:302019-02-15 03:50
Assigned ToPol M 
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001961: Port autoupdate
DescriptionImplement autoupdate functionality.
The suggestion of implementation is something like this:
Doomseeker never looks up for updates anywhere, instead it checks if server version is higher than the version client has (obviously, only in case if both client and server have release versions) and only then prompts client a dialog for update. This should prevent clients from prematurely updating before servers. Having a package in .zip (for Windows) and .tar.bz2 (for Macintosh and Linux) formats from port developers ready-for-autoupdate would be good as well.
Additional InformationAs an addition, Doomseeker could keep autoupdated ports where it keeps WADs and other data. This will allow clients to join servers with different versions, which is especially good when half servers have moved and half not just yet. Doomseeker can easily determine which port version server is running, and use appropriate binary.
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related to 0002017acknowledged Point games in configuration to different executables basing on version. 

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WubTheCaptain (developer)
2017-11-03 11:16

I oppose this suggestion as featuris/out of scope.

Writing a "package manager" is hard to get right, especially at larger scale as more engines are added in. So you want to write a package manager? (HN, reddit)

Is this ticket not already implemented for the Zandronum engine? The only distinction Doomseeker currently makes is stable vs testing binaries for Zandronum, but 0002017 is related. (This and the paths used for Zandronum testing downloads may become an issue for 0003246.)

It's also becoming increasingly discouraged to run unsigned code; in example 0003294 (macOS) and Windows Installers (0003292).

It all just sounds like to me this is mostly (historically) affecting Microsoft Windows operating system. Package management should be done at the operating system level (be it Windows Store(?), apt/dpkg, yum, Apple App Store, Homebrew or whatever). From my experience, this is currently working okay for GNU/Linux distributions (i.e. apt UnattendedUpgrades).
User avatar (0018742)
Zalewa (developer)
2017-11-03 15:00

Given how Windows 7 is still an awesome operating system and how Windows 10 is infamously hated for being a spyware, you can't realistically rely on Windows getting any kind of package manager - ever.

That said, there's Steam and GOG Galaxy and whatever garbage Ubisoft and EA will try to shove down your throat.

About port autoupdate: There's a certain conflict in how we currently handle this. If the server browser has no problems installing "testing" binaries then why should it have problems installing "official release" binaries? Right now, official releases are completely ignored, even though they are essentially not different from testing binaries at all! Game servers can precisely tell us what game version they run, and we can precisely detect if this version is installed on disk and install it if not. For Zandronum, we can do this right now, with the current code we have, just by removing the 'if' check where the server tells us that it's a testing server.

That said, if we disregarded the difference between "testing" and "release", we would need to somehow handle how user configures the path to the game. After all, when we install a testing binary, we still copy all .ini configs from the "release" directory to the newly installed "testing". The game requires that.

Moreover, if user already has the "release" version of the game installed, Doomseeker will not be able to recognize that from an arbitrary directory - it won't know what version it is. Doomseeker will have to be under complete control of this. For this to work we would essentially need to force Doomseeker install another copy of the same version of the same game in the way Doomseeker likes just so Doomseeker can know what version it is.
User avatar (0018753)
Blzut3 (administrator)
2017-11-04 00:10

This is definitely in scope since the tool's job is to assist with connecting to game servers, and having the wrong version is a pain point. In the case of release versions they don't happen frequent enough for it to be a high priority, but every time there's a release there's a mass panic about how difficult it is to switch between versions while servers exist for both the old and new.

While I would agree it's not our job to write a package manager, ultimately user experience trumps idiomaticity. I do feel, however, that it is important that users be able to easily opt out of any auto installing that Doomseeker may be able to do.
User avatar (0020387)
Pol M (developer)
2019-02-14 18:25

I'm gonna take a look at this. I'm starting exams asap, so don't expect commits quite soon

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