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0004215Zandronum[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2024-03-25 11:432024-03-25 11:43
0004215: cl_autojoinqueue
I was trying to test some spectator dummy player bug with multiple clients, and it works ok until the duellimit hits and the player is turned into a spectator. I then manually have to join the queue again to line that client up with the others. When you have multiple clients running at once, it becomes tedious and time-consuming having to manually alt-tab to the windows and join the duel queue.

It would be much nicer if there was an option for the client to automatically join the queue again when turning into a spectator. This is more for testing purposes when using multiple clients alone for duel servers, but it could serve well in general.
It would help with testing issues like these:' [^]'
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