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0004200Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2024-03-06 03:342024-04-08 23:16
0004200: A_SpawnItemEx does not sync AAPTR_TARGET always
Whenever a +MISSILE actor is spawned using A_SpawnItemEx, the AAPTR_TARGET actor pointer is not always synced to clients, compared to offline behavior and online A_FireCustomMissile behavior.
I've attached an example file which has a few test cases. First, you can use the file offline and run the following commands to see intended output:

summon OriginActor
give FireOriginActor
give SpawnOriginActor

You should see that every print statement correctly prints the player's actor class as the target.

Once you run those same commands online, you'll see that the "Client Target" logs with the "Spawned-" actors will be incorrect depending on which command you ran.
This also occurs in the latest 3.2 betas.
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? ClientTargetCarryoverFail.pk3 (1,413) 2024-03-06 03:34
patch 4200.patch (2,126) 2024-03-07 02:42
patch 4200_2.patch (2,092) 2024-03-30 19:47
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2024-03-07 02:44   
I've uploaded a patch which fixes this issue. I'm not certain if there's any bad ramifications with A_SpawnItemEx always syncing AAPTR_TARGET, but it does make the client behavior match offline.
2024-03-30 19:47   
To mitigate any potential performance concerns, I've uploaded a modified patch which applies this change only for +MISSILE actors.

Although it's possible that the initial patch could be fine with testing, after further thought, I'm personally content with only missile actors, since that's mainly where I've seen this issue have impact.
2024-04-07 20:36   
Patch was merged in:' [^]'
2024-04-08 23:16   
Using the latest 3.2 beta, I didn't find any issue and the change was tested previously by Trillster.