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0003890Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2021-07-08 15:412021-09-20 02:58
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0003890: Game refuses to use a team's colour in specific parts of the screen interface in team games, for teams which use custom colours
From what I have noticed, only the colours which are defined in the "textcolors.txt" of 'zandronum.pk3' are the only colours compatible with the screen interface entirely.

Attached to this report is a .wad file with custom colour definitions (taken straight from "newtextcolours_260.pk3") in a TEXTCOLO lump and an edited TEAMINFO file that changes the base teams to make use of these new custom colours. What you will observe is that the new colours don't particularly want to be applied in the following locations:

1. The chat message where it shows that the player joined that specific team.
2. The counter on the bottom left side of the screen that shows how many total frags a team has scored.
3. The console, which shows the same bland white colour which is not indicating of the player's specified team colour.
- Open the game using the wad attached
- Go to Multiplayer > Offline Skirmish
- Set Gamemode to a team game, such as Team Deathmatch
- Join the game as both teams at least one time
- Observe the difference between the game behaviour upon picking team Colour1 (which uses the custom colour specified in TEXTCOLO as "Colour1", and team Colour2, which uses the Red colour specified in zandronum.pk3's textcolors file, which is also known as \cg)
Differences are clearly visible in the frags counter, message dashboard and console.

The custom colours only seem to work in the team selection screen's text and the scoreboard.
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? teamcolourerror.wad (950) 2021-07-08 15:41
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This has been addressed in the latest unofficial 3.1 beta build: 210919-1948.