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0003875Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2021-01-21 21:042021-03-25 16:23
0003875: Co-op Spying + ACS ChangeCamera() Bug
Not sure if this has been reported before, but it certainly hasn't been fixed, i didn't find a tracker issue about this so here goes:

Basically the ACS function for changing the camera changes the POV, but doesn't revert to your original hud if you were co-op spying someone before hand. I'd propose to make it so that if you were co-op spying before hand, and the camera change occurs, that when the is back in the local players eyes, that the HUD is that of the local player again, as it should be.
1. Load a map which has the ACS ChangeCamera in it
2. Co-op spy your ally
3. Have the ACS ChangeCamera interject at this point by changing your camera to another POV
4.1 Co-op spy to revert back to your own vision
4.2 ACS ChangeCamera(0,x,x) to have the camera return to you.
RESULT: Your camera is back in your body, but the HUD, the info, the player colored mugshot, and the screen pain flash (i think) are that of the player you were spectating before the camera change.

Expected: Along with your camera reverting back, your HUD reverts back as well.
Most noticable in co-op with cutscene heavy wads, a la UACMN and the like.
Works both with online players, and with bots! Bonus points if you do that with a bot, then kick the bot!
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I'll take a look at this.

EDIT: This got fixed in [^]

2021-03-25 16:23   
Ah, I hadn't noticed. Good work, Cheers!