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0003873Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2021-01-07 03:012021-01-07 03:01
0003873: Strife/DIALOGUE conversations cannot proceed online
First discovered in a custom wad named -FSR- HQ: The wad holds several NPCs with whom you can hold a conversation in the dialogue system - this worked in 2.1.2. netplay - However, upon return to the same wad in 3.0 netplay, the NPCs are interactable, but you won't get past the first Greeting, all the options just make you exit the dialogue.
1. Load any pwad containing DIALOGUE and interactable dialogue actors (ex. Aforementioned FSR HQ, filename fsrhqv35.wad (include skulltag data!)) in a hosted server or netgame
2. USE said actors to enter dialogue

End Result: You have exited the dialogue by confirming any option.
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