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0003872Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2021-01-07 02:462021-01-07 02:46
0003872: LineAttack Always from Activator instead of Documented TID
This is a reminder that the fork Zan 3.0 took over from [520-gd83f048 and older] has an incorrection on the ACS Command LineAttack - on the first argument, it's documented as tid, but in the source code, it's been copy pasted to still be the activator of the script.

This causes confusion when scripting. Possibly, a hell of a waste of time, and an outright lie. Thanks, DavidPH!
1. Make ACS Script with LineAttack, specify TID.
2. Notice the Hitscan attack isn't coming from the TID, but from the activator.
3. Change the activator via SetActivator, to already mentioned TID.
4. The hitscan attack now comes from the 'TID'.
Graf Zahl's statement: "Indeed. That line's just flat out wrong."
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