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0003868Zandronum[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2020-12-04 00:172020-12-13 20:14
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0003868: Add an ACS special to check whether the game is in demo or not
The QC:DE mod has an additional HUD that the spectators can see. That HUD should also be displayed when watching a demo, but it doesn't do so when spectating yourself. That is because there is no way for mod to know if it is in demo mode or not.
We fixed that in Q-Zandronum fork, but it would be good for both engines to not overlap special IDs, so I would like vanilla Zandronum to have that too.
Please consider porting this commit: [^]
Launch the game with QC:DE mod with 2 player and record a demo. Launch the demo and see that the HUD is different when spectating yourself and when spectating another player.
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2020-12-04 07:15   
DoomJoshuaBoy is helping me with the fork and agreed to port this change to vanilla Zandronum
2020-12-04 07:48   
i added this and now up for review by the other devs first.
Torr Samaho   
2020-12-13 20:14   
I made minor changes to your patch and added it.