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0003866: Add Q-Zandronum plugin
Q-Zandronum is a Zandronum fork made and tailored specifically for the Quake Champions: Doom Edition mod. This fork uses a separate master server. Its team member, geNia, desires to have a plugin for Doomseeker for this fork.

Quote from "geNia"

We at QC:DE mod team have been working on a Zandronum fork called Q-Zandronum for the last two months. The goal for the fork is to improve QC:DE gameplay by adding Quake style movement and improve the netcode. However, that makes it incompatible with vanilla Zandronum, so we would like to separate Q-Zandronum servers in Doomseeker to not confuse people.
I think we need to make a new Doomseeker plugin [...]

The plugin has already been made, but hasn't been checked or even reviewed, yet. I'm attaching it as a patch file to this ticket.
I am unable to find any information about this fork online. Google returns nothing on "Q-Zandronum". There are no projects in geNia's profile on OSDN (
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patch 0001-Add-Q-Zandronum-plugin.patch (1,032,106) 2020-11-10 18:00
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2020-11-10 18:31   
> I am unable to find any information about this fork online. Google returns nothing on "Q-Zandronum". There are no projects in geNia's profile on OSDN (

That is because most of the discussion was happening in QC:DE Discord server.
Anyway, you can find the source code at [^]
Pol M   
2020-11-11 22:24   
That's nice to see! I'll review it as soon as possible and check that everything is OK and works on Windows/Linux. I have been lurking on your discord for a while, but haven't had the courage to join any server :P (I wish I was at least as good at playing shooters as I am programming, aka competent enough XD). On the discussion on how this should be distributed (Whether this should be merged into doomseeker's repo, or hosted, compiled and distributed separately) I'm not going to say anything as I don't know what would be best.
2020-11-14 02:54   
Though I'm not a maintainer of Doomseeker, I would have no interest to maintain this in Doomseeker's repository unless every change for this plugin could be pulled from a remote Git repository for updates between releases. That would assume Q-Zandronum maintains and hosts its own plugin source.
2020-11-14 03:34   
I also think that there is no need to add this to official Doomseeker repo. At least not at this moment, because Q-Zandronum is new and doesn't have many players.
Pol M   
2020-11-14 15:47   
(edited on: 2020-11-14 15:49)
Ok! It seems like you guys basically did a rename of most files, I like the zandronumq name to disambiguate the Q of Qt! Some small notes though:
- You have kept the IRC url, which is a service that you do not have. You probably should disable that.
- You have kept the code for the betas of zandronum, which I think you maybe do not provide. If you do provide them, I haven't said anything! But you still would have to change the url because does not seem to contain that much info.
- There are some extra urls to [^] which would need to be changed (either the context of the sentence or whatever you would prefer!) like "You may contact Q-Zandronum staff about this through "
        "IRC: #zandronumq or on "
        "the forum: <a href=\"\"></a>"

Apart from such minor things, it works as expected :)

2020-11-15 02:41   
I pushed new commits and created a pull request at [^] Please review the changes there.

I think it is pretty much done, except that translation files are pointing at wrong lines because I removed a lot of code (mostly Zandronum 2 support). Also I need to create a new icon for the plugin.
2020-11-23 18:19   
I have merged the PR. I realize that the plugin in its current form mostly just duplicates the already existing Zandronum plugin but I assume that this is a faux-duplication and the plugins will soon diverge. The plugin still needs to be added to the auto-update system (hint hint: tools\updateinstaller\tools\win32-configs) and then propagated to the users somehow.