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0003854Doomseeker[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-08-10 12:182020-10-13 23:37
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LinuxDebian10.04 x86
0003854: Repository's `doomseeker` i386 package has wrong dependencies
The repository's i386 package for doomseeker has wrong dependencies.
The dependencies in question are `libwadseeker1`, which should be `libwadseeker2`, as the DS package requests version 2 of the lib, which of course doesn't exist for `libwadseeker1`.
Manually editing the deb's control.tar.gz's control file fixed the issue.
This issue does not exist in the amd64 package, meaning this was probably the packager forgetting to update the deps
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2020-10-13 22:44   
Yeah that's my bad. Sorry for taking so long but since you already knew how to work around the issue it wasn't high on my priority list. What happened is the automatic dependency discovery requires that libraries be installed to the chroot so the packages need to be built twice. I apparently forgot to do that for the i386 ones so reuploaded the correct packages.

Note to WubTheCaptain: The new i386 packages contain the exact same binaries they just can actually be installed now (those who forced the old ones to install have no reason to "upgrade"), so they have the same package version number.
Pol M   
2020-10-13 23:37   
Cool! Nice work! 👍