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0003818: Boolean expressions involving boolean constants (instead of expressing the boolean expression directly)
Elementary and pedantic about code style.
if (b == true) becomes if (b), and so on. This has been quite well followed, with only a few exceptions.

I will also agree something like bool ZandronumVersion::operator> (const ZandronumVersion &other) const is better written the way it is.
These are difficult to find with a text search and due to rarity, so I'll just point out one.
src/core/tests/testdatapaths.cpp:       } while (bEntryDoesExist == true);

Fortunately (or unfortunately), that's also part of the code that has rotten un(der)utilized.
Maybe this:
Quote from src/core/fileutils.cpp
bool FileUtils::containsPath(const QStringList &candidates, const QString &path)
        for (const QString &candidate : candidates)
                if (QFileInfo(candidate) == QFileInfo(path))
                        return true;
        return false;

Few more that I could find with grep -B 2 -A 2 -r 'return false' src/ | less. [^]
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Yep. The src/core/fileutils.cpp example could use the <algorithm> std::find/std::find_if (as suggested by Qt himself as qFind seems deprecated) [^]