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0003806Doomseeker[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2020-06-07 02:492020-06-08 21:32
nonetweakhave not tried
0003806: CXX_STANDARD needs to be updated for C++14
0003542 added CXX_STANDARD to cmake build files, targeting C++98. If the intention is to target C++14 (in the future), that should be updated.
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Pol M   
2020-06-07 19:38   
Switching versions must be done with great consideration of not loosing support for older platforms. I'll leave this for Zalewa as he is more conservative than I ;)
From what I can see at a first glance, and considering the amount of effort we put into making doomseeker go from 98 to 11, this should be a lot simpler now.
2020-06-08 14:07   
Since Pol has recently convinced me that it's the right time to finally upgrade to C++17, I suppose C++17 can actually be our target if Blzut3 has no other opinion.
2020-06-08 14:23   
Per the rule that we support Ubuntu releases until their EOL, we currently have to support GCC 5 which is only C++14. Realistically given current development activity I can't imagine we'll have another release until after the 16.04 EOL, but since I can't predict the future my recommendation at this time would be to continue ensuring Doomseeker builds with GCC 5.
Pol M   
2020-06-08 18:01   
What a shame that they pushed the EOL one more year. That would have simplified things greatly.
2020-06-08 21:06   
Hmm? As far as I know it's still slated for April 2021? Not counting the paid ESM support period of course. (Which if someone wants to take advantage of that they can pay us as well! :P)
Pol M   
2020-06-08 21:18   
I thought it was 4 years and then got extended. I could not find anything, I probably got confused, I'm sorry for the confusion.
2020-06-08 21:22   
A long time ago LTS releases were 3 years on desktop 5 years on server. Then they simplified it to 5 years for both with 12.04. Then they introduced the ESM program, which started at 2 more years but now goes to 5 more years (competing with RHEL's 10 year support period I guess). Like I said though, I don't really care to go beyond the free period, so yeah 5 years.
Pol M   
2020-06-08 21:32   
Correct, my bad :)