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0003789Doomseeker[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-05-17 12:282020-05-18 05:12
0003789: Trying to Patch Doomseeker to Zan 3.1 Alpha
When issue first occurred.

>Updated current Zan to 3.1 by applying files to the Doomseeker folder (From the Downloads>3.0 Build With Doomseeker)

>Attempted to join server running 3.1A
>Doomseeker loadbox for Downloading 3.1a
>after download is done i attempt to join server.
>Load box "Checking location and integrity of files"
>Load box closes and Zandronum3.1 opens then closes instantly.

Attempted to fix by Deleting local install and reinstalling the 3.0 with doomseeker then apply the 3.1a patch manually on both internal and external hard drives.

Download Zandronum 3.0 with Doomseeker bundle
Download Zandronum 3.1a patch and apply to the folder directly
Open Doomseeker and select a server
Doomseeker then downloads 3.1a binaries (Thats what the load box has on it)
Select and join a server once the download is done

Load Box
Zandro 3.1a
I have completely removed all files, folders and anything else attached to the Zandronum/Doomseeker and done a clean install. this issue still persists.
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Sounds like a crash in Zandronum, not in Doomseeker. Report said issues to Zandronum with crash logs.