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0003788Zandronum[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-05-06 21:322020-05-06 21:32
Daiki Akaoni 
0003788: FastProjectile Speed
If you use a fastprojectile with 200 speed in opengl on the zandronum version released in the forums (3.1-alpha-r180901-1533) the projectiles don't show up until they are far from you, in the software mode does not happen
I used this decorate code

ACTOR RedLaserArrow : FastProjectile
  Radius 2//2
  Height 2//2
  Speed 200//200
  Damage (150) //(70)
  RenderStyle Add
  SeeSound "plsguns/plsshot1"
  DeathSound "weapons/plasmax"
  Obituary "%o was fulminated by %k's Daidakalas."
    PLSR Q 6 Bright
    PLSR RST 4 Bright
(First time reporting something)
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2020-05-06 21:32Daiki AkaoniNew Issue

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