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0003782: Idgames archive isn't the first-priority download site for Wadseeker
WADs uploaded to idgames are considered by the community to be the default download location for singleplayer mapsets and are occasionally updated there with the same filename. Making Wadseeker pick from Idgames first instead of the various largely uncurated\unsynchronized multiplayer filedumps would cut down on cases of hash mismatch and ensure people know where definitive versions of coop mapsets are.
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2020-04-28 04:15   
For me, the argument present here is a bit weak. The core issue isn't where things get downloaded, it's how WADs are handled/versioned (and named).

I am also not convinced why Idgames should be the default, without more information/research. On the contrary, I can see an use scenario where a custom Wadseeker site may be preferred to download a different (custom) version of a map by some community.

Since Doomseeker 1.3, there is WAD checksumming (see 0003369). Which Doomseeker version are you experiencing the issue on? Does not WAD checksumming solve the issue in OP? (I'm not familiar with it.)

I can understand that one might prefer to have a list of priorities for sites to check for WADs. The Idgames archive isn't a Wadseeker site, but a checkbox option.
Pol M   
2020-05-22 01:42   
As a note, the checksum system needs a server that supplies this information to be usable, so until zandronum releases a new version there will still be unfortunate collisions. If I recall correctly wadArchive should be prioritized, but I may be wrong here, it's been a while since I looked at that. The reason is that they provide checksums that can be used to filter out wads.
2020-06-09 15:01   
After hearing Zalewa's feedback in private, I think this one's a "won't fix" at core. Maybe the checkbox thing / order of sites can be addressed generally, but in a new issue if brought up.