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0003780Zandronum[All Projects] Suggestionpublic2020-04-20 07:472020-04-20 07:47
0003780: MySQL (or NoSQL) Support for databases
This suggestion is to extend the fuctionality a bit for the databases support. Would be extremely useful to add some sort of MySQL (or similar) support for databases.

The main reason really is MySQL is very common to be ran on web servers (for instance this website is running some sort of SQL server too) which would mean it would make it easier to integrate the database the zandronum server uses onto a website. Most websites use PHP or nodejs/javascript which could allow for data to be queried easily using any of the MySQL libraries those languages/platforms have.

Other Use cases:
- Allows Zandronum servers to instead of storing a sqllite file on the local drive, they could point to a local or remote MySQL server to store their data for their game server
- Also allows for the use of cloud providers to store game stats data (like AWS etc if desired)
- Allows easy integration into websites as MySQL is common

A NoSQL database could easily work here too if need be too
Essentially speaking, Just another method to store a database.
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