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0003724: DECORATE user vars not synched online
User vars in DECORATE actors are never synched online it would appear. I've got a number of actors that either remain stuck, or don't change states appropriately when they should, and debugging has shown me that the vars are not being synched online whatsoever. Clientside actors are fine.
Make a DECORATE.TXT file with this, and load it on a server with -file (yes, this works), and cheats enabled. Spawn it with the summon command. You'll find that it'll bounce forever on the client, while it's already dead on the server.

Also, before anyone asks, I switched to using A_Countdown for this, but it's relevant because user vars are useful for other things and without any sync, it can lead to ghost actors being left on the client permanently, causing lag.

actor UserVarDebug
    Decal "BulletChip"
    obituary "%o had %p flesh torn off by %k's shrapnel."
    Radius 2
    Height 2
    Speed 150
    Damage (10)
    RenderStyle Add
    Alpha 1.0
    BounceType Hexen
    BounceFactor 1.0
    var int user_bounces; // Have to do this because Zan/GZDoom's bounce code is fucking garbage and results in stuck actors on rare occasions.
            PUFF A 1 bright
            PUFF A 0 A_SetUserVar("user_bounces", user_bounces+1)
            PUFF A 0 A_JumpIf(user_bounces >= 5, "Death")
            goto Spawn
            TNT1 A 0
            TNT1 A 1
            TNT1 A 0
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